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do you discuss FlyerTalk with your seatmates?

do you discuss FlyerTalk with your seatmates?

Old Jan 23, 04, 9:54 pm
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Dreadful to say, but I feel that I've gotten more respect and action from a certain airline [if we're having a bit of a problem] if I mention that I go on Flyer Talk. Is this awful to do? I don't threaten, just mention it in passing. FT has also taught me lots of airline jargon, which makes one sound a bit more knowledgeable.
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Old Jan 23, 04, 10:27 pm
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A while ago on a couple of transatlantic flights... outbound I sat next to a guy who had heard of FT (but doesn't post), and was doing a bunch of mileage runs to LGW. On the way back, I also had a nice conversation with the guy next to me, who turned out to be timid_trnchcoat, just a flight or two away from AA PLT. It seems these crazy sorts of people tend to turn up in row 31 on AA 777s.
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Old Jan 24, 04, 6:19 am
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Gaucho100K:
Hell no.... are you nuts!!!????

Please remember I always sit in F, therefore I would die before I was regarded as a chepo freebie bargain hunter that wastes his time on the internet... puuuhhlleeezzeeee....

Instead, I act as the Snot of a Snob that I am, and act as the full fare F revenue customer that Im going to be shortly. Of course, if someone happens to be cattle-class like and dares talk to me about FT I just pretend Ive never heard of it.


BTW, your post count is at: 12321 !!!

I have mentioned that there is a message board for travelling and air travel in particular as well a site to talk about cruises at www.cruisecritic.com!

That's all, never mentioned the URL or FT!
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Old Jan 24, 04, 7:58 am
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You're talking crazy talk now.
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Old Jan 24, 04, 9:14 am
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I have on occasion mentioned FlyerTalk to an airline employee. I have met with airlines and mentioned it and shockingly enough, even the marketing people were only vaguely familiar with it

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Old Jan 24, 04, 11:47 am
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I found out about Flyertalk from a seatmate (behind me actually) on a trip to Mexico City. That was 3 1/2 years ago. Now I tell anyone who has even a remote interest in flying for miles. I have my luggage tag on as well and occassionally get noticed, like on the way back from a trip to Vegas, ORDGUY and I met as he noticed my tag.
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Old Jan 24, 04, 11:50 am
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It was MJM who introduced me to Flyer Talk and ever since that time I have been so impressed with this site I make it a point to pass the word along to everyone I can.
Thanks Mike for getting me invovled.
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Old Jan 24, 04, 1:41 pm
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by UALOneKPlus:
I only discuss FlyerTalk if I feel like having a political conversation with my seatmate.


*ducking to avoid the flames*

There's some nice bait on this thread, but it looks like the flame fish aren't biting.
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Old Jan 25, 04, 8:13 am
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It's been quite some time since I posted on FT. In my travels I also rarely meet people who have heard of FT including most airline FA's. I carry a card that has the website on it and pass it around when flyers are interested in travel topics.
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Old Jan 25, 04, 5:19 pm
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This may be a stupid question, however as I'm still green behind the ears,... FT tags? How do you get these?
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Old Jan 25, 04, 5:31 pm
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Old Jan 25, 04, 5:42 pm
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Feel slightly foolish I just looked over and found OzStamps thread on the matter.

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Old Jan 25, 04, 6:14 pm
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Yes I have and also with FA's RCC staff. Some of them have heard and some are interested.
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Old Jan 25, 04, 7:57 pm
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On 1/19 I sat next to a nice guy in F ORD-SFO who seemed to know way too much about UA. I finally asked him if he read flyertalk and it turns out it was koppelman

First time I've randomly met an FTer while flying.
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Old Jan 25, 04, 8:55 pm
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I often look around the cabin and wonder, "Is there a FTer out there?" But because we value our privacy, I don't probe or press.
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