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What service do you use to keep a log of all the flights you've taken?

What service do you use to keep a log of all the flights you've taken?

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With regards to my.FlightRadar, just how accurate are the data? I'm assuming I'll need something like FlightStats to correct it and even then, how accurate are the data from FlightStats?
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Originally Posted by lsquare View Post
Why do you take a photo of your boarding pass with the plane safety manual?

SK doesn't stamp passports? Was that always the case? I haven't been there in ten years. Unfortunately I don't have my old passport with me at the moment or I would search for the answer myself.
1. I take the photo of the boarding pass and plane manual for several reasons:
- It provides a clear and unambiguous indication in my photos when I departed one place and left for another place, which is greatly helpful when organizing my photos later.
- I have a good record of where I sat on the plane and what kind of plane I was flying on. (I am a nerd and work in the avionics industry. This stuff fascinates me.)
- I find that such photos are a nice souvenir.

2. SK did not stamp my passport when I visited in 2018. That was my first time in SK, and I don't know how long it's been this way.
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For the past 3-4 years, I've been keeping track of my flights, as I travel weekly for work. Slowly, over time, I've expanded the amount of data that I keep track of. I'm mostly a United flyer, so some of the data I track is United-specific. That said, here's my current set of data I'm tracking:

Date, PNR, Flight #, Seat, Tail #, Ticket #, Depart (airport), Land (airport), Class, Upgrade?, Fare, Surcharge, Sub-Total, Taxes/Fees, Total, BIS Miles, PQM Segments, PQ$, Status Mult., RDM, Notes

I've been traveling more weeks than not since late 2012, however. I have a Silver subscription to FlightRadar, and just looked into upgrading. Even a Business plan there will only get 2 years' worth of data. I'm missing all of my tail numbers from 2016 and before (as I just started tracking those in 2017.) I also don't track take-off and landing times in my spreadsheet. I suppose I could, but I don't know that I'm all that interested in manually tracking that info. It's fun to see on MyFR, though. However, some of my flights that I have on MyFR don't have take-off and landing times listed, which means I can't believe the stats they show me for how long I've spent in the air, just for the flights I have already entered.

So my questions, I guess, are:
  1. Which tool/website can I use that will get me tail numbers for flights going back to 2012?
  2. Same question for accurate take-off/landing times?
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Old Aug 28, 19, 2:51 am
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I agree with what people said. Flightmemory has an ugly UI but better statistics, flightdiary is much better looking but their statistics are incomplete or even inaccurate. I emailed 2-3 times FD support but never heard back, do they even do or plan any development on their site? I am ready to abandon FD and might try openflights.
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None seem to be entirely perfect. I agree that FD (now my.flightradar24.com) doesn't seem that responsive or that they're making much changes. My wish list for them would be to add:
1. Plane Name field
2. Special Livery field
3. Upgrade indicator
4. Some additional reporting capabilities

I did reach out to them with suggestions... but I think their main priority is the main FR24 web/app.

For now... I just keep FlightMemory & FlightDiary up to date. Best of both worlds - detailed reporting from FM, nice UI of FD... and also as data backup protection in case one or the other vanishes overnight.

I've looked at logmyflight, which at least the developer seems active & engaged here on these forums. But the UI is too busy, tracking too many things IMO.
I did check out openflights.org - it seems to be somewhere between FM & FD. The data reporting isn't as powerful as FM though.
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