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pilots landing harder

pilots landing harder

Old Nov 5, 18, 7:35 pm
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pilots landing harder

I remember years ago I would close my eyes and see if I can tell we touched down. Sometimes I could not. The landings were generally smooth and when one was not you could hear an apology.
Now it seems like the pilots don't care and come crashing down however they wish?
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Old Nov 5, 18, 7:37 pm
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What carriers? It's been a long time since I've experienced rough landings or even as much TATL/TPAC turbulence as I recall in the past. I assumed that instrumentation has gotten much better.

However, I do sometimes notice (exUSA and certain other countries) major airport flights where I have the impression that the pilot wants to gain altitude as fast as possible and I sometimes wonder whether there's some perceived risk from shoulder fired misses and similar threats to cause this. I first noticed it when flying shortly after 9/11.
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Old Nov 5, 18, 7:58 pm
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Nothing has changed.
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Old Nov 5, 18, 8:04 pm
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This is pure fantasy. If anything, computer-assisted landing makes the actual wheels down significantly smoother than it was in the past. The accusation that somehow "pilots don't care" is without even a remote connection to reality.

This is not to suggest that conditions sometimes lead to hard landings. If OP has specific accusations backed by facts, time to cough those up.
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Old Nov 5, 18, 8:15 pm
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OP, have you actually spoken to a pilot as to why a "harder" landing may be a better landing compared to a smooth touch down?
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Old Nov 5, 18, 8:53 pm
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I would imagine if anything landings would be smoother now. There are fewer former military pilots at the airlines. But I think some aircraft just don't like to be on the ground. I have never had a smooth landing on the 767-400. Once when landing at FLL I hit my head pretty good against the window.
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Old Nov 5, 18, 11:04 pm
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I recall a JAL landing about 15 years ago. We came in so fast that when we hit the tarmac the china in the galley cupboards smashed. You could hear the china and whatever in each compartment smash against the door.... smash, smash, smash. I was sitting near an Australian JAL pilot going to Narita. He commented to me that he was going to put a report in about the landing. He said they have come in too fast and the flight attendants will be in trouble for the broken things and it wasn't their fault. The pilot said that although the flight manual says they can come in at that speed you shouldn't really do it. As we turned to head back to the terminal a lady on the other side of the aisle leaned over and asked the pilot "can this plane tip over". That's how bad it was.
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Old Nov 6, 18, 12:19 am
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I think you are imagining things.
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Old Nov 6, 18, 3:56 am
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Although I’m clearly not a pilot, my understanding has always been that a “hard” landing is actually a safer one than a soft one, especially in wet or windy conditions - thump the wheels down, gain quicker traction with the runway and get the wheels spinning as quickly as possible. Obviously there must be a point where it goes too far in that direction, but that’s my rudimentary understanding of the theory.
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Old Nov 6, 18, 4:01 am
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Rose tinted glasses
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Old Nov 6, 18, 4:47 am
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Navy pilots
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Old Nov 6, 18, 6:18 am
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A "hard" landing in my books is one that breaks something. Otherwise they are all good. The greased landing is nice but unnecessary and in high crosswinds, rain/snow. etc. a landing that puts you firmly on the ground is more desirable and safer.
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Old Nov 6, 18, 7:31 am
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most landing are just fine, not sure what the meaning of a hard landing really is... the plane is traveling at around 150 mph.. weighs tons and has to come back to earth on a strip of pavement..
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Old Nov 6, 18, 8:51 am
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When Air Canada crashed in Halifax 3 years ago, they did call it a "hard landing"

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Old Nov 6, 18, 11:01 am
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What's the difference between a good landing and a great landing?

In a good landing, everyone survives

In a great landing, they can use the plane again
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