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Will the Federal Shutdown Stop You From Travelling?

View Poll Results: Will Safety Concerns From the Federal Shutdown Stop You From Travelling?
I think it's perfectly safe to travel now
I'm cancelling my travel plans
I would like to cancel my travel plans but I'm traveling for business
I would like to cancel my travel plans but they're non-refundable
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Will the Federal Shutdown Stop You From Travelling?


Old Jan 9, 19, 11:39 pm
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Only had 4 flights since the shutdown. Barely noticed a difference.
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Old Jan 10, 19, 7:28 am
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If one wanted to consider possible safety concerns, it wouldn't be TSA, it would be FAA safety inspectors - especially if the shutdown lingers:


Federal aviation safety inspectors are not deemed essential government employees; they have been furloughed. FAA spokesman Gregory Martin said the agency is recalling inspectors for certain jobs including assignments at the airlines, as in previous shutdowns. “We’re going to continue to prioritize with the resources that we have,” Martin said. “Our focus is on the commercial air carriers and volumes of people they carry.” Martin did not say how many inspectors are working or how the number of inspections being done compared with pre-shutdown levels.

Chuck Banks, one of those furloughed inspectors, said colleagues are being called in when an airline needs something, like a plane certified for flight. The routine, normal oversight of operations at airlines and repair shops is not being done, leaving companies to regulate themselves, he said.
I agree the biggest concern at the moment is potential delays but doesn't seem like things are all that bad overall. Though if this drags on there could in theory be more

About 1,900 air traffic controllers — nearly one in every five — are eligible to retire right now. “I don’t know how long they’re going to stay on the job if they are not getting a paycheck,” said Paul Rinaldi, president of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association. There is an even larger group of recently hired trainees and apprentices, and Rinaldi said a long shutdown could cause some of them to take other jobs.
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Old Jan 10, 19, 7:42 am
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The overall trend in the comments section mirror my own feelings. I for one would like to go back 20 years in time, regarding airport screening and safety. It was more than enough back then and it would do just fine now. I would happily fly without the TSA and roll the dice of fate. The problem with that is the connected few would lose hundreds of millions... We all know that isn't going to happen!
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Old Jan 10, 19, 10:46 am
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Originally Posted by secondsoprano View Post
I don't suggest it's not happening. I question your use of the loaded term "staging", when their option is turning up and working for nothing. If you need money to pay the mortgage and put food on the table, you're going to need to find work that does pay.
My BOLD. +1 in what you are saying.
I thought they are not currently being paid, but will be later when budget is approved (God knows when).
In the meantime, money for mortgage, rent, gas, and food etc are vital.
As far as "you're going to need to find work that does pay", there is no better time to do that than now! Jobs are crying for workers. Just look at the new job #s .
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Old Jan 11, 19, 9:17 am
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Traveled outward on Monday, came home early this morning.

The Sky Harbor TSA personnel looked to be slightly fewer, and they were omitting the stagier aspects of the security theater, so traffic moved smoothly and without any change from the sad spectacle we have come to expect. Lines seemed to be much shorter, although it is January.

At the two other airports, TSA acted even less interested than usual, so once again, queues moved quickly and efficiently.

Imagine a world where there was not a TSA presence at every travel connection - imagine the lack of lines, frustration, waiting, and arbitrary rule enforcement.
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Old Jan 11, 19, 2:50 pm
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I’m actually far more worried about a possible affect on ATC. If air traffic controllers start calling in sick in large numbers then none of us will be traveling.
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Old Jan 16, 19, 3:21 pm
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Not just that: ATC won't be as effective or safe if they're all stressed-out worrying about going bankrupt while waiting to be paid.

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Old Jan 17, 19, 10:23 am
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I've got a trip coming up next month (YVR-LAS) and while I'll be checking the airports to see if there are any major disruptions, otherwise I'll just be making sure I have lots of time to clear customs.

Between Nexus/GE/PreCheck, the fact that my initial interaction with CBP is at YVR pre-clearance prior to departure, and a connecting flight being in the same terminal as the arriving flight, I should be okay barring anything major occurring.
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Old Jan 25, 19, 7:10 am
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FYI for those traveling through the DC Center airspace today, there are currently departure delays at JFK and LGA (including now a ground delay program on arrivals for LGA) due to ZDC staffing. This region handles a lot of traffic, especially NY-FL traffic.
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Old Jan 25, 19, 9:50 am
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If the ATC staffing is not solved by Wednesday, I may very well not travel.
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Old Jan 25, 19, 10:00 am
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LGA/EWR departure/arrival board showing increasing delays. LGA had a stoppage due to staffing ATC (I believe). 2nd missed paycheck and articles on all the major newpaper outlets already.
I'm not sure how long this will last but I believe once air travel is impacted or more specific airspace congestion - it must end as too much impact on business, airlines and many industries.
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Old Jan 25, 19, 10:03 am
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ATL is also experiencing long arrival and departure delays today.
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Old Jan 25, 19, 10:43 am
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As of today, only emergency air travels. Wary of TSA & ATC mistakes. Bad guys are always waiting ?
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Old Jan 25, 19, 5:03 pm
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I have a trip coming up on 2/13 and while the recently announced 3 week "reprieve" means that I should at least be okay for the outbound flight, I did check with my hotel to ensure there'd be no problems if I had to cancel my reservation on the day of my flight because I couldn't get there...I didn't think it'd be an issue but I tend to worry about things like that, and now I don't have to.
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