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FlyerTalk Forums Thread Wiki: Airline Route Mapper tool (windows based)
Please read: This is a community-maintained wiki post containing the most important information from this thread. You may edit the Wiki once you have been on FT for 90 days and have made 90 posts.
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Temporary wiki. Please read before changing: thanks! usAir created this wiki to hold the entire contents of the Airline Route Mapper data file. I've just edited it to remove that data, so should explain why: I appreciate usAir's initiative, but don't think the wiki in that form was a step forward.

1.) The data file is IMO too large to post in this location. Some (if not all) browsers load the entire wiki each time the thread is accessed. That had the effect of killing my browser for two to three minutes, then slowing my computer dramatically (and my setup, while not especially good, isn't the world's worst: DSL connection, latest Firefox version, 8GB RAM).

2.) The data initially posted were old ("from the last version of the airline route mapper", according to usAir's post on March 9 2015) and easily accessible (download Link: http://arm.64hosts.com/AirlineRouteMapper.zip), so nothing is lost by removing them from the wiki.

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someone has just come out with another web-based route-map tool, discussion here:

It is web based and I prefer the app I can run locally, but it is nevertheless an interesting alternative.
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Originally Posted by st1575 View Post
I am willing to put the .dat files up into GitHub and facilitate crowd-sourced updates, assuming cockpitvisit gives his consent (hopefully via putting the existing stuff explicitly into the public domain or under some other permissive license). My plan would be to incorporate the historical routes into the GitHub history.
It seems like the solution would be to do some code development to enhance OpenFlights to crowdsource data, and dump their own routes.dat to GitHub on a regular basis. The inserts could also be facilitated by some automation/processing on the airlineroute.net RSS feed. Also, someone might also scrape info.flightmapper.net, but it's exact timetables are often wrong (routes are not) and it would probably violate its terms. Seems like it's a fair amount of work, but not intractable, and openflights seems like the right project to build upon. I'm very unimpressed by all these other slow, clunky web tools and don't think anything will come close to AirlineRouteMapper for speed.
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