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Embarassing Travel Moments

Embarassing Travel Moments

Old Sep 20, 13, 1:08 pm
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I was in a hotel in DC and wasn't feeling well so I ordered room service and ate in the room, after which I promptly fell asleep. I woke back up around 9 PM and realized I hadn't put my tray out and since I'd eaten fish I didn't particularly want it in the room. There was a small corridor out of the room so I walked to the end of it to set down the tray, allowing the door to close behind me leaving me stuck outside in my underwear with no phone. Had to walk past a family with two young children in only my underwear to call the front desk from the phone by the elevator and have someone open my room for me.
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Old Sep 20, 13, 2:51 pm
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Originally Posted by Annalisa12 View Post
I am sure we all have them and hope nobody notices. We cringe at them then but laugh at them now.

Anybody got any embarrassing travel stories.

Me? Strolling through the Qantas lounge whilst waiting for boarding time, then walking past the huge economy queue to board the with priority and then noticing my cardigan was inside out!!! lol

Wonder how many laughed at me!!

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Old Sep 20, 13, 4:23 pm
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Originally Posted by whimike View Post
Cardigan inside out? Shaver from the airplane in your pocket? Pfffttt... Where is the juicy stuff?!!
"doing it" in the unisex Qantas Lounge showers and forgetting to lock the door properly. Is that what you want!!!!
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Old Sep 20, 13, 4:35 pm
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Originally Posted by jcwoman View Post
In all fairness, I'm an American too, but this would confuse me if I was your server. Are you saying you're good with the suggestion or good without it? It's more clear to just say "no thank you".
It made perfect sense when I said it (and still say it) but makes absolutely no sense when I think about. Unfortunately, it seems to be my default response for 'no, thank you.' Except for when I go overseas.
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Old Sep 20, 13, 5:09 pm
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I'd like to place a ban in advance on any cellphone-fishing-out-of-toilet stories, which we all have been embarrassed by, some of us numerous times

(to clarify, it was funny for a short time when I dropped my wife's phone...)

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Old Sep 20, 13, 5:52 pm
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Originally Posted by Annalisa12 View Post
"doing it" in the unisex Qantas Lounge showers and forgetting to lock the door properly. Is that what you want!!!!

Yeah, actually
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Old Sep 20, 13, 6:06 pm
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On the language thing ...

I was showing off my high school French when buying overnight train tickets from Paris to the south (yes, TGV would have been ideal, but we wanted a smaller station). I asked for "deux chaussettes"

Yeah ... the French speakers will know that I should have asked for "deux couchettes"

Couchettes, chaussettes ... meh, what's the difference

I'm SURE the ticket agent went home and told the story over dinner of some dumb-... Canadian wanting to buy socks.
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Old Sep 20, 13, 7:45 pm
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Traveling through Europe with a choir as a teenager, waiting for rain to pass in order to enter a amphitheater in Italy for a concert, we decided to pass the time by singing. Well for some strange reason Italian police don't like it when you sing the Star Spangled Banner in their country. Btw they either don't mind Oh Canada or they just didn't get there fast enough to stop us before we moved onto O Say Can You See.
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Old Sep 20, 13, 8:10 pm
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Two of many...

In 2010, I was in Quanzhou, China visiting the Quanzhou mosque. I had a beard at the time, and incidentally wandered into the prayer room.

I knelt down to take a photo of something, and a Japanese tour group entered at the same time. Their Japanese-speaking local tour guide mentioned something to the effect of "oh look, a Muslim is praying now," at which point I chuckled, turned around and responded in Japanese "I'm not Muslim, but I just like the room."


A couple of months ago in Jakarta, I was wandering about a rather nondescript neighborhood when an SUV suddenly put on the brakes. A Westerner jumped out of the passenger side and started saying something in Farsi. I didn't know he was talking to me at the time, so I continued. Then, he started speaking English, so I was curious what was going on. He was an Aussie journalist seeking out Iranian asylum seekers (eventually on their way to Oz), and reckoned I was one of them.
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Embarassing Travel Moments

I'm sure a few of us have had hotel room cleaners walk in on us doing things... ;-)
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I think it was in ORD on my way back to LAX. Many, many years ago I went into one of the restrooms in ORD, and when it was time to wash my hands, I found no faucet knobs. Stymied by this, I watched the fellow a few sinks away busy washing his hands. I tried to act nonchalant and waited until he left and wnet over and tried his sink, but with no success. I was really puzzled. Another fellow came in and I saw him place his hands under the faucet and magically the water flowed. I tried that at the sink I was at, but apparently I was too fast or the sensor was slow. Finally I figured it out, but talk about feeling like a foolish hick.
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Old Sep 21, 13, 1:48 am
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Originally Posted by Redhead View Post
Here's a language one: American to English......

I was out to dinner at a very posh restaurant in London with my then boyfriend, his sister and her fiance. After dinner the waitress asked if we would like coffee or tea. We all ordered coffee and as the waitress started to walk away, I said in my American voice which tends to carry "Oh, could you please make mine a decaf or I'll be tossing all night". Well the waitress's mouth popped open and she dropped the plate she was carrying. My boyfriend turned purple, the fiance spit his water out, the sister burst out laughing and every head in the restaurant turned and looked at me.

I had no clue what I'd said and after the fiance and sister stopped laughing they told me that tossing is English slang for masturbating. And apparently the way I'd said it I'd put the emphasis on "all night" made it even funnier. The guy and I dated for another year after that and for the rest of our relationship his sister and fiance/husband teased him about being able to keep the American girl satisfied or did I still need to "toss all night"
Crying with laughter at this. Tears are still streaming!
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Old Sep 21, 13, 4:39 am
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OK, second place for me....

Here I am on standby for sold out (all day) flights having missed the 0710 confirmed flight. Last night I was at our company's rapid prototyping center with their state of the art machines to build prototypes from CAD drawings. One of them finished two (roughly cubical, but with some intricacies and colors) more or less gypsum based masses I was to have for exhibits in a pre-trial exchangeof exhibits.

Near the end of the preparation they were soaked in a thin crazy glue mixture (absorbing almost a pint of the stuff).

In x-ray they appear to be the ominous sounding "solid masses" so off they go to the "bomb detector" area.... a rubdown with a piece of cloth and BAAAAH ---- off goes the bomb detector alarm. Presumably testing for nitrates or similar, I am guessing the crazy glue fumes tickled its fancy.

Most of the TSA people were pleasant.... but just perplexed. I showed my ID and boarding pass and gave my phone number about 50 times. Explained what they were even more.

Finally the descion is made to BRING IN THE BOMB EXPERT. He turns out to be a tall guy with a huge mustache and lots of gadgets.

Good news is that he appears to be knowledgeable and professional. Bad news is that he is also thorough. Thus my flight is missed. But after he clears (apparently) my ominous solid masses, he asks if I have a business card. Questions like (what are your companies sales? How many employees do you have? (Questions a VP of a Fortune 100 company might be expected to know.... )

Anyway he eventually cleared me to go after many a photograph of my little exhibits.

Like I said I am glad he is professional and knowledgeable. I am guessing you all are glad he is thorough. Some day I probably will be as well.

My lawyers suggested that if I couldn;t get on the plane I am waitlisted for that I should have someone carry them on for me and they could get them at the airport.

I respectfully declined. That wouldn;t look too good now would it...
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Old Sep 21, 13, 4:43 am
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First place, many years ago. A familiar scene. I am sitting in Braniff plane headed to Denver from IAH getting ready for an 0715 departure when another business guy comes up with boarding pass for the same seat. Well before the scanner checkins.... neither of us with checked bags of course. He has the same seat as me--- normal SNAFU and we ask the FA to help...She does by gently pointing out that I have the correct seat....for TOMORROW's flight. I get off, drive downtown and arrive maybe 30 minutes later than normal.... then go to Denver the next day. It was more than 10 years before I told anyone else that story.
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Old Sep 21, 13, 4:48 am
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My favorite "embarrassing to the other guy" moment. Flying on Western Airlines from Jackson, WYO to IAH (I think it stopped Denver??) we had to go around, having come up a little short. I am seated about row 10 on a window. CLear night and smooth flying so no big deal. Then we come up long and have to go around AGAIN (!) at which point a 1st class passenger, very nervous, gets up and runs to the back of the plane saying "we're going to crash" and looking for a seat in the back of the plane.... The FAs are on the horn right away telling him to sit down ....and the flight is completely full so he has to come back to his original seat and sit down, just in time for a silky smooth landing. Glad I wasn't THAT guy.
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