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Flighty - A new Flight Tracking app for iOS

Flighty - A new Flight Tracking app for iOS


Old Jul 11, 19, 2:28 am
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I sincerely hope we get to build an Android version for you! That would mean that the iOS app proved there is a viable market here.

Marketshare isnít the right metric here. From a business point of view, there's really no contest:
1) iOS apps make 2x the revenue Source: https://cl.ly/428258
2) Android is ~3x more fragmented Source: https://cl.ly/9e0427

And as you mentioned that's on top of 3x the user base. So I'd have to reach 6x as many people on Android, after building for 3x as many OS versions, to match iOS. I know yall are sick of hearing that, but we really have no choice. (Sorry for the slow reply. I'm still limited to 5 posts per 24h on this new handle.)
I've copied the above from the other thread... as I don't quite understand your reasoning.

You say that iOS apps make 2x the revenue of Android apps. But there are 3x as many Android users as iOS, so surely you'd make more from Android? Maybe not in NA, but the rest of the world.

As for fragmentation, anything you build for Marshmallow (3 versions ago) should also work on later versions. I guess the issue could be the sheer number of different Android devices, and ensuring the App doesn't do strange things on obscure device / OS combinations.
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Old Jul 11, 19, 10:02 pm
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Sure thing, let me try again:

With 3 times as many devices, Android apps still only make half the revenue. Or, the flip side: With only only 1/3rd as many devices, iOS apps still make 2x the revenue.

Its a gross oversimplification for forum chat for sure. And I know some app friends who make only about 20% less on Android. But it is less. And there are WAY more software versions and screen sizes to support. Supporting old software versions and testing UI across that and screen sizes = nightmare.

I mean no ill will, I legit want to make Flighty for Android, but as a starting point when Iím betting my company on it - iOS is a no brainer.

Flighty WILL run on iPad! I know many of yíall have Android plus iPad. And the iPad app is awesome and fully featured. So you can support us there to give us runway to invest in Android.
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Old Jul 14, 19, 1:18 am
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Some developer friends have told me that making an Android app is 3-5x the effort of an iOS app. Perhaps that also is playing a role.
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Old Jul 14, 19, 9:18 am
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Exclamation Moderator's Note


Please let's not distract from the Flighty developers' explanation of their product and its features and take the discussion of the merits of writing iOS vs. Android versions of apps first to the its own thread:
Android vs iOS: Which Platform to Build Your App for First?
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Old Jul 15, 19, 2:09 pm
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We're going to formally announce it tomorrow, but yall get the first heads-up: App launch is officially July 23rd! So just over one week away.

We are opening up some more beta spots, now that the app is in final form, so we can get educated but fresh eyes on the final product. If you are interested, PM me your iOS email.
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Old Jul 16, 19, 10:00 am
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PM sent.
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