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Longest you have been away on holiday (not work).

Longest you have been away on holiday (not work).

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Six weeks twice, mostly on a cruise ship.
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OK, now you are all making me feel wanderlust again!

Originally Posted by eigenvector View Post
Honestly, there is no real reason to do >6 weeks consecutively...
Well, for me it depends on the trip. I like to pick two points on the map and figure out how to get between them. I did 6 weeks from Tashkent to Tokyo overland (including the Shanghai-Osaka ferry) and the trip would have seemed incomplete if I'd cut it down. I have ideas for other trips that I think need to be a couple weeks longer.

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I had a 9 month "working holiday" when I was in my late teens - saved up for the airfare to Australia, and basically did some casual work, had some fun, moved on, repeat. There was a visa especially for this kind of holiday.

Since starting work, it's slightly harder. I've had a few 3-week holidays, but it's harder to take more than 2 at a time these days, which is a shame.
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6 months....

....India and Nepal...with my g/f (now my wife).
Bought a 1955 Enfield motorcycle with a side car and drove it all over India (couldn't handle the aspiration at higher altitudes so I had park it in Shimla or Manali - can't remember which it was 20 years ago), but other than that took it pretty much everywhere.
Had a great time one of the best trips of my life.
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Old Nov 21, 16, 9:11 am
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Most of my trips are about 12-14 days. I'm adjusted for that pace, and ready to come home when it's time, give or take a couple of days. My retired neighbors go to Europe every year and stay for 6-8 weeks in one or two places in vacation rental homes or apartments. They read, relax, go for walks, etc.

I tend to go fast, see a lot, and want to come home for my R & R. I love my home, my family, my pets, and my life here. We often joke "There's no place like home...".

That said, my longest trip was about 2 months in Nicaragua. That was a long time ago, though.
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As a child, 3 months - an entire summer in Europe in the late 1970s. I have a few memories and lots of photos.

During university - 5 weeks backpacking Europe with college buddies and an Interrail pass.

Since college - 4 week honeymoon (Hawaii, NYC, Paris) and a 3 week 10th anniversary trip (India, Nepal)

When the youngest kid gets dropped off at college, a 4-6 week trip will be high on our priority list.
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4 weeks has been my longest, though I've certainly wished to be able to go more. Most of our "big" annual trips are between 15-22 days, with a couple 5-7 days as well and a bunch of 2-3 day weekend jaunts.

We are both young and working full-time jobs in the US, so that's our main restriction.

I've found that this question varies quite a bit by where you live, too. With the restrictive vacation policies and work-to-the-bone culture in the US, I know many people who are hesitant to take more than a week away, which to me is just insane.

By comparison, my family/friends that live in Europe, Australia, Asia - all take something like 2 months/year for holiday. One of my cousins loves Japan and spends 6 weeks there every year, then takes another 2 weeks off to relax once he returns home to Sydney.
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like comment usa work to bone

my wife french had 30 days holiday but usa 3 weeks i like too travel at least 3 weeks because cost of ticket and time for holiday maybe go 4 days paris 1o mallorca and 4 spain some more
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A little over a month (37 days). I was 21-years old at the time and an engineering student enjoying their boring summer. It soon became there idea of how long can I keep myself traveling? Here is my story, but be warned. It is a long and detailed story:

Basically I booked a round-trip from the US to ZRH on AA for the old rate of 50k miles one-way. The outbound being exactly one month. Well during my time there, I thought it would be awesome to rack up some miles on American since I was already in position for my usual run. Flew to Brazil on a weekend, from Europe and back. Then hung out in Cologne for a bit. Reached Amsterdam and flew off to Argentina. Came back after the weekend to Paris. Stayed in Paris for a few days, toured Europe through Dublin, London, and Berlin. This is where it got crazier. I didn't book a hotel in Zürich for the last few days (a week).

Prices were getting expensive and I noted I know have well over 200k AA miles. I was still in London for two nights and I thought about perhaps taking up my dream flight from AUH-SYD on Etihad's apartment for 100k miles. That night I cancelled my outbound flight ZRH-US and booked myself on AUH-SYD. At that point, I should also mention again, I'm still in London. I'm supposed to be flying to Zürich the next day and I have no flight to AUH. My solution? Book an award flight from ZRH to AUH on airBerlin in business class.

Next step was getting that hotel in AUH. It was Ramadan while I was supposed to be there. Did you know the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi and Villa rates are very cheap during Ramadan? I took up the offer and booked three nights. After sleeping in ZRH airport (too short of a time to contact friends and arrange travel), I departed to TXL. As said earlier, I've been to Berlin in the adventure. I basically at ice cream and drink tea by the wall during my 12 hour layover.

You might think this story is over, but IT IS NOT! After my 12 hour layover, I depart Berlin on airBerlin and sleep away my business class experience (24 hours of no sleep is about the edge of insanity). I land in AUH, clear immigration, and get to the arrivals area. If I told you I was planning to go somewhere hot, you would assume I brought light attire. I didn't. Wearing a wool coat, long sleeve shirt and jeans, I stuck out like a sore thumb. I decided to take Uber from the airport to the Park Hyatt near the beach.

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! I played in the sand and the beach, while stuffing my face with buffets they had (ifftar dinners). Moving on, I experience the First class Etihad lounge, days after it opened. Fantastic by the way. Here's where it gets more insane, as a 21-year old at the time, I sipped away three glasses of champagne and a cappuccino. I get on board my flight somehow and there I am. A 21-year old wearing a scruffy wool coat and non-business attire in a class of service ticket worth 16'000$ one-way.

I ordered a glass of the finest champagne and drink some of their Arabica coffee. Eating some dates too. I won't go into detail about the flight experience, since it is pretty awesome. So I had that glass of champagne, one before the meal, one after the meal, and one before I went to bed. When I woke up for breakfast, I had a developing hangover. Insert a cappuccino and pastries here for breakfast.

I haven't even booked my hotel for Australia yet. Worst of all my clothes were dirty and used up. So my solution was to book a serviced apartment and wash my clothes there, all the whilst cook. We're not off the plane yet and I realize that I haven't booked a way off this island. Australia. In the middle of a vast ocean and everything out/in is expensive. Even internet. Luckily I made my way through passport control without them questioning me on whether I had an outbound ticket. I use the Etihad chauffeur to get to my serviced apartments and sleep. The next few days were just me enjoying a normal life. I was getting sick of hotels and flying. At that point I went to the bar and met a lot of people who enjoy my never ending story.

We aren't done yet. I managed to scrounge up some more AA miles to get from SYD to ICN. Why? I wanted to visit the DMZ! I also booked two nights at the Park Hyatt Seoul. At ICN, it gets even more crazy. I was pulled aside by an immigration agent to some sort of expedited entry line (even though I didn't have any right to be there) and they processed only myself, like anyone who would go through the normal line.

I realized I need to get from this rock to the one in America and then back home. I booked a one-way deal that I've kept secret for now. The prices were lower than going direct to most hubs. Still is too. This deal also went through Japan, but I was not paying attention to the fare rules and missed out on a stopover in Japan. I flew back to the US on that and made my way to my hometown in upstate NY. After only 37 days, I flew to Ireland, UK, Argentina, Brazil, Switzerland, France, Germany, South Korea, a short visit out to Hong Kong, Australia, and the UAE. Home seemed a bit weird after that. It was like the aspect of home didn't exist and I owned too many material items. Not to mention the social norm split away from other at 21 this trip sort of caused.

Itinerary: ROC-CLT-PHL-ZRH-Cologne (Rail)-AMS-LHR-JFK-MIA-GRU-MIA-JFK-ZRH-AMS-LHR-MIA-EZE-JFK-CDG-LHR-TXL-LHR-DUB-LHR-ZRH-TXL-AUH-SYD-HKG-ICN-NRT-ORD-(secret) (car rental here)-BUF, Approximately 70'000 miles flown.

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4 weeks on a roadtrip in the Midwest/Rockies two years ago. Could have happily stayed longer, except for this:

1. Totally fed up with driving at this point
2. I am a teacher and had to get back for start of school

It was an awesome trip. Here, one talks of travel as something that educates, "identity travel". Like historically, this is even a thing. Hans Christian Andersen took such trips, for example. For me, losing myself in the landscape, the meeting of peoples and cultures (well, a little bit at least), worked like that. But only after about two weeks - as in, for the first couple of weeks, I had a great time, saw and did awesome stuff, but the last 2 weeks matters more wrt impact on my own identity. Regardless, that trip is firmly part of my frame of reference now :-)

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I did 3 weeks in Europe. Once. Many years ago. First week was kinda still connected to work and routine. Second week was in full vacation mode. Third week almost forgot i had a job.

Fast forward to recent times and it's been almost 3 years since I've taken a full week off. Stupid.

Cross'n my fingers that I'll be able to do some serious traveling in 2017....at least 3-4 weeks worth!
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Originally Posted by XLR26 View Post
I did 3 weeks in Europe. First week was kinda still connected to work and routine. Second week was in full vacation mode. Third week almost forgot i had a job.
This happens to me, too!
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Old Nov 22, 16, 2:51 pm
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Only 3 weeks over a summer.
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I did a 3 month holiday after college. After grad school I took another 3 mouth holiday, then took another 4 months, since then several 3-4 weeks holidays. I have 5 weeks off a year - use it or lost it.
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1) A 3 month, 5 day odyssey (road trip) from West Palm Beach to San Diego (via Kentucky, WV, Santa Fe), then up to Palm Springs/LA, then CA 1 to SF/Sonoma, then Portland. After that, I drove to Port Angeles WA to catch a ferry to Victoria BC, from whence I then followed the Trans-Canada to Quebec City stopping at every major city/town en route, before coming down to Vermont and finishing in DC after a stop in NYC. I hesitate to call it a holiday.

2) A more conventional 6 week trip around Australia, then Hong Kong, then Bali.

After both, I found it appealing to eat a home cooked meal and sleep in my own bed.
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