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Parents in F, kids in back?

Parents in F, kids in back?

Old Feb 27, 18, 2:50 pm
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Parents in F, kids in back?

I am sure this is posted somewhere but I was wondering....

It is our 20th anniversary coming up and I think we are going to Maui, ORD-OGG. We might have to take the kids. They will be 17, 14, and 12 when we go. They are pretty mature boys.

Should I use miles and have the Mrs and I up front, row 2 is calling, and leave the kids in back? Is that even allowed? I don't fly enough anymore to know the rules or etiquette. I of course would love it but I don't know if it is right. This forum seems like the perfect place to ask. They travel well and have flown many times before, including ORD-DFW-HNL back in 2012 when they were a lot younger. For that trip the Mrs was up front with one son, I stayed in the back with the other 2.

Anyway, just wondering.
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Old Feb 27, 18, 3:17 pm
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Personally, I think it's a bit tacky.

I grew up in Europe and I never heard of parents flying in the front cabin with the kids in the back but I've lived in the US since 2005 and it seems much more acceptable here, based both on personal experiences and reading online. I flew in all the cabins as a kid (family of 4), most were in J but the odd F and the occasional Y too. If we couldn't all get in F we didn't fly F.

Are you going to live it up at the Four Seasons but put your kids in the Comfort Inn too? Send them to Wendy's whilst you and the wife try to score as many Michelin Stars as you can?
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Old Feb 27, 18, 3:33 pm
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I'm young, and don't have kids, but if I were in your position I would put the kids in Y and fly upfront with the Mrs.

Kids are small and are mostly comfortable in an economy seat, and if there's in-seat entertainment, they'll be distracted for hours. Additionally, kid cannot enjoy premium alcohol nor finer foods (especially if flying F internationally.)

I was considered a kid a few years ago, and could personally say I could care less about F, J or Y. Flying was flying, and the destination was much more important than the journey.
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Old Feb 27, 18, 3:47 pm
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They would be permitted to fly unaccompanied on most (all?) airlines.

Personally, I'd feel strange doing it and doubt I'd enjoy J all that much. My daughters are a little younger than that (but not much), experienced long-haul travelers, but I'd still be tempted to check in on them quite a bit....especially since I'd make a pretty big deal to them about how they are not to traipse through J to visit me.

I'd just book all of the tix in Y and save my miles for another trip. Hawaii premium cabin isn't all that great anyway.
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Old Feb 27, 18, 3:57 pm
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I was once on a (London to US) flight where I was in the left aisle seat, then there were two little girls (5 and 7, maybe), then their nanny. Their parents flew in first class. The mom came back once or twice during the flight in a rather disengaged way. They were reasonably well-behaved and had a nanny, but I still thought it was unpleasant. Personally, I think it's rude to the kids, essentially saying they're less-important family units, and rude to the other passengers - what if one gets sick? or they choose this moment to get into an inter-sibling fight? I'd say you travel together as a family and then if once on Maui you want to have a special dinner with your spouse, arrange both that and some suitable activity for the boys.

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Old Feb 27, 18, 4:09 pm
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Great posts. I agree it feels strange and I doubt it happens. We were on AA the first time in 2012 and letting the Mrs. be up with one boy was great. We can't get all 5 up front.

I think the AA First was pretty good from DFW back in 2012, I don't know this UAL Polaris (if I have the name right). I just want the Mrs. to not be too tired upon arrival. I do think the trip out is part of the fun, they still talk about the ice cream sundae they each had at 37K feet flying to Hawaii.

Thanks for the thoughts but I would be wondering what is going on, how are they etc.
PS I wish we could do the Four Seasons. It looks like airbnb for Maui and VRBO for volcanoes for the boys. I just lol for real at "send them to Wendy's". If it were that easy my friend.

Thanks all!
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Old Feb 27, 18, 4:14 pm
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If the kids are well behaved, I see no problems on a domestic flight, with having kids in the back at those ages.
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Old Feb 27, 18, 4:25 pm
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I'm pretty sure this is allowed by the airlines, but I won't claim to be sure of every airline's policy. I believe you can be in an exit row if you have young children with you, but seperate cabins is fine.

Assuming your kids are well-behaved, I think this is entirely reasonable for you to do. I would do the same thing if I were you. You should avoid making unnecessary trips back to Y, and they should not come up to F (although it might be allowed).
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Old Feb 27, 18, 4:34 pm
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Originally Posted by tdfxman View Post
...if 17, 14, and 12......and........ pretty mature boys.
I see no problem with this split seating at these ages. Ask your boys’ opinions. They would likely prefer to lose mom & dad for the duration of the flight.
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Old Feb 27, 18, 5:09 pm
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I'm speculating that they would prefer that they sit together in the back and let you guys have your few hours rather than the groups be split. I think you're fine enjoying yourselves up front.
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Old Feb 27, 18, 5:50 pm
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If the kids were younger, it might be a problem but a 17 year-old is old enough to fly unaccompanied on virtually any airline. If he can (and the younger brothers will let him) exercise some control, then I'd think that split would be fine. You will be only a few feet away so if problems arise, it is not like you would be an ocean away anyway.
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Old Feb 27, 18, 6:13 pm
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Plus, it sends the kids the message that, if they actually want to fly F, they had better study and work hard :-)
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Old Feb 27, 18, 6:27 pm
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If the children are responsible, will look out for each other, and would not hesitate to notify the flight attendant or you if there were unexpected issues on the plane, then would put the 17, 14, and 12 year old in coach, and sit where you want. How many threads have we read where seat assignments or changes separate younger children from their parents.
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Old Feb 27, 18, 7:01 pm
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Originally Posted by BOSOGG View Post

I see no problem with this split seating at these ages. Ask your boys’ opinions. They would likely prefer to lose mom & dad for the duration of the flight.
My sister and I were 15 and 17 not too long ago and I agree, we would have liked to have some independence before being stuck with the parents for the next few days/weeks in an unfamiliar place. We just stare at our phones or sleep ~95% of the time anyway. Granted, we're both used to taking multiple 10-13 hour nonstop flights with and without parents every year and have done it since we were 9 months old.

Assuming they're good kids who don't bicker in public and can occupy themselves with tv/movies/games/sleeping, they'll be fine.
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Old Feb 27, 18, 7:31 pm
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I don't see any problem whatsoever.
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