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FoxPro Dec 30, 99 3:04 pm

Travel site with EASYSABRE features?

I am looking for a travel site on the net where I can look up specific flights to check seat availability without going through long drawn menus.

Like with EASYSABRE it was possible to issue a command like:


This directly brought back the flight details of this flight and showed available seats.

I had written an software where I was able to enter a series of flights in a database and check them constantly for availabilty.

That saved me a lot of time. Especially during heavily booked periods.
If there is still a site with such a features I would like to adapt my program to run against this site.

If someone knows a site or is interested in a free copy to the program, please post.


RichG Dec 31, 99 1:26 am

If you find one, FlyerTalk will be very quiet for a couple of days as we all check it out!

Old Gold Dec 31, 99 8:48 am

There is one being developed, look for the official announcement around the beginning of April.

RichG Dec 31, 99 10:07 am

Can I buy stock?

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