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TWA retirees won't get AA Non-Rev passes?


Old Jan 14, 01, 4:29 pm
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TWA retirees won't get AA Non-Rev passes?

SPECIAL: American Airlines cancels Non-Rev Passes for TWA Retirees

St. Louis (AirlineBiz.Com) - American Airlines has struck a blow
to TWA retirees by announcing that they will no longer receive
'non-revenue' airline passes on American Airlines. In the first
of many probable 'merger-blues' the TWA retirees were told, "All
TWA privileges will end when TWA stops flying," according to an
internal American/TWA memo. "Those who go to work for American
will be eligible for American Airlines passes as employees. TWA
retirees will not receive American Airlines passes," according
to TWA's President and CEO Bill Compton in the memo.

TWA employees and retirees have embarked on a letter writing
campaign to the CEOs of American and TWA. A letter to American's
Chairman and CEO, Don Carty said, "It is a huge disappointment
to the many men and women who devoted much of their lives to the
industry in general and TWA in particular." The letter noted
past decisions regarding TWA's liberal pass policies with
retirees from Pan Am, Eastern and Ozark, some during Carl
Ichan's reign.

The letter closes saying, "The bottom line is that rescinding your
decision will not affect your profitability, since .. we only travel
if seats are available. Further, the goodwill created will enhance
the image of American with our retirees, their families, and friends."

Seems like AA is moving fast to start putting "their" stamp on the new companies' policies. I wonder why AA isn't giving this benefit to TWA retirees since all retiree travel is on a space available basis? Perhaps so that AA employees and retirees won't have to compete with TWA retirees for what they perceieve/hope will be fewer non-rev seats?

I kind of feel sorry for the TWA retirees for the loss of a really nice benefit, but I guess there must be some business reason for AA making this change?

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Old Jan 14, 01, 4:52 pm
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I hope TWA retirees get the passes that they are due. Like the letter mentioned, non-revs only fly when everyone else who wanted to travel is confirmed.

But I guess this rules out the possibility that TWA shareholders would have gotten non-rev passes for their "inconvenience"...
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This seems akin to some of the "lifetime free XYZ" offers you saw a lot of .com companies were offering. They didn't really mention in their advertising blitzes that it was their lifetime that they were talking about, not yours.

The company from which TWA retirees retired (and which gave them them lifetime non-rev passes) will no longer exist....

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If the company will not exist, then why will AA be funding their insurance benefits?

I believe I am correct on that.

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Old Jan 15, 01, 8:16 am
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Very bad form AA. True that TWA would probably not exist if not bought out but it sends a very bad message to employees that give their all. It's a small cost that would go a long way.

I'm joining the letter writing campaign to preserve their benefits.
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