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Travel with Dog - Transatlantic flight

Travel with Dog - Transatlantic flight

Old Apr 16, 03, 2:25 am
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Scigirl:
...our move from Hawaii to Texas....</font>
OT: My condolences

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Old Apr 16, 03, 9:33 am
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We brought a 3-month old puppy home from French Polynesia last month, and the French regulations applied. In addition to the excellent advice given above, I would like to add that you should make sure to contact the airline MORE than 48 hours before your flight to make sure your documentation is in order. In Tahiti, I was required to bring to the airport, two days before our flight, the original health certificate and vaccination record to be recorded and "registered" and faxed to LA for approval from customs to bring the dog into the USA. Because of the time differences and work hours, this process took almost two full days. If I had just shown up at the airport three hours before the flight with my paid reservation and paperwork, they would not have accepted the dog.

Also, make sure that the current rabies vaccination is given more than 30 days prior to your flight. U.S. Customs requires quarantine if the dog has been vaccinated less than 30 days prior to entry, and will keep your dog until the time expires. (This was not necessary from Tahiti because it is a rabies-free area.)

We expected a mess in the cage when we picked the dog up from cargo, so we brought a hand-towel, wet-wipes, and bottled water in case we had to clean him (and the cage). Luckily, he was only a bit damp from a spilled water container!

We flew Air Tahiti Nui, which also has non-stop Paris to LAX flights, as does Air France. Good luck with your trip!
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Old Apr 16, 03, 1:01 pm
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I don't know what your financial situation is, but if I were MOVING and moving my Dogs across the Atlantic, I would SERIOUSLY consider getting an empty-leg charter to the lower 48. I think you could probably do this for about $5000-$7000 if you are creative. Your dog could ride with you in the cabin, unsedated and you could take many times more luggage than you could oridnarily take.

I know if I were in your shoes, and I had the money, this is what I would do. My dogs (1 yellow lab and 1 german shepard) have never travelled in the belly of a plane, and I hope they never have to.

Another option, since you have a smart breed is to claim it is a "helping dog" or a "helping dog" in training. In this case, it should be able to ride up front. I'm not passing judgment on the morals of doing this, just presenting it as a possible option.

If you are interested in this option, I can provide you with some contacts.
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Old Apr 17, 03, 11:56 am
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I got an email today. CO now permits OnePass accrual for pets shipped in cargo when the OnePass member is on the pet's flight. One mile for every dollar spent on shipping, double miles through July 14 (miles go to the person, not the pet ).
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Old Apr 18, 03, 4:42 pm
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Friends took their dog from the US to Germany with KLM, they even have some dog hotel thing during transit in Amsterdam. They said the KLM agent helped to find a short flight and they were informed all the time where their dog is. According to them excellent service.
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Old Jan 9, 15, 2:54 pm
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Hello BoSoxFan45,
I know it's been a while since your post, but if you still have those contacts you mentioned, I'd really appreciate it. I am on the East Coast, if that matters.
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Old Jan 9, 15, 5:18 pm
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Originally Posted by TravFirst View Post
Hello BoSoxFan45,
I know it's been a while since your post, but if you still have those contacts you mentioned, I'd really appreciate it. I am on the East Coast, if that matters.
Welcome to FT!

We've had a number of dog threads recently, no need to revive one that's 12 years old! I suggest doing a search here.

See for example:


Incidentally, no airline will allow a lab-sized dog in the passenger cabin on a transatlantic flight!
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Old Jan 9, 15, 7:51 pm
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Welcome to Flyertalk TravFirst. As this thread is 12 years old, I am going to close it. I suggest that you look at the FT Travel With Pets Forum. Scroll down to Special Interest Travel. It is there that you will find the Travel With Pets Forum, Disability Travel, Travel with Children and other Forums which may be of interest.
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