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Corporate Travel [corporate travel policy discussion at interview?]

Corporate Travel [corporate travel policy discussion at interview?]


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Originally Posted by DCAFly View Post
I own a small company and would not think you were a - what did you call it - plonker - for bringing it up. In fact, I would fully expect you to ask about travel policy and expectations. If you were to ask that question from our HR people they would look at you with a blank stare and ask why you didn't cover that already in your earlier interviews. HR's job is to enforce the rules for everyone per stated policy. You'll get traction from the people who are actually going to hire and supervise you. If the person was someone that I really wanted and felt they could add a lot to the company, I would not let the travel policy get in the way.

Plonker. I am going to use that all the time now.
@DCAFly without wanting to take this thread completely off topic, you really should try and watch some of the BBC comedy series 'Only Fools and Horses' to see the word Plonker being used in context, usually in relation to a chap called Rodney.

In relation to the topic, it's perfectly reasonable to ask what the policy is in the interview, less reasonable to start negotiating it and telling them why you deserve better before they've offered you the job.
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Originally Posted by RockyRobin View Post
Having worked in Procurement and had some exposure of running the travel policy I must admit I am more a little cynical with the "working on flights" approach. Often I hear "preparing for a presentation" well if I was your boss I'd hope you were better prepared.

Defo ask what the policy is but I wouldn't push it in the early stages of the process.
Unless it is a deal breaker, in which case you should. No reason to waste your time or theirs if you wouldn't work for an all-Y employer.
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Originally Posted by WingsAroundtheWorld View Post
Why is Y only becoming more common, when business class is generally cheaper than ever before?
Y remains considerably cheaper than J as a general rule. Many trips are taken at short notice, when a J return can cost 5k and a Y about 20% of this or less.

Cost is the reason! Margins are tight and we either cut cost from somewhere, or someone will do it for us (usually by cutting head count).

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Originally Posted by W213Sal View Post
Thinking of switching jobs, and there is one on the horizon with potentially a lot of travel. Business is engineering/pharmaceutical consultancy. How do I bring up the class of travel without sounding like a plonker? potentially a lot of travel to US and SEA from IE. Sounds to me like they might be a Y or W only type of crowd. I'd be okay with W, not sure about Y. Also, they probably would let me book the travel myself (full flex fares seem standard now), so push comes to shove, I would be getting decent avios/TPs

How do you bring up the travel policy?
I always thought the travel policy came at the same time as healthcare, company bonus programs, vacation, etc -- With a small company as others have said, there is more flexibility. Unless they have their sights on you it sounds like it is still the early dating stage. The best thing is to have them want you as their ideal first choice, then see all points that are being offered, then negotiate for what you want. Some companies have various perks - health club memberships, commuting stipends, etc. so I would wait to see what they are giving you. If you can equate that you don't need x, y and z but want to fly W and the money is equivalent or close, they may be open to it. I had a colleague who negotiated extra cash compensation because he didn't need health insurance since his spouse had it and the COO knew the direct cost the company subsidized per employee, so he got 75% of that amount.

I don't believe in the "I will be more productive" approach as they probably are of the mind that their current employees are productive despite flying Y, so essentially "You'll find out it's not as bad as you think. Our team has never had a problem."
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This thread was originally posted in BA forum, however, it has been moved here due to lack of BA-specific content.

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If you have interviews with prospective peers who travel, ask them casually. Perhaps start with a general question such as, "What's a typical workweek like?" That can be the starting point for all manner of insightful conversations, not just about travel. Then gently steer the topic toward travel. How often do you actually travel? For how long? What class of airfare and what class of hotel are used? How quickly is reimbursement paid? Note that the answers you hear from prospective peers may show a different truth than what is stated formally in the job description or travel policy, especially with a smaller organization.
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