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EWR AirTrain apparently is for criminals only

EWR AirTrain apparently is for criminals only

Old Oct 9, 03, 7:31 pm
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EWR AirTrain apparently is for criminals only

So my quick story is that I have used AirTrain NYC/EWR for the past two years, not without adversity, but simple malfunctions of late trains, etc. This last trip I get to the EWR Monorail AirTrain Station (off of NJ Transit for those who know it) and as I swipe my ticket it says "Unreadable." I innocently turn to the "Station Manager" I've never seen before who forcefully tells me the ticket has been alrady used in which I argue I just used it for the first time (it wasn't punched prior). This goes on for about 2-minutes as we both get a bit louder (as New Yorkers) and until some male Red-Coat Conductor walks over and tells me that I can tell my story to the Cops, as he as called them because I am rude. I laugh in his face, visualizing, "Officer, you have been called down here from real crime, because this lady in a business suit and high heels, with her golf clubs and TUMI suitcase has raised her voice and doesn't like our service. She thinks we are scum!" Anyway, this further goes on, as they call me a liar and a thief over the $11.00 fare and how I purposely tried to use a ticket twice, and with all due respect, perhaps many of us try for bargains these days, but over the AirTrain for $11.00 as I was rushing to catch my flight? Needless to say, the cops never come (nor called?), I go to get on the monorail and the female station manager comes down to get my name in which at that point I simply apologized how out of hand it got and said, call it even. I reflect that everyone thinks they are protected by "Cops" and above the law against average citizens - as you had to see this pathetic scene with they guy screaming at me how the cops would take me away! What is the story of all these morons that jump to conclusion, cannot respectfully or in a managerial way explain the cause, and/or so badly want to be the drama-queens? I can't begin to speculate, but only stop taking the AirTrain.
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Old Oct 9, 03, 9:08 pm
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This is the problem with the modern magnetic strip world. All of your life can be erased by a stray key or magnet.

The fault lies partly with AirTran. The ticket should print the date and time. If it was printed 5 minutes ago, there's no way you could have gone to Manhattan and bring the ticket back to EWR.
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Old Oct 10, 03, 5:36 pm
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I would say the transit system was totally at fault.

One party (the transit system) chose or invented the ticketing method, so ambiguities or disputes should be resolved in favor of the other party (the customer).

Also whatever happend to "the customer is always right?"

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