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richard Jan 20, 04 2:22 pm

do you discuss FlyerTalk with your seatmates?
I have discussed FlyerTalk with many, many seatmates. I don't think I've had one yet who actually had heard of it.

Do you discuss FlyerTalk with people you meet in your travels? Have they heard of FlyerTalk? Any converts?

cordelli Jan 20, 04 2:34 pm

Good Question.

My seatmate is usually my wife, she knows of it, but doens't visit.

But if traveling alone, then there are times it will come up in converstation, but like you said most people don't have a clue what it is all about.

magexpect Jan 20, 04 3:27 pm

Had the same experience as you. No one had heard of FT. I myself found out about FT because I was mad at an issue and wanted to know if there was a forum for travelers.

I make a lot of publicity now.

l etoile Jan 20, 04 3:36 pm

Sometimes. I met a woman on a flight in December and we started talking and it turns out she'd been doing MRs every weekend for the last four weekends. I said, You must be a member of FlyerTalk then. She'd never heard of it. She has now.

DisgruntledGoat Jan 20, 04 3:38 pm

I get asked about it periodically because of the luggage tags. I generally come up with good descriptions of FT. :evil:

Fraser Jan 20, 04 4:21 pm


What class of travel do you think I use...pah!

NB. I'm a Premium Economy / J passenger myself

Wiirachay Jan 20, 04 4:44 pm

Never. I like letting my seatmate wonder how a college student is flying in J across the ocean.

I've had seatmates ask me what I do for a living and what my parents do for a living.

- Pat

Fraser Jan 20, 04 5:14 pm

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Wiirachay:
I've had seatmates ask me what I do for a living and what my parents do for a living</font>
I got the old 'so your parents must work for the airline' bullsh*t from the couple waiting behind me while I was queuing up at LHR for J last time.

I then corrected the guy and went into a load of spiel for about 5minutes on how he could make the most out of BAs J facilities at Heathrow

NB. My parents dont work for any airline!

Non-NonRev Jan 20, 04 5:16 pm

I was at a Kinkos a few weeks back and noticed a guy hving problems doing a Bluetooth connection to his PDA. I offered to help, and in conversing, it turned out that he was on his first extended business trip after taking a new job. I gave him a bunch of tips (he hadn't even signed up for an airline FF program yet) and suggested he read FT and eventually post when he was ready.

JohnnyP Jan 20, 04 5:21 pm

I sat next to the travel editor of a major U.S. newspaper who had never heard of it. Suggested that he get his tail on here for story ideas!

"There are those who travel, and those who travel well."

GoingAway Jan 20, 04 7:32 pm

If my seatmate is aware of status or miles and it comes up in conversation, I'll usually mention flyertalk. I have yet to encounter anyone who was aware of it previously. I'm fairly certain that a gentleman I met this past week travelling to YUL on Air Canada will be joining the flyertalk community shortly

Gaucho100K Jan 21, 04 4:39 pm

Hell no.... are you nuts!!!????

Please remember I always sit in F, therefore I would die before I was regarded as a chepo freebie bargain hunter that wastes his time on the internet... puuuhhlleeezzeeee....

Instead, I act as the Snot of a Snob that I am, and act as the full fare F revenue customer that Im going to be shortly. Of course, if someone happens to be cattle-class like and dares talk to me about FT I just pretend Ive never heard of it.


siliconengineer Jan 21, 04 6:29 pm

I once mentioned FT to a guy behind me in the checkout line at a drugstore. He was holding a bunch of Kellogg's cereal boxes which he said he was buying for the miles certificates.

UALOneKPlus Jan 22, 04 5:58 am

I only discuss FlyerTalk if I feel like having a political conversation with my seatmate.


*ducking to avoid the flames*

AA-flyer-90 Jan 22, 04 2:07 pm

I've often wondered if people did, and yet never thought to ask it here, so thanks for posting the question.

Now after reading the responses, I'm curious how flyertalkers would react to a seatmate bringing it up... start talking or keep to yourself.

I haven't yet spoken to anyone about flyertalk... but I have overheard conversations in various situations (in line at check-in desk; in airport lounges, row in front of me on plane, etc.) where I've thought to myself... "they need to go on flyertalk"....

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