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Ticket tax codes listing

Ticket tax codes listing

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Ticket tax codes listing

Found this in rec.travel.air. Does anyone have a website to find the current listing and rates?

Airline ticket taxes are represented by biliteral (two-letter) codes that appear on the ticket. Enough space is allowed for up to three different taxes to be shown in the tax boxes. On ARC ticket stock, the first two taxes appear below the base fare, while the third tax appears above the base fare. However, if there are more than three taxes, all taxes beyond the first two are combined in a single box using the code "XT." A break down of the "XT" taxes appears in the fare calculation area, or "ladder," of the ticket.

What follows are the various codes in use as of January 1, 2001:

The following is a complete (it is hoped) list of all tax codes currently found on airline tickets. Does anyone know what the Mauritania tax abbreviated "S.A.M." is?

AG - Antigua & Barbuda: Ticket Tax
AL - Albania: Passenger Service Charge
AN - Netherlands Antilles: Embarkation Tax
AO - Angola: Embarkation Tax
AR - Argentina: Ticket Tax
AT - Austria: Passenger Security Charge
AU - Australia: Passenger Movement Charge
AW - Aruba: Passenger Facility Charge
AZ - Azerbaijan: International Departure Tax

BA - Bosnia & Herzegovina: Airport Tax
BB - Barbados: Value Added Tax
BD - Bangladesh: Embarkation Tax
BE - Belgium: Embarkation Tax
BF - Burkina Faso: Security Tax/Tourism Tax/Sales Tax/Fiscal Tax
BG - Bulgaria: Passenger Service Charge
BI - Burundi: Embarkation Tax/Security Tax
BJ - Benin: Tourist (Embarkation) Tax/Fiscal Tax /Security Tax
BM - Bermuda: Departure Tax
BO - Bolivia: Sales Tax
BR - Brazil: Embarkation Tax
BS - Bahamas: Passenger Tax
BW - Botswana: Passenger Service Charge
BZ - Belize: International Ticket Tax

CC - Cocos Island Head Tax
CD - Congo (Dem. Rep. of): Sales Tax/Tourist Promotion Tax/Airport Tax
CF - Central African Republic: Security Tax
CG - Congo (Brazzaville): Security Tax/Domestic Tax/Embarkation Tax/Sales Tax
CH - Switzerland: Airport, Passenger and Security Tax
CI - Ivory Coast: Security Tax/Tourism Tax/Communal Tax
CL - Chile: Domestic Airport Facility Charge
CM - Cameroon: Value Tax
CO - Colombia: Domestic Airport Tax
CR - Costa Rica: Transportation Tax
CV - Cape Verde: Stamp Tax/Airport Transportation Tax
CX - Christmas Island: Head Tax
CY - Cyprus: Airport Service Charge
CZ - Czech Republic: Embarkation Tax

DE - Germany: Security Charge
DJ - Djibouti: Departure Tax/Sales Tax
DK - Denmark: Transportation Tax
DO - Dominican Republic: Transportation Tax
DZ - Algeria: Domestic Airport Tax/Fiscal Stamp Tax/Int'l Transportation Tax

EC - Ecuador: Transportation Taxes
EE - Estonia: International Passenger Service Charge
EG - Egypt: Transportation Tax
ER - Eritrea: Sales Tax
ET - Ethiopia: Stamp Tax

FI - Finland: Int'l Passenger Fee
FJ - Fiji: Value Added Tax
FO - Faroe Islands: Int'l Departure Tax
FR - France/(+dependencies): Civil Aviation Tax/Embarkation and Disembarkation Taxes
FT - India: Foreign Travel Airport Departure Tax

GA - Gabon: Airport Tax
GB - United Kingdom: Air Passenger Duty
GD - Grenada: Government Ticket Tax
GE - Georgia: Airport Tax
GF - French Guiana: Departure Tax/Embarkation Tax
GH - Ghana: Int'l Passenger Service Tax
GI - Gibraltar: Passenger Service Charge
GM - Gambia: Government Sales Tax
GN - Guinea: Passenger Service Charge
GP - Guadeloupe: Departure Tax/Development Charge/Embarkation Tax
GQ - Equatorial Guinea: Departure Tax
GR - Greece: Airport Development Tax
GT - Guatemala: Int'l Transportation Tax
GU - Guam: Customs Agricultural and Quarantine Inspection Service Fee
GW - Guinea-Bissau: Stamp Tax/Embarkation Tax/Security Tax
GY - Guyana: Sales Tax/Travel Voucher Tax

HK - Hong Kong: Airport Passenger Departure Tax
HN - Honduras: Transportation Tax/Tourism Tax
HR - Croatia: Airport Tax
HT - Haiti: Transportation Tax/Territorial Development Tax
HU - Hungary: Int'l Airport Tax

ID - Indonesia: Value Added Tax
IL - Israel: Departure Tax
IN - India: Inland Air Travel Tax
IR - Iran: Airport Tax
IS - Iceland: Airport Service Charge
IT - Italy: Embarkation Tax

JM - Jamaica: Stamp Tax
JO - Jordan: Int'l Ticket Sales Tax
JP - Japan: Consumption Tax

KE - Kenya: Domestic Passenger Service Charge
KG - Kyrgyzstan: Passenger Service Charge
KH - Cambodia: Domestic Value Added Tax
KM - Comoros: Airport Tax/Security Tax /Stamp Tax
KN - Saint Kitts & Nevis: Sales Tax
KW - Kuwait: Airport Departure Tax
KY - Cayman Islands: Int'l Departure Tax
KZ - Kazakstan: Sales Tax

LB - Lebanon: Embarkation Tax
LC - Saint Lucia: Travel Tax
LK - Sri Lanka: Security Levy
LR - Liberia: Ticket Tax
LT - Lithuania: Government Tax
LU - Luxembourg: Passenger Service Charge
LV - Latvia: Passenger Departure and Security Tax
LY - Libya: Ticket Tax/Great Man-made River Tax

MA - Morocco: Passenger Service Charge/Stamp Tax/Int'l Departure Tax/Security Tax
MD - Moldova: Airport Development Tax
MG - Madagascar: Passenger Tax
MK - Macedonia: Departure Tax
ML - Mali: Ticket Tax
MO - Macau: Int'l Airport Security Tax
MQ - Martinique: Embarkation Tax/Development Charge/American Airlines Departure Tax
MR - Mauritania: Int'l Embarkation Tax/S.A.M. Tax/Fiscal Tax/Security Tax
MT - Malta: Airport Tax
MU - Mauritius:Int'l Passenger Service Charge
MX - Mexico: Domestic Value Added Tax
MY - Malaysia: Passenger Service Charge

NA - Namibia: Passenger Service Charge
NC - New Caledonia: Passenger Service Charge
NE - Niger: Int'l Air Transportation Tax/Security Tax/Int'l Fiscal Stamp Tax
NF - Norfolk Island: Domestic Head Tax
NG - Nigeria: Sales Tax
NI - Nicaragua: Hacienda Tax
NL - Netherlands: Security Charge
NO - Norway: Int'l Transportation Tax
NZ - New Zealand: Goods and Service Tax

OM - Oman: Departure Tax

PA - Panama: Stamp Tax
PE - Peru: Sales Tax
PF - Frech Polynesia: Departure Tax
PG - Papua New Guinea: Int'l Departure Tax
PH - Philippines: Int'l Travel Tax/Alien Head Tax
PL - Poland: Government Tax
PT - Portugal: Security Tax
PY - Paraguay: Sales Tax

QC - Australia: Cairns Airport Authority Tax
QE - Nicaragua: Fisco Tax
QH - Egypt: Embarkation Tax
QI - Norway: Fiscal Tax
QK - Australia: Noise Levy Tax (SYD)
QL - Netherlands: Groningen Airport Service Charge
QM - Bolivia: Service Charge
QN - Argentina: Provincial Gross Receipts Tax
QO - Argentina: Immigration Fee
QR - Australia: Domestic Head Tax
QS - Suriname: Passenger Facility Charge
QT - Nigeria: Airport Service Charge
QU - Finland: Domestic Passenger Service Fee
QV - Spain: Security Tax
QW - France: Domestic Passenger Service Charge
QX - France: Int'l Passenger Service Charge
QY - French Guiana: Passenger Service Charge
QZ - Guadaloupe: Passenger Service Charge

RA - Germany: Int'l Passenger Service Charge
RB - Martinique: Passenger Service Charge
RC - Canada: Harmonized Sales Tax
RD - Germany: Domestic Passenger Service Charge
RE - Reunion: International Embarkation Tax
RG - Pakistan: Capital Value Tax
RH - Egypt: Passenger Service Charge
RI - Russia: Int'l Terminal Use Charge
RJ - Reunion: Passenger Service Charge
RK - Tunisia: Security Charge
RL - Tunisia: Int'l Embarkation Tax
RM - Tunisia: Domestic Embarkation Tax
RN - Netherlands: Passenger Service Charge
RO - Romania: Airport Departure Tax
RP - Latvia: Airport Development Tax
RQ - Cote D'Ivoire: Passenger Service Charge
RS - Spain: Airport Services Charge
RT - Gabon: Departure Tax
RU - Russia: Sales Tax
RV - Gabon: Value Added Tax
RW - Rwanda: Passenger Fee
RX - Mali: Tourism Tax
RZ - Congo (Brazzaville): Air Transportation Stamp Tax

SB - Solomon Islands: Sales Tax
SD - Sudan: Stamp Tax
SF - Pakistan: Foreign Travel Tax
SG - Singapore: Passenger Service Charge
SI - Slovenia: Airport Tax
SK - Slovakia: Embarkation Tax
SL - Sierra Leone: Foreign Travel Tax
SN - Senegal: Fiscal Stamp Tax
SP - Pakistan: Embarkation Fee
SQ - Canada: Canadian Airport Improvement Fee
SR - Suriname: Airport Facility Charge
ST - Sao Tome & Principe: Stamp Tax/Public Assistance Tax
SU - Cayman Islands: Security Tax/Terminal Charge
SV - El Salvador: Value Added Tax
SW - Japan: Int'l Passenger Service Facility Charge
SX - Gabon: Passenger Service (LBV)
SY - Syria: Stamp Tax/Luxury Tax

TB - Suriname: Consumer Tax
TD - Chad: Domestic Embarkation Tax/Transportation Tax
TE - Papua New Guinea: Domestic Provincial Government Tax
TG - Togo: Transportation Tax
TI - Ivory Coast: Fiscal Stamp Tax
TL - Ivory Coast: Abidjan Municipal Security Tax
TN - Tunisia: Fiscal Stamp Tax
TO - Tonga: Sales Tax
TQ - Argentina: Security Tax
TR - Turkey: Int'l Airport Service Charge
TS - Thailand: Domestic Passenger Service Charge
TT - Trinidad & Tobago: Value Added Tax
TU - Kenya: Int'l Passenger Service Charge
TW - Taiwan: Int'l Airport Service Charge
TY - Turkey: Domestic Education Fund Tax
TZ - Tanzania: Airport Departure Tax

UA - Ukraine: Security Charge
UB - United Kingdom: Passenger Service Charge
UD - Ukraine: State Charge
UE - Vietnam: Domestic Value Added Tax
UF - Malta: Passenger Service Charge
UH - Russia: Int'l Security Charge
US - United States: Domestic Transportation Tax/Int'l Arrival Tax/Int'l Departure Tax
UT - Bangladesh: Foreign Air Travel Tax
UU - Switzerland: Airport Tax
UV - Vanuatu: Domestic Airport Departure Tax
UW - Vanuatu: Domestic Value Added Tax
UX - Dominican Republic: Airport Authority Fee
UY - Uruguay: Ticket Tax
UZ - Uzbekistan: Passenger Service Charge

VB - Dominican Republic: Airport Infrastructure Fee
VC - Saint Vincent & the Grenadines: Government Tax
VD - Yemen: Airport Service Charge
VE - Venezuela: Tourist Contribution Tax
VF - Yemen: National Aid Tax
VH - Yemen: Development Tax
VJ - Aruba: Int'l Special Facility Charge
VK - Turkey: Domestic Special Processing Tax
VL - Lebanon: Departure Tax
VM - Lesotho: Int'l Passenger Service Charge
VN - Vietnam: Sales Tax
VO - Togo: Int'l Passenger Service Charge
VP - Niger: Tourist Tax
VQ - Turkey: Domestic Airport Service Charge
VR - Sierra Leone: Int'l Passenger Service Charge
VS - Macedonia: Security Tax
VT - Italy: Security Charge
VU - Vanuatu: Int'l Departure Tax
VV - Netherlands: Noise Isolation Charge
VW - Grenada: Int'l Facilitation Charge
VX - Cameroon: Safety Tax
VY - Cameroon: Int'l Development Tax
VZ - Cameroon: passenger Service Charge

WB - Gambia: Passenger Service Charge
WC - South Africa Int'l Air Passenger Charge
WD - Jamaica: Int'l Travel Tax
WH - Belarus: Int'l Terminal Use Fee
WI - Belarus: Int'l Passenger Service Charge
WJ - Belarus: Int'l Security Charge
WL - Finland: Int'l Transit Passenger Fee
WS - Samoa: Value Added Tax

XA - United States: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) Fee
XB - Guatemala: Value Added Tax
XD - Mexico: Int'l Airport Departure Tax
XE - Algeria: Int'l Airport Tax
XF - United States: Passenger Facilities Charge
XG - Canada: Goods and Service Tax
XH - Czech Republic: Value Added Tax
XJ - Slovakia: Value Added Tax
XK - Egypt: Issuing Ticket Fee
XL - Egypt: Stamp Tax
XO - Mexico: Int'l Value Added Tax
XQ - Canada: Quebec Sales Tax
XR - Argentina: Airport Tax
XS - Sweden: Value Added Tax
XT - Code used for combined taxes when there are more than three taxes.
XV - Mexico: Domestic Airport Departure Tax
XW - Poland: Airport Tax
XX - Poland: Value Added Tax
XY - United States: Immigration and Naturalization Service Inspection Fee

YA - Sweden: Security Tax and Passenger Charge
YB - Algeria: Value Added Tax
YC - United States: Customs User Fee
YD - Netherlands: Airport Service Charge
YE - Yemen: Tourist Tax
YF - Finland: Value Added Tax
YG - Togo: Security Tax
YH - Togo: Embarkation Tax
YJ - Luxembourg: Security Tax
YK - Ukraine: Int'l Airport Passenger Charge
YL - Lebanon: Travel Document Issuance Fee
YN - Venezuela: Luxury Tax
YO - United Kingdom: Isle of Man Passenger Duty
YP - Portugal: Passenger Service Charge:
YS - Colombia: Sales Tax

ZA - South Africa: Passenger Service Charge
ZB - Central African Republic: Passenger Service Charge
ZC - Congo (Brazzaville): Passenger Service Charge
ZD - Benin: Passenger Service Charge
ZE - Senegal: Passenger Service Charge/Int'l Security Charge
ZG - Chad: Passenger Service Charge
ZH - Niger: Passenger Service Charge
ZI - Mauritania: Passenger Service Charge
ZJ - Burkina Faso: Passenger Service Charge
ZK - Guinea-Bissau: Passenger Service Charge
ZL - Angola: Stamp Tax
ZN - Norway: Passenger Charge
ZO - Denmark and Greenland: Passenger Service Charge
ZP - United States: Flight Segment Tax
ZQ - Chile: Int'l Airport Facility Charge
ZS - Croatia: Value Added Tax
ZT - Togo: Aeronautical Development Charge
ZU - Iceland: Int'l Passenger Fee
ZV - South Africa: Value Added Tax
ZX - Finland: Passenger Transfer Fee
ZY - Austria: Passenger Service Charge
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A few common ones are described in July/August edition of RCI Endless Vacation magazine:

AY - aviation security surcharge
Used for airport screening, sky marshalls, security training
$2.50 each flight leg, $10 limit per round trip

XF - passenger facility charge
Used for airport improvement projects
$4.50 per takeoff, $18 limit per round trip

US - domestic passenger ticket tax
Used for US aviation trust fund (FAA)
7.5% before taxes

ZP - domestic flight segment fee
Used for US aviation trust fund
$3 per leg
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An excellent post, thanx.
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Missing from the list is YQ. It's really not a "tax", but is is listed along with the other taxes and the total tax amount includes this mysterious YQ. Moreover, it is the largest component of the total tax amount, BY FAR !!!

YQ is a basket of stuff that the Airline Company pockets (therefore, not really a tax). It includes insurance, fuel surcharges and whatever else the airline tries to get away with.
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Question YR and CA

Does anyone know what are YR and AC ?

YR appears on MEX-X/ATL-MIL-X/AMS-YVR with DL+KL.

AC appears on MEX-YVR-MEX with AC.

And it also has a high YQ, so I wonder what other types of airline charges they must be...
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YR is an airline surcharge, normally for insurance. Don't know about AC, but if you meant CA, that's Canadian airport security fees.
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Reviving this thread because it helped me figure out the taxes/fees on an award ticket I just booked, and was pretty accurate in doing so. ^
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Bumping this up again. Does anybody know anywhere where I can find a more comprehensive list?
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If you find your fare on http:\\matrix.itasoftware.com you get a complete breakdown of all the taxes. Takes a little learning to be able to use quickly.
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I'm going to BUD next week; I found tax code FE, billed to me at $3.70. I'm guessing this is a fee charged by Ferihegy (Liszt Ferenc) Airport.
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FE is listed as Hungarian Security charge, 3.

HU is Hungarian Airport Tax, 24.70.
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Here is a great document with all taxes and (exemption) rules for them. Note it is a bit outdated (2009), so mentioned prices could have changed.

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finding out my taxes


I booked a flight in May from Lisbon (LIS) to Funchal (FNC) trhought Tripsta.com. On my invoice the taxes are shown in total and I need it a detailed form. I tried to contact tripsta.com several times but with no luck. IS there a way to calculate them?
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