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Do you "dress up" to fly premium cabin?

Do you "dress up" to fly premium cabin?

Old Feb 8, 16, 3:06 pm
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Do you "dress up" to fly premium cabin?

Business (and similar) travel aside, do you dress up to fly premium cabin? Granted, "dress up" means different things to different people, so "dress up" here just means more dressed up than what you normally wear. If so, why?

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Old Feb 8, 16, 3:18 pm
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Not a thing different between Y, J or F. Comfort over all.
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Old Feb 8, 16, 3:21 pm
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I dress like I normally would, or I would dress down. In premium cabin, I dress down because I don't feel the need to dress up to show that I'm not a hobo; in economy, I dress down because dressing up in economy is an oxymoron and because I don't want my good clothes to get dirty. Also, dressing down is way more comfortable.
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Old Feb 8, 16, 4:07 pm
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90% consideration of departure/destination (i.e. Purpose)

10% consideration of flying environment (cabin temp? Will i sleep? Are pjs provided?)

Dressing for decorum or with consideration of other passengers? No
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Old Feb 8, 16, 5:13 pm
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Tux with tails? Nah.

I dress for comfort, which means loose fitting khakis and a polo shirt.
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Old Feb 8, 16, 5:29 pm
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Absolutely not, I dress in stylish casual on a daily basis (usually designer jeans and a polo or sweater) and that's exactly how I fly in Int F, C, or Y. Having said that you'd never catch me dead in track pants outside of my home either so I'd also never wear them on an airplane.
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Old Feb 8, 16, 5:38 pm
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I certainly never would travel in J dressed in a short and a "marcelleke"

(marcelleke (The ~, ~ s, ~ s)

Sleeveless, cut at the neck, then shirt that is worn as "onderlijfke" or T-shirt.

VD2015 Online: Belgian-Dutch , spoken language. NL: singlet

<Fr. le marcel.
Legend has it marcelleke would have named the boxer Marcel Cerdan. More likely the name originated in the 19th century when the "Etablissements Marcel" the garment fabricated in series.

NL: singlet
In Be: bodice , tunic , ongerliefke , bovenhemmeke , hemmeke , bovenlijfke

Under my sweater I always have a marcelleke too.

demorgen.be "Who then is not running in this heat in a marcelleke" (H.Camps)
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Old Feb 8, 16, 5:38 pm
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Old Feb 8, 16, 6:05 pm
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Unless I'm at work, a job interview, a funeral, or some kind of religious service (and maybe even then), I'm wearing shorts/sweats and a t-shirt.
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Old Feb 8, 16, 6:11 pm
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When flying international F or J, we always dressed business casual and I'd bring some lounging pants and a sleeping top to change into at night. Most of the time we were flying to Asia or Oceania, so fairly long flights. Domestically, nah, just Levi's and a collared shirt. I've never flown for business, only visiting friends or going on vacation. I know my dad, who wore a suit every day, looked forward to vacation travel to get as far away from that suit as possible.
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Old Feb 8, 16, 6:19 pm
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Originally Posted by camachinist View Post
When flying international F or J, we always dressed business casual
Why do you do this?
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Old Feb 8, 16, 6:22 pm
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No. I don't believe in dressing in gym attire or beach attire unless I'm going to the gym or to the beach. That said, when I am traveling, I wear comfortable clothes that clean easily (I am notorious for spilling salad dressing and Diet Coke all over myself during turbulence, and I have learned to avoid soup and anything involving tomato sauce in flight). My "uniform" is knit trousers (you'd have to look closely and carefully to know they are knit) in a light or mid-weight wool, turtleneck, and sweater three seasons of the year. There is usually a silk scarf tied around the handle of my handbag, so that I can wrap it round my neck if the cabin gets cold. I wear my heaviest shoes, then remove them on board and wear slippers. In summer, it's a much lighter variation of the same. If pjs are offered, I change into them.
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Old Feb 8, 16, 6:23 pm
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It's a flight not a frigging fashion show. I wear what I want don't care what other people are wearing.
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Old Feb 8, 16, 6:27 pm
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I used to. Maybe because I was younger or partly because it was more common many years ago. Nowadays I care most about my comfort...flying (premium cabin or not) gets tiring very quickly once you do it often enough and anything you can do to feel comfortable helps a lot.
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Old Feb 8, 16, 6:52 pm
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My Experiences

I used to always fly in a business suit even one one cabin planes, because it meant I could bring one more suit with me than if I crammed it into my suitcase. These days, I've learned to wear practical clothing regardless of where I'm sitting. I don't think I would I wear my dressiest black suit unless traveling for church business.

When I fly at the front, I don't usually dress up in the traditional sense. I feel that slacks, a sweater, a casual leather or cotton coat, and sometimes a shirt which can be worn with a tie at a later point are enough.

I look at it like this. Can the coat and shoes be worn for other purposes? If there was something I'm wearing which could not be used elsewhere, I won't wear it.

The only exception is when traveling purely for pleasure. I will not seek an upgrade as I don't have status or pay for the premium seat. In that case, I typically wear what I'd like to wear the next day on the ground.

I've never flown TPAC or TATL so the longest I've ever been on a plane isn't that far. I've met people who will wear say, yoga pants and a tee, but it isn't my style.

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