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obese pax denied boarding

obese pax denied boarding

Old Nov 27, 12, 1:15 am
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More on this story, including pictures.

I can definitely see how there was an issue getting her into the seats.

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Old Nov 27, 12, 1:48 am
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lots of unknowns... was she on dialysis to begin with.. did she decide to just stop getting dialysis on her trip.. did her kidney function decline in hungary... how much weight did she gain.. was she compliant with her medicines etc

and what caused her death? blood clot? heart attack? electrolyte disturbance?

sounds like she had lethal chronic disease to me and was unable to be transported safely...who's to say she wouldnt have dropped dead on the plane over the Atlantic, or in her own bed in her own house.

One must wonder how she was txported to Hungary in the first place????
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Old Nov 27, 12, 2:15 am
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Originally Posted by aubreyfromwheaton

One must wonder how she was txported to Hungary in the first place????
By DL and KL in September.
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Old Nov 27, 12, 4:14 am
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This unfortunate woman appears to have dug her own grave over many years through her lifestyle. At least she got to die in the country of her birth, sadly not with dignity, judging by the Mail pictures. It seems highly unlikely that she would have lived another year either in Hungary or in the USA, and has already been pointed out, even her lawyer acknowledges that she chose to interrupt her medical treatment for the duration of her visit. So, to me, the lawsuit seems spurious in the extreme. Additionally, I don't believe that either Hungary or the Czech Republic are subservient to US jurisdiction.
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Old Nov 27, 12, 5:55 am
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As sad is this story is, it has nothing to do with the air carriers on her itinerary.
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Old Nov 27, 12, 6:07 am
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She didn't pass because of her ticket, but unfortunately, her health.
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Old Nov 27, 12, 6:22 am
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Sad end. However, if I look at the pictures than I can imagine that mobility was the issue for not flying her back to the US. And this involved security for the other passengers. I cannot see, why there should be any legal case, especially if one considers that she refused medical treatment in Hungary or Europe.
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Old Nov 27, 12, 6:42 am
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It's nobody's fault but her's that she did not fit. You cannot get 10 pounds into a 4 pound bag. The airline did what they could but I don't think they have responsibility here.
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Old Nov 27, 12, 6:43 am
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Must be a special combo ticket... 3 seats and a special boarding group, including fire crew.

And then puting the blame with an airline
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Old Nov 27, 12, 7:01 am
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Originally Posted by Figgie View Post
It actually isn't as dangerous as it looks. When there isn't a jetbridge or a lift (that's when I get to ride the lift with the garbage), it is fairly common to be strapped into an aisle chair and then be carried up or down the aircraft steps. The people who do this are pretty experienced and I've never felt at all unsafe being carried.

Plus I MUCH prefer being carried up or down in an aisle chair to being thrown over someone's shoulder and carried like a sack of potatoes.
While I prefer it over being carried like a sack of potatoes, I cannot agree that it isn't as dangerous as it looks. I have been carried up and down the steps in aisle chairs multiple times, and every time it was scary. One time, the person at the bottom nearly slipped on the steps. I've decided that I will only fly to cities where they use jet bridges after that experience. That way I only have to worry about it if there is a diversion, or some other unforeseen reason for it. It's a long way down to the ground on some of those stairs or ladders. If I had actually fallen, i would have fallen like a sack of potatoes.
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Old Nov 27, 12, 7:22 am
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It is really easy to sit and play armchair quarterback on this one because we don't have all the facts but one thing that really annoys me is when persons of size try to lump themselves into the disabled category. As someone with a legitimate disability (low vision due to albinism, was 20/100+ for most of my life, 20/70 now with glasses) it always gets my blood going when the overweight try and claim they have the same issues and need the same kinds of protection as I do, or friends of mine with HPS, anyone with a spinal injury requiring a wheelchair, those with no usable sight, or the deaf.

Yes I am aware she lost a leg (due to her diabetes), and yes I am aware that a lot of the additional weight was due to water weight from her kidneys not functioning properly (again most likely a complication from diabetes or being a person of size), however one doesn't just develop these problems out of the blue. Weight is something you absolutely can control, regardless of your body type. For instance last march my Ex and I decided that we both needed to lose weight after comparing pictures of ourselves then vs when we started dating in 08. We started going to the gym but neither of us was really seeing any results (30 minutes of cardio, 30 minutes of weights) so we got a tip from a friend to start using the app LoseIt. After starting this program (which is essentially just a calorie counting app) we both started seeing pretty significant losses just in a couple weeks. Now almost 8 months later I am down from 240 to 175, and I don't know what her weight is, but I know the last time I saw her she said she had lost 25lbs in the same time span (and was looking much healthier and happier). So yes everyone has a body shape, and no matter what you do it may not be a perfect model body, however if you eat right and just do something as simple as go for a walk every day you can keep yourself down to a manageable size. Hell on this "diet" I still eat carbs, still have my grande eggnog latte in the morning, still eat oreos and icecream, and at least once a week get myself a 5 guys burger, but all in moderation, and that is the key. I get 2,100 calories a day to play with, more if I go to the gym, and I just eat within that (which isn't hard) and maintain my weight.

So sorry for the rant but TL;DR: She did it to herself, it was avoidable, why the hell did she leave the country if she needed medical assistance in the US, and like traditional ugly americans they are suing everyone they can think of so that they don't need to take any blame themselves.
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Old Nov 27, 12, 7:24 am
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I love the rational of not wanting to get medical treatment there, because the doctors locally wouldn't have known about her "extensive medical history," because as we all know, the internet doesn't exist in Hungary, nor do phones or faxes, so communication with the state-side Dr. would have been impossible.

If I have a reasonable choice, I obviously want my primary care Dr. treating me, but here is a great example of a recent experience I had with a Dr. at an "Urgent Care" center:

I was a day away from leaving on a work trip and developed a rash on my upper body, for unknown reasons. It was after hours for my Dr., so I went to a local Urgent Care center. I explained to the Dr. there that I was concerned and hoped to have some kind of results before my trip, since I would be away from home, and his response was "While I understand your concern, the doctors there would have just as much knowledge about you as I do."

It was a good point, that even if she had to go to an ER state-side, the doctors wouldn't know her any better (until her Dr. came in/called). Refusing treatment is what lead to her death, not being rejected transit that wasn't possible.
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Old Nov 27, 12, 8:14 am
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Originally Posted by Doc Savage View Post
As mentioned, even though health care in Hungary is questionable, the drive to France or Germany is not that far.
That was my first thought...with the second being that Hungary isn't exactly a remote village in sub-Saharan Africa. While it's not the first place I'd choose for an elective surgery, I wouldn't refuse emergency medical treatment there either.

I fail to see how the airline is to blame.
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Old Nov 27, 12, 8:21 am
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You don't know what you're talking about. 425 pounds, unless she was two feet tall, would fit in two seats. If she were tall, there's even a chance she could fit (very snugly) into a single seat.

Originally Posted by Doc Savage View Post
425lbs. is enormous, too big to fit in two regular airline seats, and too big to fit in F seats.
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Old Nov 27, 12, 8:26 am
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Originally Posted by Jaimito Cartero View Post
You don't know what you're talking about. 425 pounds, unless she was two feet tall, would fit in two seats. If she were tall, there's even a chance she could fit (very snugly) into a single seat.
Did you see the photos at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...ampaign=14907?

Perhaps you might want to reconsider your statement.
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