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How did you feel when you flew first class for the first time?

How did you feel when you flew first class for the first time?

Old Jun 19, 22, 1:10 pm
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How did you feel when you flew first class for the first time?

I was 27 years old and had started flying frequently, and I became Silver on US Airways. So when I got a package of upgrade coupons in the mail, handed one in at the airport ticket counter, received a First Class ticket jacket and first class seat on a short domestic flight, I thought that it was heaven.

When you flew first class for the first time, how did you feel?
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Old Jun 19, 22, 3:03 pm
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I'd flown plenty of domestic F as a kid thanks to a high status family member getting upgraded, but my first solo long haul international flight ended up as my first international J flight. I got an opup on EK SEA-DXB on my way to Africa my first year of college and had a great time. I remember getting called by the gate agent and thinking something had gone wrong. Still not sure why I was upgraded, maybe particular fare class or just that I was solo. Of course, coming back in economy was all the harder...
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Old Jun 19, 22, 4:16 pm
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$25-30 out of pocket doesn’t seem like much today, but for a 19-year-old in Dec 1972 it was a not-insubstantial sum

I had been with my college soccer team at the NCAA Final Four in Miami, and exchanged my MIA-SYR coach ticket (probably on Eastern) for MIA-IAD

the trip started with a “Youth Fare” ticket on Delta’s 0230 MIA-ATL, operated with a Convair 880 — in those days Night First was priced the same as daytime Y, and as the 880 was my absolute favorite jet this was a relative no-brainer — but far and away the better part of the deal was the second flight of the day, the Delta/Pan Am 747 interchange ATL-IAD that continued to LHR

I’d sort of slept for a couple hours in the airport, then called a cousin who picked me up at the airport to spend a few hours with their family before taking me back for the midafternoon departure

the FA came around taking PDB orders

“I’d like a gin & tonic, please.”

she didn’t bat an eye, just calmly asked ”Are you 21?”

”I go to college in New York where it’s 18 …”

she nodded knowingly, smiled, and said “I won’t tell anyone if you won’t.”

she brought me a second one shortly after takeoff; the next thing I remember was her gently shaking my shoulder and saying “Sir, this is Washington.”

< very big grin >
”I won’t tell anyone if you won’t!”

epilogue —

sadly, the 747 (N739PA) was the one involved in the Lockerbie bombing

the 880 (N8809E) lives on as N880EP; it was eventually acquired by Elvis Presley, and is on static display at Graceland
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Old Jun 19, 22, 5:11 pm
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I guess I was 47. (I didn’t fly much until my mid 30s) and I was like “oh, this changes everything…”
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Old Jun 19, 22, 5:20 pm
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I was 19 and purchased FC in one direction because there were no coach tickets available for the day I needed to travel. The cost difference wasn't that much and I had an extremely good summer job. It was my second trip alone by plane.

I felt grown up, a little bit excited, and a little bit anxious about knowing what to do. I had a very good hot breakfast during the flight but no alcoholic drinks (IIRC they weren't offered early in the morning and I didn't ask.) I wish the flight had been longer; it was fun.
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Old Jun 20, 22, 1:10 am
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I first flew upgraded for a work trip to Europe when I was 28. That was very amazing. I still remember the scone & clotted cream on the flight home from LHR. Now I tend to only buy F and just travel less for budget.
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Old Jun 20, 22, 3:25 am
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Just made a lowly Silver Medallion on DL - for the first time - back in the early 2000s.... was supposed to fly OAK-ATL, but something didn't go as planned and was rebooked on SFO-ATL in full Y. Got upgraded at the gate to dom F. Big wow.
Probably same year - flying aaa (east coast) - ATL - LAX - SFO. ATL-LAX was long-haul biz with free upgrades for medallions. Never seen this much legroom before in my life! Awesome 4.5h flight. Bigger wow!
I don't remember my first int'l biz, but it must have been in UA J.
I remember my first flight in F on LH (FRA-SFO) on the 380.
I still remember A380 EY F suites from a few years ago... THAT was something!
To date, I still haven't flown the 380 in Y.
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Old Jun 20, 22, 6:23 am
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The first time was in the era before lie-flat seats. The extra legroom was nice but otherwise I was not overwhelmed with the experience.
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Old Jun 20, 22, 10:44 am
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My first U.S. "first class" (because that's what non-economy was called) was USAir CLT or RDU to the Northeast; all I recall about that journey was the presence asiago sticks in the USAir lounge. 1993.

My first non-U.S. up front seat was Mexicana MEX-SAT; I remember the metal cutlery, beef stir-fry, and flan. 1997.

The first non-Y flight where I also remember the seat was Cathay Pacific CGK-HKG; the seat was like a giant seafoam green sofa chair, and there was lemon poppy cake. 2005.
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Old Jun 20, 22, 11:11 am
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My first real first class (ie International) was on Qantas LAX - SYD on the 380 about 15 years ago, using American Airlines points I had accrued over a few years. The kid in me prevented me from sleeping much it was so much fun. Prior to that I had a couple op-ups into domestic first/business (AC and AA) and a couple in PE on BA both with and without status which was lucky, but I don't remember what they were anymore specifically (ie where I was going). Since then I've also done EY, EK, TG and SG first, and CX, AC, UA, BA, GA and JQ International Business. SG (380) and EY (380) F were my favourites and just wow. Next up ANA first and Qatar Business in January. So much fun to hop around airlines.
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Old Jun 20, 22, 2:09 pm
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i can't remember whether the first time was winning the domestic upgrade lottery after getting Continental's silver, or collecting the mere 25k required for a long haul BusinessFirst upgrade (from M or H fare??).

the first was meh, whatever, because it's a short flight. it was actually more fun anticipating where you end up on the upgrade list after online checkin.
the latter was obviously very enjoyable on a long flight.
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First time for me was flying DEN-ORD. I purchased those E-500’s as a lowly silver for $200. Used two for the trip and at first was disappointed, as I had been upgraded to first, but at check in was handed a business class seat. I thought I had been downgraded in the moment. Sat upstairs on a 747-400, had a steak on the 2hr flight. Best flight ever and hooked me on status and how I found FT. Obviously today is a letdown across the board, but happy to have experienced years of travel when it was good.
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Old Jun 21, 22, 6:15 am
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First First was in summer 1988 on, of all things, Aeroflot (BRU-SVO). I was 20 and headed to a university summer program in Moscow. Somehow managed to get bumped into F, though all the other students were back with the proletariat. To this day, I remember that I was served an appetizer of crab salad in an avocado half. It was fairly magical.
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Old Jun 21, 22, 8:40 am
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My first was MCO-DTW on a NW 753 in 2008. We booked late because of some schedule changes to my cousin's wedding, which happened to be around spring break in Florida, so FC was all that was available for miles on the return trip. I was just happy to be taking the long way (to Jackson, MS via DTW instead of MEM).

Best first class memory was springing for D1 on the Delta 744 roundtrip DTW-ATL during Thanksgiving week 2016, shortly before it was retired, and visiting the Delta museum while there. My wife and I got to experience row 1 (the nose cone) outbound and the upper deck returning.
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Old Jun 21, 22, 9:35 am
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First was a rather unexciting DTW-YYZ on an old NW DC-9 as a free silver upgrade in 2001. Was under 21 at the time, but remember having a couple drinks.
I dont remember feeling excited since it was just domestic first class.

First real first class was on Emirates a few years later - and that one certainly was special.
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