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Let's admit - there is NOTHING glamourous about air travel

Let's admit - there is NOTHING glamourous about air travel

Old Jun 8, 23, 9:25 pm
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Let's admit - there is NOTHING glamourous about air travel

Basically, the subj. And this is said by someone who has been flying BC (Before Covid) on average 60K-90K miles per year.

People boast here and in their blogs/instagrams/whatever about their Suites/First/Business/whatever seat with 99 photos of champagne glasses they downed before and during the flight and other 'I am better than you' signaling. All of this is done because air travel has huge, compared to other means of travel, stress factor. It is because if that all these Suites/FC/Business, champagne, and related BS exist - to somehow soften down the stress factor and make it a little bit more comfortable.

Honestly, if there was 'beam me up Scotty' Null-T (or whatever you want to call it) device to transfer you instantly from A to B - I would give a week of my remaining lifetime for that option instead of having the process to drive to the airport, park the car, go the security, go to the gate, line up and waitin 20 min before actually boarding starts... al of this for being stuck on United's Y- middle seat on SFO-FRA flight...

P.S. https://arstechnica.com/cars/2023/06...e-decker-seats
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Old Jun 9, 23, 3:22 am
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Yes, it's a pain. All the fancy stuff just makes it a bit less of a pain.
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Old Jun 9, 23, 6:41 am
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Thankfully, I don't fly nearly that much, probably about 5-6 times per year. Most of the time, it is the precursor to an enjoyable trip to come. I enjoy my cocktail and entre at my PP restaurant while planning what I want to do when I reach my destination. I tend not to care about delays, lines, fellow passenger behavior, and other idiocy.

I actually dreaded my work commute far more than anything. It was unavoidable, daily, busy, and called for my undivided attention.
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Old Jun 9, 23, 7:11 am
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I don't think it's the flight that's particularly stressful, it's the surrounding bits. I'm lucky - I tend to fly the same route most of the time and have elite status, so I can eliminate most of the stresses and shut out those remaining. But when I fly an unfamiliar airline with no status from an unfamiliar airport, I'm reminded of just how stressful it is. Even finding the check in desk can be challenging (I'm thinking of MRS where there was no signage or information even as to which terminal the check in was, let alone where). The security (huge queues, what are the local rules, the seeming hours of waiting and the mad rush at the head of the queue), exit passport control, the lack of anywhere peaceful to wait, the last minute gate swap, the endless wait after posted departure time with no information, the mysterious boarding groups and jostling to be allowed to board, the queue on the jetbridge.

All these make for serious stress and, although it's somewhat more uncomfortable onboard, I don't think it's the onboard factors which add much to the stress level.
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Old Jun 9, 23, 7:39 am
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It was glamourous once. Flight attendants were eye-catching, seats were wide, food was palatable and we dressed for the occasion. There were no gate dragons, boarding zones, nudie-scopes, crotch grabs or gate lice. It was exciting too. Nothing in the modern era compares to sitting in the back of an early DC-9 with low bypass engines leaving a high-altitude airport on a hot day. Full throttle, roaring engines, max climb out. Noise abatement? Not a chance.
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Old Jun 9, 23, 8:14 am
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If youve only flown coach and, for the first time, fly business/first, particularly on a trans-Atlantic flight and get lounge access, it seems glamorous. The first time.
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Old Jun 9, 23, 8:26 am
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It's true a lot of it has become routine, but even though I do it a lot and roughly know the science behind flight, there's still a bit of magic there for me. I figure it's similar to what people are afraid of flying experience, but instead of persistent, irrational fear I get persistent, irrational enjoyment from takeoff up to about 10k feet
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Old Jun 9, 23, 8:55 am
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I still enjoy flying even as I am getting older. It's the reason I fly 200K+ miles per year, even during Covid.
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Old Jun 9, 23, 9:00 am
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It can be somewhat glamourous but agree nothing like in the past. Lounges are now packed, loud and overrun by bratty children. Boarding is a free for all. People look like something from the animal world when it comes to their dress, behavior and hygiene. Some flight attendants would be better suited for working on a prison bus.
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Old Jun 9, 23, 9:58 am
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I try to keep the old glamour when flying. I do not underdress for the flight, I pack light and HBO, I have GE and lounge access 3-4 different ways. I almost always board and disembark the aircraft first or within the first few people. I bring my own PJs and slippers on flights >6 hours, I change clothes, eat, watch movies, and sleep. I find a private area in the lounges and keep it classy and serene, away from the crowds.
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Old Jun 9, 23, 11:01 am
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I remember the limo pick up by KLM, curbside greeting by Qatar, the perfectly medium rare steak on Continental over the pond... I don't hold my breath for any of these to come back but...

I recently had perfectly poached eggs and slept like a baby for 8 hours on an Air New Zealand flight. Sure, flying is no longer just for the elites but there are still a lot wonderful experiences. Yesterday on a continuously delayed UA domestic flight, FA did everything in his power to make us feel welcome.

My son recently went zero status to 1k, benefit of my UA mm status. He commented on the difference the status add to the travel experience. So YMMV.
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Old Jun 9, 23, 4:24 pm
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Flying is as fun or glam as we want. I try to only fly paid F and the flight is just to get us to our trip; it’s not like a road trip where we might take more unexpected detours as we desire. The FA eye Candy remains stronger than ever for all genders and since their jobs are to keep the flight safe, any hard and soft bonus is a great bonus.
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Old Jun 9, 23, 6:37 pm
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IMO its like ordering Stake at a restaurant. Everyone has their preferences on how they like it prepared and paying more could mean better quality or taste.

Sometimes when you get a little wiff of extra perks could open a new pallet!
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Old Jun 9, 23, 7:01 pm
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Perhaps there are a few small things we can do. For me, maybe go to the airport a little earlier, so it is not too rushed, and I am more relaxed to enjoy any perks. Or take an UberComfort to the airport instead of UberX, if it is only a couple bucks difference.
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Old Jun 9, 23, 7:07 pm
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Welcome to Flyertalk bashar0151
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