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BQatWSU Oct 16, 12 1:44 pm

SE Asia Trip December 27 - Jan 6 or 7
Thanks for any help you can give me. I will be traveling from ORD to BKK on December 27 and returning on Jan 6 or 7. I didn't buy the tickets 5 months ago when it was $1,700, and now fares are around $2,400. Should I buy the tickets now or wait another month to see if fares decrease. I am looking at Korean air because the flight time is shortest and I already have miles with them.

This is definitely a learning experience for me about flying around christmas.

Rampo Oct 17, 12 10:53 am

I just did a check on the Korean Air site for a February trip and saw fares as low as $1367 economy. Wait a month.

erik123 Oct 17, 12 3:07 pm

i see your dates for closer to $1400 - and if you use a TA you should get it down even further.

BQatWSU Oct 17, 12 6:25 pm

thanks for the replies. I checked Tuesday night (when cheaper fares should be listed) and it was aroun $2,300 on their website (Korean Air). It was higher on Kayak and the like. I just checked ORD on the 27th to BKK until the 6th or 7th and am seeing low of $2,300. I didn't see the $1,400 amount. I'll look into a travel agent and also wait another month.

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