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What kind of entertainment do you take on long haul flights?

What kind of entertainment do you take on long haul flights?


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Originally Posted by JY1024 View Post
Moving to the TravelBuzz forum, as this topic is not specific to AA nor the AAdvantage program. Thanks. /JY1024, AAdvantage co-moderator
Well, it needs to be said that AAs 767s or old configuration three-class 772s (what OP was likely traveling on their last flight where the entertainment was lacking) are/weren't offering a decent IFE system. This would be a non-issue on most if not all other airlines with transatlantic service.
As AA does not fly 767s on 12-hour routes, and all the (refurbished) 777s as well as the 787s and A350s have a state-of-the-art entertainment system now, relying on the IFE for movies with non-iffy audio is possible even on AA.... I don't take out my laptop for movies anymore on new or refurbished aircraft as I find the IFE offers more than adequate.
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Originally Posted by FlyerWx View Post
I just love to talk to my seatmate for 12 hours straight. It'll get pretty entertaining after a while

Oh! You're that guy.
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Books on my tablet, games on my laptop. If it's a long flight direct from my home airport (SEA), I might consume a few edibles before clearing security
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Originally Posted by t325 View Post
I always assume that IFE will be broken, so I load up my iPad with movies. Thankfully it's a lot easier now that Netflix allows offline downloading of all of their original content and some other movies and TV shows. I used to have to plunder the seven seas of the internet to obtain movies and TV shows to put on my iPad..
Keep in mind that with some Netflix-downloaded shows you can run into regional blocking issues. For example, I recently travelled YVR - IAH - ATL. At home (Vancouver, Canada) I downloaded "Dirk Gently's Detective Agency" onto my Android device. It "airs" on Netflix Canada. Once I arrived in the USA, I couldn't watch the cached downloads any more as my device detected I was no longer in Canada, and blocked the playback. Once I got back to Canada I could play them again.
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I never travel without my Kindle. For longhaul I have a tablet with some movies, and usually an audiobook on my phone. But honestly if I can use the IFE I will, it's at eye level.

Check with your public library to see if they participate in Hoopla or Overdrive -free books and audiobooks.
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An iPad loaded with:
  • TV shows from Amazon Prime, Showtime and/or Apple - often prefer to start a one how TV show at various times during a flight rather than a longer movie.
  • A couple movies - usually movies I didn't want to pay $12+ to see in a theater, documentaries or older movies I want see again
  • Podcasts - to "rest my eyes"
  • Lots of music
  • A couple books
  • Some games
Basically variety, so I have a selection of entertainment to get me through long flights.
I will generally check the IFE if one is available for anything I might want to watch too.
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Originally Posted by cmn.jcs View Post
Is the app saying you have a limit on the number of shows you can download, or are you just running out of storage space on the device?
The former. Got a 512GB ipad. And with all that stuff on it, I've currently got 443 gigs free. I don't recall what the limit is - it is definitely quantity related more so than size related as I would download multiple seasons of Netflix Originals and then delete a 45 minute movie and I could download another 2+ hour movie.

I think it was either 50 or 100 - don't recall and too lazy to go check. I'd essentially sit around when I had connectivity and peruse through the available download movies and download anything that looked interesting. I rarely watch movies on the iPad - unless I'm sitting on a plane on the way to Asia. Then, yeah, I like my movies more so than American's movies.
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Bose noise canceling headphones and my iPad, which has about 20 movies and several hundred books loaded. And magazines.

I never buy magazines except at an airport, just kind of a ritual. I enjoy airports that are clean, modern and have lots of stuff to look at.
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A copy of New Scientist for the start of the journey and any magazine about politics to send me to sleep. IFE never switched on. I've already seen all the films I want to watch ta.
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Instapaper and Texture on my iPad. I download magazines from Texture for offline reading on the plane, and when I come across lengthy articles on the web that I'd like to read when I have more time, I save them to Instapaper for offline reading. At the lounge before boarding I also save current news articles to Instapaper and make sure I've given the IP app time to download everything before I lose wifi. This is great for when my ADD attention span overtakes me or I've just had enough of my book for awhile.

I've found paying for wifi on a plane is like owning a vacation house. Once you've bought it, you feel obligated to use it. Instead I download news articles, magazines movies/tv from Netflix, Amazon, Mubi, etc., before I leave home. I sometimes even watch the movies/tv, but mostly I just like knowing they're there. I like the idea of watching movies and tv more than I like watching movies and tv.

Between my downloaded Kindle books, podcasts, magazines, Instapaper collection, movies, etc. I'm good until that 3rd (+?) glass of wine has kicked in and it's time to listen to music and fall asleep.
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I used to bring tons of stuff movies, music, etc. But, somehow I went 180 and now I go minimal. My approach is:

1) I bring my nice in-ear monitors and plug into the IFE system. Even if the movies are crap, I don't really care that much. I have watched plenty of crap movies!

2) I have my kindle with me and at least 2 books that actually want to read.

That's pretty much it. The kindle is pretty reliable, so if the IFE is out I can just read. I'm not sure if this is a 'reduced expectations' approach but my stress level is way down with nothing much to carry and no worries about whether the entertainment will be good!
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Dancing boys. Scantily clad dancing boys.
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LOL, time was when there was only one answer to this question, books. They are still the best answer today in my opinion.
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I love to read ebooks on my tablet (just switched from iPad to Galaxy tab). My wife is still stuck on paper books, but I like the tablet because I can select a larger font to ease the eye strain from several hours of continuous reading. Sometimes I blow it up enough that I can read without my glasses, but that requires lots of page turning. The tablet also allows me to adjust the brightness based on cabin conditions. With a paper book, the reading light may be misaligned, and sometimes it can seem very bright in a dark cabin.
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