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My Pet Peeve--Selfish Use of Overhead Bins

My Pet Peeve--Selfish Use of Overhead Bins

Old Jun 19, 99, 3:24 pm
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My Pet Peeve--Selfish Use of Overhead Bins

What is it with overhead bins?

Some people just don't seem to understand that they are to be shared by everybody sitting in that row of seats. And, while you might think it would be a little better in 1st class where you are dealing with a more sophisticated traveler, the truth is that I have observed even more space abusers up front than in coach. (I know the seats are expensive, but not enough to buy the whole plane, or even the whole row.)

I'll admit I might be a bit of a packing efficiency nut, having spent decades in the trade show exhibit industry, but many travelers, just have no clue whatsoever.

Here's an example. Last week I was running late for an early morning flight. As I ran onto the plane (last one to board)the FA said, "As soon as you are seated, we'll close the door". I opened the overhead bin above my seat (2/A) to see a briefcase lying flat (long side to the aisle) next to a relatively small carry-on lying flat (long side to the aisle). To expedite departure, I flipped both of them up, and turned them in short side to the aisle to accommodate my bag. Just then Mr. 2/B (whose feet didn't even touch the floor, let alone extend into the space under the seat in front of him) said "Will you please not touch my things?"

Well, I am usually a fairly patient human being who at least passed Tact 101, but that morning I was not in the mood for dealing with a prima donna, and my mouth went before my mind and said, "You know, if you really don't want people to touch that stuff, maybe you should leave it at home". (I think I learned that kind of talk on Webflyer.)
Needless to say, this did not begin a relationship where we would be happy to die in one another's arms in the event the plane went down.

When I used the bathroom after a quick breakfast, the FA who had observed this encounter asked, "Are you a flight attendant? If not, you should be, you'd be great." Not anxious to return to Mr. 2/B's sunny personality, I spent the rest of the flight with the crew, listening to their stories of poor bin packing practices. They concurred that the inefficiencies seemed more pronouced in 1st class.

Does this just happen on flights I'm on or is this a common problem? Should all airplane tickets include "How to Share the Space Instructions"? Am I just over-reacting?
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Old Jun 19, 99, 3:41 pm
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Punki: I couldn't agree more.

I like 1st class window bulkhead seats, but there's no often place to put a bag. I travel with a smallish (fits under a coach seat) suitcase on wheels for my laptop computer and other work related items. I often find it difficult to store overhead because people bring so much stuff with them.

For years, I used to board at the final call so I could avoid the onslaught at the gate, but nowadays I've gotten to the point where I join the herd, just so I can make sure there's room in the overhead compartments for my little bag.

Has there ever been a thread on FlyerTalk: "I always check luggage" vs. "I never check luggage?" I'd be interested in seeing other FF's takes on the topic. And it might give a little insight into why there are so many bags in the overhead bins.
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Old Jun 19, 99, 4:09 pm
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I also prefer the bulkhead seats....and make sure I'm at least the 3rd person in line to ensure room for my bag. If I don't---there wouldn't be any room!

Being a Gold Elite on CO obviously gives many perks, but the #1 advantage is the opportunity to board "ahead of the pack" --it's worth its weight in gold. (No pun intended )

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Old Jun 19, 99, 5:01 pm
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dgolds: yes - there was a big exchange of opinions last year about checked luggage versus handluggage. If I find the thread (thank you beckles for emailing me the correct writing of thread) I'll post the link here.
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Old Jun 19, 99, 5:10 pm
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I couldn't agree more with you!

The only airline which I know protects 1class overheads is Alaska Air, if you are in row 1.
There are signs on the bins stating reserved for row 1 passengers. I've seens FAs remove luggage from the bins and have asked to have luggage removed.

Back to your topic: If you take advantage of preboarding you obviously get first call on the 1class overhead bin. However, I've noticed (usually disgruntled elite fliers who couldn't get an upgrade or someone sitting way back in coach) conveniently pop their bags into the 1class bins. Being somewhat assertive I've removed the bags or asked the FAs to do so, especially if it was my bin that was used. One time they called the other person's name over the pa system and he came up from coach row 95 or something and ended up having to check his bag. Fortunately, he never knew that I was the complainer, and more fortunately we 1classers are always deplaned first.

Another time, I sat in my exit center seat only to notice 2 bags in the floor space in front of me. I asked the guys on my left and right if they owned said bags. After "no" answers from each I repeated the question and again got "no" responses. I then pulled the FA button and placed both bags in the aisle. Suddenly a tirade started from Mr exit windowguy (2 prior "no" answers), in language not appropriate for FT. At any rate, I got to use the floor storage area and noticed that when MRexitwindowguy deplaned he had a total of FIVE (5 - V) carryons.

I think we need a FTers Bill of Rights!
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Old Jun 19, 99, 8:04 pm
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Sorry to hear that we are corrupting your speech.

In general I agree. I try to avoid the bulkhead seats since I usually have two pieces - I'll stow one under the seat in front of me.

Also agree that many people do not know how to make best use of the space. Also making it worse is that often in F class there is less overhead space and one of the bins is taken up by the dummy oxygen masks and other paraphenalia. And then the leftover pillows and blankets cramp things up too.

I like the new overhead bins United is introducing, where the wheelies can be placed perpendicular to the side of the airplane (as opposed to parallel) - these bins can accommodate more space. But I remember the reaction when I reported it in FlyerTalk - someone said that United is trying to pull a fast one.

Another pet peeve of mine: people with bulky carryons who hit people sitting in the aisle seats with their carry ons.

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Old Jun 19, 99, 10:54 pm
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Knowitall.........so YOU'RE the one that made me come up from row 95!
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Old Jun 20, 99, 12:31 pm
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Carryons(new word?) are getting to be too much in fashion. That's why space is always a problem. I usually fly DL and there seems to always be a delay while some person's second bag has to be gate checked. I only carry a small carryon bag when I am out for a one-nighter. Otherwise I check and have not have any lost bags in past 15 years. Only twice during the period was a bag delayed-then delivered to hotel. A long post for me, but I feel that being hammered by a shoulder bag, having to wait or having something crushed by the inconsiderate should not be part of the ticket price for all travellers.
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Old Jun 20, 99, 12:40 pm
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Nothing wrong with carryons--only with the people that abuse them. Having only carryon has allowed me to connect on short connection (i.e. non legal connection where baggage would not have been able to be transferred) flights saving me hours of waiting in airports.

Even though some airlines have pretty good priority baggage service for their Elite members (e.g. AC), I get to fly on many airlines that do not recognize my status and can take up to half to 3/4 of an hour to spit out my luggage. Even though bags are not lost, it takes some of the advantage out of flying between some centres--you might as well drive with the waits on both ends. I prefer carryon but keep it reasonable and "legal".

I cannot remember inconveniencing or knocking anyone with my carryon. There is always room left in the overhead bins of the business class cabins I travel in (even when they are completely booked).

A bit more common sense combined with a little enforcement of the most flagrant violators would solve most of our problems with carryon.

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Old Jun 20, 99, 11:51 pm
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I've seen people take on golf clubs, big Macy's shopping bags packed with stuff, plastic bags full of dirty clothes, Big Boxes of who knows what and toher things and say "OH THIS IS A CARRY ON AND I HAVE A RIGHT TO TAKE AWAY all of your space."

I see this in Coach and business and first class...

My packing rule (Yes, I"m repeating myself here

Work: one Garment bag with the clothes in the overhead; the laptop/briefcase fits in the seat in front of me.
FUN: Either Garment Bag (If suit is needed) in overhead and backpack under the seat in front of me. FOr Hawaii I may take that big gym type bag and have that as checked luggage.

With my poor back caryring more than two bags can be a pain in the #[email protected]#$%!

I also love it when people in coach come up and try to sneak big bagsin first class. I never say a thing but The F-A's chase them away.


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Old Jun 21, 99, 5:39 am
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You know, I just realized that the airlines have never financially taken advantage of this area...and what a lucrative idea that would be.

Sell more expensive tickets that have greater carry-on rights. Perhaps rent the garment storage area on certian aircraft...or allow 3 carry-ons on a ticket that has a $100 surcharge...

It would be complicated to police, but they charge for everything else anyway!
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Old Jun 21, 99, 7:22 am
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In a way they already do, David.

I was boarding a NWA flight last week when a woman ran up the the Gate Agent and demanded to know why I had two carry-ons while she was allowed only one. The agent (who was pretty sly) merely smiled and said, "We usually only allow on carry on, but if you would like to buy a 1st class ticket too, we'll be happy to let you have two carry-ons."
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Old Jun 21, 99, 10:16 am
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Once traveling from US to Japan to India with a stopover in Japan I had to pay extra (something like $100) for the second piece of checked luggage. It seems that the rules allow two pieces of checked luggage from US to Japan, and from US to India, but not from Japan to India. I had too much stuff to convert my check in bag to carry on.
Old Jun 21, 99, 10:56 am
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Punki- You are sure right. How can some people be such space hogs and then unwilling to share.

The only thing that I hate worse is the passenger that comes on late and holds up the other 200 passengers because they can not handle their schedule. If the airline adheard to the rules these people would be left at the gate a few times until they got their act together.
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Old Jun 21, 99, 11:18 am
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OOPS!!! Ranles, did I resemble that remark?

Actually, this was one of those flights where they did follow their new rule of closing the door 5 minutes before scheduled departure.

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