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Trips You Are Glad You Took

Trips You Are Glad You Took

Old Apr 1, 20, 10:11 pm
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Trips You Are Glad You Took

All of us on here have some level of love for travel and Delta. With everything going on related to the stress of canceling and rebooking trips, let's take a moment to think back to trips we are so grateful we took on Delta. (Mods: If this belongs in one of the pre-exisiting COVID threads please move)

For me one of the most memorable was a relatively spur of the moment trip I took to BKK last October. I had just returned from a trip to SIN a few days prior and I really still had the travel bug. I found a great PS fare to BKK for about 3 weeks later and I booked it... not even knowing if I could arrange the time off from work. Fortunately all of my plans came together and I was able to take the trip, netting some awesome MQMs and MQDs along the way with a creative routing. I even sprung for a D1 upgrade on the way back that pushed me over to PM status. While it definitely wasn't my first international trip, it was my first solo international trip. Delta made the journey great and it was one of the best mini vacations I ever had.

I sincerely hope Delta recovers from this and we are all able to resume our love of travel soon.
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Old Apr 1, 20, 10:32 pm
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Great idea for a thread!
I took off most of December and went trekking in Nepal for a couple weeks. An amazing trip, and a place where I canít wait to go back.

Super grateful I had the means to take such a trip and actually made it happen.

As I needed more credit at the end of the year, I flew China Southern and credited to DL. While I dropped from Gold, I was able to maintain FO status. I flew back right after the New Year so I got a solid head start on this year too.

Definitely wishing all good health and best wishes in this uncertain time. Iíd love to be flying DL again soon for work and pleasure, but thatís clearly not nearly important right now.
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Old Apr 1, 20, 10:37 pm
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fall 2016; 30th anniversary trip, taking advantage of a “buy 2 J, save 20%” sale — SEA-LAX-AMS-BCN/MAD-JFK-SEA

some pix in the original Lounge thread
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Old Apr 1, 20, 10:41 pm
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I may travel a lot less than most people on here, so that has the side effect of me still getting excited every time I fly. Every trip is one I'm glad to have taken. Even getting to the airport at 5am recently for a Delta flight, I just realize how lucky I am, and how amazing this industry is. One month later, all this happened....

From going to a conference with my friends (we took up 15/22 seats on a CR9 so it felt like a private jet) to flying BOM-CDG-RDU during a rare snowstorm, Delta has always taken care of me and I can't wait to fly again.
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Old Apr 2, 20, 12:55 am
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To Paris! Even though we had a mid-flight issue on the A330 and had to divert to ATL for an overnight, and Delta misplaced our bags (even though we tried our best in ATL to have them pulled from the original flight to the new one) for 2+ days, love Paris!! Plus free shopping on Delta so every time I put on the clothes I bought there and the Aesop cologne I recall walking past Notra Dame (the week before it set on fire!), the amazing food and just the lovely city itself.
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Old Apr 2, 20, 5:54 am
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3 weeks ago. St Maarten
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Old Apr 2, 20, 6:17 am
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All of them!!! No snark, just agreement with several posters above.
Mrs. dtwlarry and I are empty nesters, with good paying jobs, so we started doing a lot more travelling recently. Being captive at a fortress hub, not a worry since it's Delta. Because this was leisure travel, we're not quite as aggravated as so many others regarding Delta's generous padding on their schedules. Over the past 4 years, we've been to Nova Scotia, Seattle, Phoenix, Austin, Nashville and Barcelona. Several of those flights came courtesy of SM redemptions, and most were in J or Delta One. Even when we weren't up front, the crew still treated us in a fantastic manner. We have nothing but nice things to say about our opportunities and experiences with the entire organization, from agents at the SC's everywhere, to the gate agents, to the entire flight crew and deck officers. We won't hesitate to get "back in the saddle" and hopefully get to do so with our planned trip in June to France. *Fingers crossed*
Re-reading what I've just typed, I can say "the next one" will be the best one. Can't wait!!!!!
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Old Apr 2, 20, 6:20 am
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I'm glad I took trips to a few of the destinations that DL no longer serves... SIN, NRT, GUM, ROR. And also glad that I was able to take a last trip on the 747 before they retired.
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I was one of the crazy people who saw the beginnings of the COVID-19 alarm bells and left on a trip anyway. It was supposed to be Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and the Galapagos with Overseas Adventure Travel. Well, it turned out to be a little over week in Bolivia and the main portion of the tour was cancelled (we were on the pre-trip). Left home 3/10, returned 3/19. It was a real scramble getting out as countries closed their borders but the guide and tour company went above and beyond. We got out of Boliviana, Santa Cruz to Miami, just before Bolivia closed its borders. I loved Bolivia- beautiful surroundings, nice people, interesting history. I could have ridden on the Teleferico (the gondola system over the "bowl" of La Paz) all day.

And another memory, long ago- DH and I chose St. Petersburg, Russia for our honeymoon in 2003 because we were both Russian history buffs. It was a golden time- after the fall of communism, lots of good ethnic restaurants more openness, and before things got more restrictive again,

Oh, yeah- another- in 1999, when EWR was our home base, CO sent me an e-mail offering travel on their new nonstop to Rio for 17,500 OnePass miles- per person, round trip. We went there for a 4-day weekend. Exhausting, but a great trip.

CO never made that offer again.
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Old Apr 2, 20, 7:14 am
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August 2017:

DPS - NRT (on GA)
NRT - DTW (DL, UD 747)

All on a single reasonably (for the time) priced Sky Miles award.
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Old Apr 2, 20, 7:56 am
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all of them
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Old Apr 2, 20, 8:32 am
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Morocco: Marrakesh, the Sahara, and Essaouira.
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I have had some amazing trips these past 8 years since I have started doing this fun travel. But, concentrating on Delta flights, 2 really interesting adventures jump out.

1) Some friends and I rented a house in Tulum on the ocean for a week in June. It was off season and really hot, but we could sit in a plunge pool at our house and see the Tulum ruins across the bay. We had a cook and cleaner who lived on property and cooked some wonderful meals for us. One morning we got up early and drove to Chichen Itza and arrived just as it was opening at 8 AM. We hired a guide who took us around an empty complex. Morning steam rising from the jungle as we watched the morning sun shine on the main pyramid. It was really magical. Drinks at the Zebra Beach Club in Tulum afterwards. They grew their own sugar cane for their mojitos. We spent nights on the rooftop patio of the property watching the stars, and the thunderstorms moving around the peninsula. Wow, what a great trip. BNA-CUN non stop.

2) Same friends and I rented a house on the beach in El Zonte El Salvador 2 separate times. It was a beautiful property with a black sand beach. Playa El Zonte is a surf town and resort area. We had an SUV and drove around a bit. There were some hair raising moments, but mostly beautiful drives along the coast like some parts of the PCH in California. We hiked up a volcano and there was a perfectly shaped cylinder cone volcano next to it that just looked otherworldly. The family that lived on the property cooked 3 meals a day most every day with papusas and cocktails every evening. The waves were so strong on the beach we would only go play in the waves when the tide was coming in. At night in the house, you could almost feel the vibrations as the waves crashed on the beach. I will never forget our flight attendant in Delta Business. She was a veteran and carried her own hot sauce in her bag to add to her famous bloody mary's. BNA-ATL-SAL

Fun thread! Lots of other trips with Delta, but these really stood out.
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Old Apr 2, 20, 8:48 am
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The direct ATL/JNB flights on the Delta 777
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Old Apr 2, 20, 9:30 am
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Late last year, Tokyo and Seoul, and somewhat earlier, Buenos Aires (COW DO again) and Paris (business trip).

Lifetime, many great experiences in Europe (mostly business), Australia on RTW and Circle Pacific fares, bot business trips. BKK (while DL still served the city) and Bali just because I've heard so much about those places, and also KUL (DL miles for a MH business class ticket while it was still possible) for the same reason. Many trips to SIN (some for business), including five IFC SQ award tickets with PMNW>DL miles. HKG several times (with PMNW, SQ, and DL), from just before the handover to just before DL cut the SEA route. Turkey a number of times, all for business.

SAN and TPA in early January, although I was holding my breath (pun intended?) a bit when I started hearing the news about Wuhan just after the SAN business trip, as my huge meeting included contact with many participants from mainland China, some of whom would have been from Wuhan.

I'd have to think hard to recall trips I'm not glad I took. Maybe some business travel to Russia or Brazil (because the crime there was scary) would qualify.
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