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Do you do any "odd" things when arriving to your hotel room?

Do you do any "odd" things when arriving to your hotel room?

Old Mar 14, 01, 9:05 am
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Do you do any "odd" things when arriving to your hotel room?

I have heard that some people immeadiately remove the bed spead b/c it's only cleaned once a week or less. Or, they may remove the sheets as they bring there own. In the Hhonors forum some people have mentioned that they clean & cycle the coffee makers before using them.

I only inspect the bathroom. I have stayed in rooms where 6 feet of the floor next to the window was soaking wet b/c rain blew threw the window frame but the bathroom was exceptionally clean. If the toilet is even slightly dirty, or I find hair on the floor/bathrub/sink I'm outta there and someone is going to hear about it.
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Old Mar 14, 01, 12:59 pm
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I thought there was a similar post to this a couple of months ago... was actually funny and informative.

I now actually look for "intruders" before closing the door when I get to my hotel room the first time based on that thread.

I will try to find it... could not find it just now with a search.

Anyone else know that link?

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Old Mar 15, 01, 2:22 am
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I generally take this approach with such things as glasses, coffer pots, toilet seats, handles, and dishes: If I didn't clean it, it isn't clean!

Especially with dishes, I don't trust how well someone cleaned them. I also don't trust if the previous guest might have handled the dishes and then put them back. I also wonder about the extra towels. They don't wash every towel do they? What if a used towel got folded and put back? ewh! I wish the hotels would get a shrink wrapper and wrap everything after cleaning it. Just like on the plane - they shrink wrap the blankets so you know that on the previous flight, someone didn't use your blanket to blow their nose.

I always where socks in the hotel room and I never get into bed without anything other than sheets next me. I only sit on the bedspread if I have my street clothes on.
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Old Mar 15, 01, 8:03 am
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I never eat my food off the floor like I do at home...always use plates while traveling.

Ooops, I may have divulged too much here.
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Old Mar 15, 01, 8:11 am
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Old Mar 15, 01, 8:28 am
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Here's the recent related thread:

Hotel Rituals
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Old Mar 15, 01, 9:01 pm
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- put out "Do not disturb" sign
- check toilet and shower for cleanliness
- get into comfortable clothes but keep on socks; my wife and I once stayed in a hotel near Boston where I kept on my socks. At the end of the night, my white socks were as black as midnight
- unpack, then put dirty clothes in suitcase everynight; have little or no packing the final morning
- unpack toiletries onto a towel

I remember seeing that 20/20 show a few years ago before I started travelling. The images have stayed with me. I particularly remember when they used the uv light in the dark room and revealed the remnants of previous guest's merriment.
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Old Mar 16, 01, 10:55 am
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I immediately take all of the hotel advertising off from flat surfaces and dump them into a drawer so I have a place for my stuff!
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Old Mar 16, 01, 11:02 am
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1. Get out pen and mark a small "x" in the corners of pillowcases and sheets to ensure new ones are given to me the next day.

2. Fill the sink with scalding hot water and rest the tops of the glasses in it.

3. If windows open, open them all the way regardless of weather to get some fresh air piped through the room.

My wife regularly rolls her eyes as I complete my lodging rituals.
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Old Mar 16, 01, 11:23 am
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Check the room for stray blonde hairs.
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Old Mar 16, 01, 1:19 pm
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Check the room for stray blondes.

Haven't found any yet.
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Old Mar 16, 01, 4:32 pm
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JMIYAZAWA --- Your number one is a new one for me: priceless!! However, will start using it next week
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Old Mar 16, 01, 5:06 pm
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Ditto, MikeFly, with the addition of ash trays and magazines.
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Old Mar 17, 01, 12:53 am
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Turn on my scanner and try to pick up the local air traffic control frequencies.
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Old Mar 17, 01, 9:49 am
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Check out that the phone works. Turn on the shower and plug in my portable room humidifier, the best thing I've purchased to counter the dry electric heat. I also have started to cycle the in room coffee pot. Other than that I follow most of the other advise. I like the idea of leaving the key on the floor by the door. Many times I've spent a few minutes searching for where I left it when I first checked in.
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