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How many flights do you actually do?

How many flights do you actually do?

Old Jun 7, 19, 12:34 pm
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How many flights do you actually do?

In the last 18 months Iíve discovered this flying bug and got well into the whole avios collection to the point of having done NYC, LAS and Tokyo (later this year). (Flights generally been F out and back in business).

In in the next 8 months Iíve now got 18 flights booked, mainly cos Iím connecting from Glasgow, via LHR, with a mix of several cash bookings too, which I think is quite a lot. Iím actually gonna get silver status which Iím strangely excited by.

All of this is pure leisure travel.

The question is, I think Iím flying quite a bit now but clearly many of you are doing LOADS more, so Iím curious how often and in what class?

And how do you manage it?

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Old Jun 7, 19, 1:05 pm
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Been blue for years just using. BA for a couple of reward flights a year.

now on own so fancied a bit of travelling
so got the bug in October during the last sale

easy for me as I am a local bus ride from Gatwick

did 5 flights CE to get silver in three months, then the rest are cattle class, but with seat selection you can grab exit row seats for more room

Priority everything and lounges. Loving my new hobby

In the last 8 months....all leasure trips. 3, 4 or 5 night weekend breaks to....
Nice, Genoa, Malta, Nuremberg, Funchal, Malaga, Malta (again), Barcelona, Guernsey (not BA), JFK....

Budapest at end of this month, then off to Faro a week later
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Old Jun 7, 19, 1:38 pm
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70+ sectors a year, mostly short haul in Y (not worth paying for CE if you’re silver). W if long haul. Managing it is pretty straightforward: Bose NC headphones, iPad, short legs and I love travelling.
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Old Jun 7, 19, 1:48 pm
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The thing about the frequent flier epithet is that itís entirely relative. The vast majority of people (certainly in a UK context anyway) will do a single return trip for an annual holiday (or not at all).

Last year I did 8 separate Ďtripsí comprising 32 sectors:

20 economy
3 economy+
7 business
2 first

20 were for business, 12 for leisure. Compared to some esteemed members here, that is almost laughingly tiny. But yet most people in my social circle remark ďwow, youíre always jetting off arenít you?Ē So Iíd say your 18 flights in 8 months is certainly not a low number in absolute terms, even if relatively few compared to other posters.

As to how I do it? Well, my travel pattern isnít exactly onerous compared to many here who may have better tips. But I find a good helping of self sufficiency helps (buy water and snacks post security, always have iPads/kindles etc charged and loaded with content, good pair of headphones). Always check-in online as soon as possible. Go HBO whenever possible. Have a good packing system and be ready to quickly extract the necessary liquids and electronics at security. And for airports that Iíve not been to before, a little bit of research by looking at maps and reading the relevant FlyerTalk posts beforehand is always advised.
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Old Jun 7, 19, 1:49 pm
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Right now I fly maybe 4 times a year. Private not business
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Old Jun 7, 19, 2:11 pm
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I did 104 sectors last year. This year I've done 46 (it'll be 48 by the end of tomorrow). But I recognise I'm not a frequent flyer compared to others here.

Every single flight has been for business, although the vast majority are EDI to LON in Y. A few to JFK and BLR.

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Old Jun 7, 19, 2:28 pm
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A little different than most. I fly exclusively for leisure. Last year, 63 segments, 12 in business for a total of ~120k miles and 287 hours airborne. This year already at 37 flights, 8 business, 1 first for 83k miles and 200 hours airborne.
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Old Jun 7, 19, 2:44 pm
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Roughly 200 sectors per year, 99% work-related travel and mostly short/medium haul i.e. no grandeur. How do I manage? Easy-peasy like getting on a train from Welwyn to King’s Cross (there are several folks in here who do a significant amount of long-haul travel, which probably requires way more skills than a bi-weekly ‘bus commute’ ).

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Old Jun 7, 19, 2:48 pm
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In the last 12 months 36 sectors. Only 2 for work, and the rest personal. 6 were short haul and the rest domestic.
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Old Jun 7, 19, 2:53 pm
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Well, purely leisure flights now, so this year two TATL one each in J and F, couple of SH European hops and later on LHR-DOH-CMB In J on Qatar. But since I started keeping a log in 1992 itís been 2,058,209 miles over 671 sectors (mostly Tokyo and Sydney), 1.59m on BA. Canít say I miss the business travel even though I managed to wangle F a fair bit towards the end. Best ever has to be Concord to and from JFK.
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Old Jun 7, 19, 3:06 pm
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there are some folks on the AA and UA forums that regularly fly 300+ short haul flights a year... a big NO THANKS from me!
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Old Jun 7, 19, 3:47 pm
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Looks like 32 segments so far in 2019, a mix of shorthaul European in Y, long-haul J for work, and a trip to aus in Y.

I've been Gold for the last year, and just became British, so LHR just became a whole lot nicer for me, as I can use F-wing to leave, and e-gates to arrive.

I'm 6'3" and the biggest problem I have is sleep on a long-haul Y flight can be a little unpleasant if I don't have a window seat or have a seat that reclines far enough.

Right now is the first time in years that my BA app doesn't show an upcoming flight, and I don't even know what my next trip will be. Usually seeing it empty means I've failed to get around to booking something important and I should be doing that.
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Old Jun 7, 19, 4:08 pm
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In the last year, 26 business trips (all short haul) and 4 leisure trips (1 long haul). Total 126 segments, mainly BA but some on AY, KL, AF, FR, SK, LH and DY.

I try and space out my work trips so I am only away every other week (which doesn’t always work out). Having a variety of things to watch on my iPad and things to listen to on my phone helps pass the time when I don’t want to work on the plane. My spare phone/laptop chargers and earphones remain in my carry on suitcase when i’m home so they always travel with me.

Biggest tip is stay in control of your own work travel (worth the effort to get your head around ITA Matrix) so you can avoid the administrator booking a transfer at CDG or work out for yourself the most efficient way to get from the North East of England to a meeting in LNZ.
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Old Jun 7, 19, 4:15 pm
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There’s some helluva lot of travelling going on!!
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Old Jun 7, 19, 4:20 pm
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11 work flights and as Iím self employed I pay for them , and 4 leisure flights for this year. Couple of west coast US trips in the work stuff.
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