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ITA-Matrix-PowerTools - Userscript for Orbitz/DL/UA/AA/BA/CZ/IB/LA/LH/LX/TK

ITA-Matrix-PowerTools - Userscript for Orbitz/DL/UA/AA/BA/CZ/IB/LA/LH/LX/TK

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Please read: This is a community-maintained wiki post containing the most important information from this thread. You may edit the Wiki once you have been on FT for 90 days and have made 90 posts.
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Welcome to the ITA-Matrix-PowerTools
*** About ***
The ITA-Matrix-PowerTools are a user script maintained by fellow flyertalk members to enhance the already powerful Matrix of ITA Software by providing new features and booking links.

Features added to the itinerary details page:
  • convert times into 24h format
  • translation support
  • open fare rules in new window by default
  • price breakdown (base fare, taxes & carrier imposed surcharges)
  • editor mode (adjust cabin prior extraction)
  • multiple handy links (Seatguru, Planefinder, WhereToCredit)
  • new on page features like detailed mileage breakdown*, GCM-Map* and earned frequent flyer miles*
  • create links to various providers (OTAs / airlines / other tools) to try direct booking of your itinerary

Originally Posted by Error: Unable to find class IR6M2QD-k-i for itinRow.
If you see this error, currently you'll need to manually edit your installed script.

See posts from October 1st, 2018 for more information.
*requires background requests

The script may have lots of bugs and comes without warranty of any kind! Not all fares will be bookable or will price correctly in the booking engines. You are responsible for the money you spend - so double check your flights before purchasing AND use your sanity! Read this and the next two posts as an example: click

*** How it works ***
Using pure JavaScript we are "creating" some sort of hook that is periodically checking for page changes while working with the Matrix. As soon as you reload or leave the page the script stops (leaving the page or using the console-version) or starts from the beginning (using the userscript and perfoming a reload). Also this script is only running in these tabs/windows in which you are looking at the Matrix.
As soon as the script detects the itinerary page it reads its content - unless you activated the editor mode. It's parsing all the information found and creates - based on this information - several links to OTAs, airlines and other tools. Since we are able to remove, replace and add content to the page - we make them visible and clickable in a way you choose. By default there are no background requests.

*** How to get it running ***
There are three methods to install the script. All three below run exactly the same underlying script but are listed in order of installation complexity:

Method 1: Browser Extensions
Method 2: As a UserScript
It takes a moment to get it running but after that it will start automatically everytime you visit the Matrix and we will be able to store your settings. You will need to install a script manager.

Warning: Using a script manager and installing user scripts is a potential security risk - We need to mention it here.
Step 1: Install a script manager Step 2: Install the script
See the FAQ of your script manager how to install the script.
  • Through GreasyFork
  • Through OpenUserJS
  • Through GitHub: you should be asked whether you want to install it - make sure your script manager is running.

Method 3: Console/Debug mode
You need to access the command line of your browser to execute the script. You can use either the regular version or the minified version. Just copy the entire text.

  1. Open Chrome DevTools: developer.chrome.com
  2. Switch to the console tab
  3. Paste the script into the command line: developer.chrome.com
  4. Run it
  1. Open the web console: developer.mozilla.org
  2. Switch to the console tab
  3. Paste the script into the command line: developer.mozilla.org
  4. Run it
Internet Explorer:
  1. Open the web console by pressing F12
  2. Switch to the console tab
  3. Paste the script into the command line - at the very bottom
  4. Run it by pressing the green triangle

*** How to use it ***
Once the script is running you should see a new line above the ITA logo:
Passengers (1a) Settings (v0.18) (Cabin: Auto)
As long as you see this line, there is no need to reexecute the script. Make sure to get used to the "Settings"-feature -> just click on Settings. Within the settings menu you can configure the script towards your needs/preferences. Enabling/disabling features and/or setting standard editions of providers on the fly. When using a script manager these settings should be stored and automatically load as soon as you visit matrix.itasoftware.com - but the passengers as well as the cabin detection will not be stored!
Your settings are "reloaded" everytime the itinerary details show up! If you want to use other settings, just get back to the flight selection and reselect your flights - the new settings will be used. This belongs to the passengers and cabin detection as well

The passenger count will not be taken from your search results! Use the passenger config on the upper left and make sure they are set before you get to the itinerary details. We had to do it this way because some providers require the age of children. But always make sure to search for the equivalent passenger count. There might be seat availability for one passenger but not for two!

Cabin detection:
You should set the cabin on the upper right to the appropriate main cabin you are looking for. Sometimes you will have economy/business class segments in mainly business/first class itineraries. These mixed itineraries make it hard to autodetect the main cabin - so you can set it manually.

*** Background requests - Privacy issues ***
Some features require to contact other servers. As long as you do not activate any of the autoload features within the settings there won't be any automatic background requests. You will have to initiate them manually. The following list will tell which features are contacting what server and what information will be transferred. All websites will know you are using this script und you are currently using the Matrix - what by the way applies to the link targets you click as well.
  • GCM-Map in inline mode - contacting gcmap.com (non SSL) providing full route data
  • WhereToCredit.com mileage accrual breakdown - contacting wheretocredit.com (non SSL or SSL - depending on whether you use the Matrix with or without SSL) providing full itinerary
  • Skimlinks affiliate links - loads a js script to adds affiliate ids to some links if and only if the "Support this tool" setting is enabled. If it is disabled, no external scripts are loaded
*** FT-Posts you should read ***
General statement regarding this script: click
How to fix class names yourself: click
Problems and limitations regarding pricing itins: click

*** Contributors ***
paul21, Steppo, IAkH, 18sas, Benchmarc and others!

I'd like to give special thanks to paul21 for starting this idea.

*** Latest Version ***
GitHub Repo

OR install directly: Executable Version minified

Steppo & IAkH (Adam Hwang) have full access to this repository.

Discussion - written by paul21:
The original posting can be found here, related to building links on delta's booking engine. The script scrapes the flight info from the itinerary (flight numbers, dates, class of service, price) and builds a link string to two booking engines (Orbitz/Delta). These links are the same links used by Google Flights (owns ITA) , Kayak, et. al. to drive purchases. I used the Google referrer codes in the scripts, so they should get the commission. It's beyond me why ITA doesn't have some form of purchase link. This a userscript, and like an ad-blocker, it modifies the way a page is viewed by editing DOM objects in the browser. Keep in mind that this tool is meant to do something you already do yourself, but to save time in the process. Any tickets issued by Orbitz/DL via these links could be issued via phone or web search. If the links work, you are avoiding a phone booking fee potentially.

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Old Jun 13, 16, 10:33 am
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I tried to duplicate the below itinerary on the
exact dates. I am brand new to making inputs into advanced routing in Ita Matrix. Read some of the basic instructions for using codes with ITA MATRIX in f/t and other sites, power tools downloaded also. I tried inputing some of the info below but kept getting errors when i used GRU or SAO in the script. any help on what to copy into the advanced routing to duplicate the below. If it works then I will try it on dates i really want in March or April.

Originally Posted by AerophilePS View Post
Fare is still available either OW or RT. From what I can tell, SCL-GRU-SCL is valid either on JJ (booked in "Q") or G3 (booked in "C"). "Q" on JJ is very difficult to come by, especially on GRU-SCL. I think that may be the reason why people are having difficulty getting a RT fare to work. Try G3 in "C". I have just booked this for myself. Fare is 2124.90 RT or 1236.00 OW (originating at SCL).

G37663C 19AUG F SCLGRU SS1 320P 710P /DCG3 /E
SQ 377C 21AUG S BCNSIN*HK1 100P 950A 22AUG M HRS
SQ5311C 26AUG F KTMSIN*SS1 105P 815P /DCSQ /E
SQ 378C 28AUG S SINBCN*SS1 140A 1100A /DCSQ /E
SQ 68C 29AUG M BCNGRU SS1 1000A 410P /DCSQ /E
G37660C 30AUG T GRUSCL SS1 1015A 225P /DCG3 /E

1- USD1050.00 1074.90XT USD2124.90ADT
XT 922.00YQ 30.00ZQ 33.50JD 6.70QV
1.40OG 29.40SG 11.80OO 9.00OP
10.80NQ 10.80NP 9.50B6
1050.00 1074.90 2124.90TTL
SAO G3 SCL525.00NUC1050.00END ROE1.00
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Just discovered this thread. Very useful script! Thx!
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Old Jun 24, 16, 1:26 pm
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Can anyone help me? I'm running chrome and i cant get the script to work at all.... even If i try to download it I get this error:

Line 65
Char 1
'window' is undefined
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Old Jul 4, 16, 4:18 pm
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Can someone educate me the risks involved in running this thru Tampermonkey ?
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Old Jul 12, 16, 2:22 pm
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Just wanted to send my hearty thanks to the folks who have put this together. ^

Wonderful little tool that I wish I'd found sooner - I've been using ITA for years, though I've basically transitioned to Google Flights for the past year.

Ran into a married segment snag this week, however, that the script + ITA + Cheapoair solved. That literally saved me $1K over what AA.com was offering.
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Old Jul 14, 16, 3:01 am
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Hello, can a knowing person check for me the standard direct search/ book string for this web: http://connectravel.co.mz/en/voos ? Anything else i will model myself based on the pattern. For multi city option, please Thanks in advance!
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Old Jul 17, 16, 8:13 am
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This is a fantastic tool. ^^^^^

It worked on AY , which is not listed in the title of this post. Found the itinerary on Matrix priced at $1050, used the link to get onto CheapOair and Priceline, which priced ~$60 lower, also tried Hipmunk found an OTA $100 lower than Matrix for the same itinerary. Booked on the latter and got eticket # shortly.

Afterwards, I also search the same itin directly on Cheapoair, priceline, and my booking site, the offered prices were around $1120 to $1250.

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Originally Posted by user2013 View Post
Can someone educate me the risks involved in running this thru Tampermonkey ?
Tampermonkey is open source so the chances are pretty good it doesn't contain malware. The script is also open source and runs on @include http*://matrix.itasoftware.com/* the ITA Matrix only. Then you have links you click or if clicking makes you nervous, can copy and paste them, well they are just links. If going to a link allows someone to steal your FF account then the airline has a CSRF security hole, nothing to do with this script. So: I wouldn't be worried.
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Moderator's Note:

A recent Pegasus Airlines ticketing question was moved to the following thread:
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Old Aug 8, 16, 8:58 am
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Tried to search but to no avail:

Trying to book a simple AC one way. When I use ITA with the script, it shows the use American, AC, DL, KLM, but no UA. Any help getting this on a 016 ticket would be great.

The problem I'm running into is the flight is also a UA codeshare (but the fare is $2K more). No plating restrictions on the AC fare though.

Edit: moot question now. I was able to call in and get a UA agent to "book" the AC flight numbers with no UA segents. She wouldn't ticket it though claiming it takes AC 24 hours to confirm. Knew that wasn't true and went online 5 minutes later and finished purchasing the reservation myself. It was even cheaper than I was expecting (don't know if the AC/OTAs were assuming a Canadian POS, and there were cheaper fares with a US POS, but I'll take it).

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Old Aug 16, 16, 2:38 pm
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Hi guys,

The tools sound really interesting but I can't get them to run using the console in Firefox or in Chrome. In Firefox I got the error message "target is null". Not sure what I'm doing wrong but any help would be greatly appreciated. If you need more info, feel free to let me know here or in a PM.

Thanks in advance!
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Originally Posted by gpb_croppers63 View Post
Hi guys,

The tools sound really interesting but I can't get them to run using the console in Firefox or in Chrome. In Firefox I got the error message "target is null". Not sure what I'm doing wrong but any help would be greatly appreciated. If you need more info, feel free to let me know here or in a PM.

Thanks in advance!
Are you finding an itinerary first? I know it works with Chrome without any of the plugins just with "inspect element."
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Old Aug 17, 16, 2:10 am
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Originally Posted by skunker View Post
Are you finding an itinerary first? I know it works with Chrome without any of the plugins just with "inspect element."
Ah, I think you hit the nail on the head. I don't think I was running it in the itinerary window. Sorry for the newbie mistake! It's working now but my itinerary seems a little too complex for most of the OTAs and the ones that do price it up are coming in more expensive than matrix. Looks like I may have to find a local travel agent after all. Thanks for the help!
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Old Sep 2, 16, 3:21 am
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I've got the PowerTools working with Chrome but it doesn't let me search for more than six segments - which is the reason why I enabled it. Is this now the right tool to use to search & book more than 6 segments on AA?
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I've had great success with PowerTools over the past few months, but I'm wondering whether it's no longer compatible with the new Air Canada site.

I had tried to use it to create bookable links for a couple of complex South Africa itineraries and gotten the error "Direct faring failed. Could not find fare for the itinerary. (70003 - 2904)".

I thought it was just because I was trying to do something funky itinerary-wise that just wasn't valid even though Matrix thought it was. But I've since tried some pretty simple itineraries, e.g. domestic one-ways, and it gives me the same error every time.

Anyone know how to fix this?
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