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Check Your Glasses & Cups

Check Your Glasses & Cups

Old Jan 5, 10, 5:54 pm
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Check Your Glasses & Cups

This is a pet pieve of mine I thought I'd share. Glasses & Coffee cups in hotel rooms.

A lot of hotels do this. It's not limited to only one hotel chain.

I'm on my last night at the Holiday Inn Select, Memphis Airport. I enjoy a few cups of coffee in the morning. Most of the coffee makers are scummy looking to me, so I pack my own instant, creamers, and sweetners. I only use the coffee maker to heat the water without the basket or lid. Anyhoo, hese's my issue.

I washed a coffee cup and had my coffee. When I returned from work that evening there were clean cups by the coffee maker. (Or were they clean?) I had placed a scratch on the bottom of the cup and left it on the bathroom sink. When I looked, the same cup was there the next day. It's obvious, the cup was washed in the bathroom sink, and with what? Probably the glass cleaner they used to clean the mirror? And who used it before me on the day before I checked in? When I first removed the sanitary cover, I placed a small pen mark on the inside rim and threw it in the garbage with the old tissues, and bathroom waste. But the next day, that cover was back on the cup.

Just an FYI, if you like coffee or drinks in your room, bring your own paper cups or styrofoam coffee cups.

Yes, I've complained many times. I get the standard "Sorry bout that, we will look into it"
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Old Jan 5, 10, 5:57 pm
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There are past threads about this.

It is indeed a problem at many places.

Most (certainly all of the big chains) have official policies in place to have glasses/mugs properly cleaned and replaced, however ineffective management often leads to those policies being ignored by housekeeping.
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Old Jan 5, 10, 6:05 pm
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I have worked in a number of hotels and it was pretty standard to clean the bathroom with the used towels. This often includes the cups. One of the worst things was the order the bathroom was cleaned in didnt follow a particular order, so sometimes the toilet was last, othertimes it wasnt.

As a general rule i only drink out of bottles, and if I have to use a cup I wash it thoroughly myself before using them in hotels.
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Old Jan 5, 10, 6:13 pm
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I'm so glad the last two hotels I stayed in were studio apartments - both with a dishwasher
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Old Jan 5, 10, 6:14 pm
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If you stop making marks and destroy/remove the cup cap then you'll be none the wiser if cleaned or not. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.
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Old Jan 5, 10, 6:46 pm
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Trust your immune system, you have it for a reason.
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Old Jan 5, 10, 7:40 pm
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I carry a 3oz bottle of dish soap which I just keep in my suitcase. I wash my glasses first thing and the glass or mug that I continue to want to use, I will put in a drawer so the maids don't see it. Then I just keep using the same glass/mug that I know I have washed and is clean.......

(I also carry a 3 oz bottle of vinegar, I will use that to flush through the coffee maker in the room. I get clean water coming out of there and so do the next set of people that stay in the room )
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Old Jan 5, 10, 10:53 pm
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Yeah, a couple years ago there was some hidden camera news report about the housekeeping staff using the same dirty rag to clean the bathroom & then washing out the glasses. I do trust my immune system & I rarely get sick, but sorry that's just disgusting. I'm an RN, for the last 5 years assisting with colonoscopies etc. so I don't gross out that easily, but I don't drink out of hotel room glasses.
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Old Jan 5, 10, 11:31 pm
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This is one of the issues much like the sanitation of restaurant food that is best not to think about if at all possible.
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Old Jan 5, 10, 11:42 pm
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My wife has no problem drinking out of those glasses. You couldn't pay me to do it.
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Old Jan 6, 10, 12:59 am
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Originally Posted by soitgoes View Post
There are past threads about this.
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Old Jan 6, 10, 8:07 am
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Well, that's one possible infection vector as to why my girlfriend and I both came down with similar colds within 12h of each other.

Granted, I kind of saw it coming as we were both drinking out of cups at the local Ukrainian hotel....
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Old Jan 6, 10, 8:35 am
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I ran into this at Holiday Inn in California. I sent an email to HI via their web site. The next day I returned to see the halls filled with carts containing glasses & cups. Around 7:00pm they sent a small fruit basket and bottle of wine with a note thanking me for bringing this to their attention. Looks like someone got their butt chewed out that time.

Bottome line is, I don't need wine & fruit. I just want my morning coffee in a clean cup.
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Old Jan 6, 10, 9:11 am
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This is disgusting: quess I had my priorities wrong when worrying about bedspreads.
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I realize this is slightly off subject, but sometimes I wonder about bed covers, not the sheets, which I know are changed, but the blankets and bedspreads.
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