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Top Airport Complaint

Top Airport Complaint

Old Apr 15, 18, 12:30 pm
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Top Airport Complaint

Hi Guys!

I am looking for a little feedback and am wondering what are some of your biggest gripes about airports?

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Old Apr 15, 18, 4:48 pm
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Let me move this thread to TravelBuzz for further discussion.

NewbieRunner, co-mod CommunityBuzz
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Old Apr 15, 18, 10:03 pm
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Other people.
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Old Apr 15, 18, 11:14 pm
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No skating rinks.
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Old Apr 15, 18, 11:40 pm
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in random order... no space to exercise, no daylight, no view of the aeroplanes (really), no drinking water fountains where I can fill a bottle.
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Old Apr 16, 18, 2:23 am
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Dirty bathrooms
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Old Apr 16, 18, 3:03 am
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Lack of information in irrops.
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Old Apr 16, 18, 5:53 am
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Originally Posted by JamesKidd View Post
Dirty bathrooms
Indeed, dirty bathrooms and also smelly bathrooms, mainly due to inadequate ventilation. There's nothing like getting off a redeye and enduring the disgusting stench of 100's of other people's 'early morning movements' all mingled together.
Water-less urinals.... They just don't work and I don't want to smell other peoples piss.
Since I am on a restroom tirade. Small stalls. Look, I am travelling, I have multiple bags with me. I hate squeezing into a stall and rubbing against the dumper, walls or door to fit myself into an inadequate space.
Also people people who never learned to read. 'Stand on the right, walk on the left.' It's not that freaking hard....
Signage can often be an issue. Either inadequate or confusing.
I also find most airports to be too darn hot. Especially in Asia and Europe.
Brand new car rental facilities that feel like they are in another state, and shuttle busses grinding backwards and forwards between the terminal and the facility. Why not have a proper train link? Specifically DEN and BWI come to mind.
Finally lounges can sometimes be very hard to find. It sometimes feels like the airport management don't want to help you find them...
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Old Apr 16, 18, 6:22 am
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In the US, CNN.
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Old Apr 16, 18, 6:51 am
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1) Lack of and/or encroachment of space in concourses for ticky-tack shops and "restaurants."

2) They're moving walkways. Not moving STANDways.

3) Audio management from the 1960s, with gate announcements overlapping each other , quality equivalent to tiny AM radios, and final boarding announcements at gate 94 drowing out the GA at gate 36 trying to inform the gate lice about which boarding group is next.

4) Carpet on any surface meant for feet and rolling luggage - often with accompanying duct tape to "repair" rips, and 20-year-old stains.

5) Bathrooms built for about half the actual needed capacity.

6) An overall design esthetic that can be summed up as "gray and stainless steel."

7) Twenty years after the mainstreaming of the internet, a continuing shortage of AC power and wifi signal.
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Old Apr 16, 18, 7:59 am
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Bathroom attendants at CLT.

Very awkward.
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Old Apr 16, 18, 10:10 am
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The differences in PA volume can cause issues. Nobody should have to strain to hear announcements, especially when there are competing ones being broadcast at the same time from other gates.

Bathrooms with tiny stalls and doors that swing closed even when the stall is empty, so you can't tell which is occupied.

The heat! Especially at some of the bigger airports like LAX. If I travel to the USA in autumn, I expect some cool weather and I used to dress accordingly. I've since learned to pack the jacket in my checked luggage. I was questioned at one big US airport because I was visibly sweaty and a little lost, so I looked nervous apparently. Well so would you be sweaty if you weren't prepared for airport temperatures of what felt like 30C (86F) and were wearing warm clothes, and you'd probably be nervous too if you were visiting a country for the first time and unsure where to go. So add to that, signposting at some airports, though I can get lost in my own hometown and I usually manage pretty well at airports.

Nowhere to charge your devices at some airports, like Sydney for instance. It's an international airport and should have facilities suited to this century.

Different rules for going through security in the same country. Some want shoes off, others don't. Some want iPads and other tablets out, some don't. And there never seems to be clear signage before you get there, so you are madly scrambling to get all your stuff out right where the trays are.

Having check in staff argue about your baggage allowance - so far I've only encountered this at one small domestic airport; thankfully my travel agent printed the e-ticket showing I was on a two-piece plan for the whole trip, so I was able to offer it as proof to the guy telling me my second piece would cost an extra $70. My travel agent then arrived in person, having booked herself onto the same flight as me, so I told her about it and she was going to have a word to the staff member on her return trip. And said she will ensure each time I book that she prints the luggage allowance, so I don't encounter any issues in future. But in general, the staff at airports do a great job, I think.
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Old Apr 16, 18, 10:40 am
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Huge queues for security.
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Old Apr 16, 18, 11:02 am
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Not enough seating!
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Old Apr 16, 18, 11:03 am
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And not enough outlets for chargers, electronics, etc.
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