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Airline tickets through Costco

I was just rummaging around on the Costco web site when I decided to click on the Travel section. I thought that Costco only sold package tours (cruises etc.) but I found that Costco also sells airline tickets, and at what appears to be substantial discounts. On 21 & 14 day advance purchases, the prices are pretty good and appear to be more than competitive with what I can find on Expedia etc.

What really shocked me were the prices for 2 & 3 day advance purchases. The prices shown were absurdly cheap, more in line with 21 day advance.

The problem was that the site did not show what airline the prices were being quoted for. Cheap prices are great, but I don't want to play russian roulette and not know what airline on which I am going to be flying and what schedule (ala Priceline). To get more information, you must call telephone numbers on the site and when I tried, no one answered after about 15 rings.

Has anyone tried Costco travel? If so, please share your experience. The short notice prices appeared to be stupendous, but the lack of information left much to the imagination. Prices like what I saw would save me a lot of money when my employees travel on short notice.

Also, the web site said that FF miles doe apply, so I am assuming that these tickets are eligible for FF mile accumulation?

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Well, not exactly. The "old" Costco Travel went away quite some time ago, replaced by Travel Promotions International.

Since TPI claims to be behind Bestfares.com (surprise!), I'd guess TWA.

The "you must create a travel profile to view ticket pricing" for Costco members is utter crap ... GNC ("Promotion code TPI-GNC") customers, for example, don't have to put up with such nonsense.

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