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landspeed Jan 26, 04 10:11 am

Wanted- NYC planespotter (or collector of some sort)

Hi folks-

An ex-colleague is assembling a discussion ("focus") group in NYC in late February. She's looking for a range of people who are "collectors" of some sort (objects, mementos, etc).

What's this have to do w/ Flyertalk? She specifically mentioned a spot for a Planespotter, but an FF junkie/mileage runner or memorabilia collector may be suitable, instead.

The basic (which are all I know):
- in NY for a 4-hr discussion in late February
- open to the possibllity of follow up interviews/projects
- Not yet sure what compensation would be, but there would be some.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any interest (of course, you wouldn't have to commit until you get the full details-date,location, $$, etc.)

- I have no financial interest in finding someone; I just offered to help.
- I may be participating in the group (as a record collector; not an FF'er).

ljp99 Jan 26, 04 1:50 pm

How many things must one collect in order to be considered a collector?

J-H Jan 26, 04 2:48 pm


landspeed Jan 26, 04 3:01 pm

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by ljp99:
How many things must one collect in order to be considered a collector?</font>
ya got me.

for now, I guess it'd be self defined- something that you've collected for a number of years, a collection that you're pround of, a collection that you'd like to show/share, etc.

Well, if you want an extreme example:

A Bronx man trapped for two days under an avalanche of
newspapers, magazines and books was rescued by firefighters
and neighbors yesterday in a small urban drama that
recalled the macabre 1947 tale of the Collyer brothers.

The victim, Patrice Moore, 43, of 1991 Morris Avenue, near
Tremont Avenue, was found shortly after 1 p.m. in a
10-by-10-foot room crammed with paper and other detritus
that completely filled it, except for a small corner where
he slept, neighbors and city officials said.

A reclusive man who lived alone and had been saving
magazines, newspapers, books, catalogs and junk mail for a
decade - and had apparently thrown none of it out - Mr.
Moore was buried standing up under the collapse on
Saturday, according to neighbors, who heard him moaning and
mumbling through the door, which had been blocked by all
the paper.

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