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Award booking services - a list and some reviews

Award booking services - a list and some reviews

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This list is not an endorsement of any particular award booking service.
Please do your research and read this thread.

Please refer to the FT Disclaimers for disclaimer of responsibility for use of these services, etc.

Please feel free add other services and options you are aware of to this wiki.

Also, please post any personal experiences you may have with any of these services in this thread.

Reviews which appear to have been solicited by the service providers based upon content and posting history will be deleted. If you are a brand new or a member with a low post count and wish that your post not be deleted, please be sure to include the following details in your review: program(s), number of miles or points and the desired destinations and hotels. Please also include the itinerary booked by the service including the airlines, routing and hotels, the number of points needed to book that trip and the fee charged.

Award booking services (alphabetical):
  • Award Advocate - Domestic $100 p/p International $125 p/p, no additional charge for last minute. Changes $50. Also 10% discount for families traveling with children and active military
  • Award Booking Service - $25 up front search fee plus $150/ticket & $49 per 30-minute skype consultations (ask anything!)
  • Award Butler - Award Search: $79 for up to two passengers; flight info provided but does not include booking. Booking starting at $149 for first two passengers.
  • Award Chaser - Search fee starting at $79. Itinerary only - no booking provided
  • Award Expert - (MatthewLAX on FT, Live and Let's Fly blog) $150 first passenger, $100 each additional passenger; $250 per person for RTW; $50/ticket booking fee.
  • Award Flight Assist - Specialising in Australian frequent flyer programs; from AU$199 for the first passenger, additional charges for complex itineraries and more passengers
  • Award Planners - One way $129, additional person $99; Round trip $199, additional person $99; Multi City $249 additional person $149
  • Award Travel Consulting - Award Search: $125/person; Booking ticket: $75/itinerary; changes: new trip
  • Awardmagic - $179 per person OW/RT plus one stop or $279 per person for three or more destinations
  • BoundlessMiles - (Dominik Żmuda/Travelling the World): Booking: starting at $50 per passenger; Changes: half of award flight service fee paid
  • CabinChief - Bookings are $49 per pax
  • Chatflights - Use app to chat in real time with real travel hackers to book travel for points or cash. Booking fee $295 pp coach and business, $395 pp first class.
  • Cranky Concierge - $75 per person each way domestic; $95 per person each way international
  • First Class and Beyond - "Concierge-style" bookings. Fee is based on the value of the retail ticket, $250/person minimum.
  • Flightfox - Consultative flight searching; fees start at $100 (requires credit card authorization up front)
  • Flyermiles - (Graham / YOWgary) $150 + 50 per additional person, $250 for RTW awards. Offers detailed information on how to book your own award.
  • iflywithmiles.com - (Mike/Melissa): 150 USD first person, 85 for additional person on same itin. Change fees vary.
  • JJ Award Travel - FT Member since 2012 - No upfront fees. Basic one-way or round-trip air award travel consisting of a total of 8 legs or less for the entire itinerary: $200 for the first person and $100 for each additional person. Complex one-way or round-trip air award travel consisting of a total of 9 or more legs per direction is additional. FT members get a 10% discount.
  • Loophole Travel - Award Travel Coaching $150 for first passenger and $100 for each additional passenger. Points Earning and MS Coaching also available.
  • Luxury Travel Consulting - (Jasper2009 on Flyertalk): $150 per person per ticket
  • Miles Help - Domestic: $100 OW; $140 RT/complex. International: $150 OW; $200 RT/complex. $50 each additional person
  • Miles Momma Booking Services - Airline Booking: $200 up to 2 passengers. $75 additional passengers. $50 non-refundable up front. Changes $50
  • MileValue Award Booking Service - (Scott Grimmer): Booking: $125 per person per award; $15 up front. Full payment required for successful search even if not booked. Change fee not currently listed; previously $79
  • PMM Travel Consulting - (Miguel R. Quinones/AwardWallet Blog): Booking: $125 per passenger for the first two, $99 for each additional. Additional charges for complex itineraries. Credit card advice and travel planning services.
  • Point.me - merger of services formerly provided by PointsPro (Ben Schlappig/One Mile At a Time) and Juice Miles
  • Reward Flyer - Domestic: $50 first person; $25 each additional person. International: $100 first person; $50 each additional person
  • SFO777.com - (SFO777 on FT) Booking: $200 first passenger, $100 each additional passenger; change fees vary
  • Travel Codex - Per person pricing: $50 for North America award / $100 for International award.
  • The Flying Mustache - $100 per ticket; additional fees for more than eight segments. Change fees vary
  • The Short Final - $100 per person. $100 upfront deposit that is fully refundable if no itinerary found.
  • Travel Is The Point - USA, Canada/Mexico & the Caribbean – starting at $50 per person. All Other International Destinations – starting at $100 per person.
  • zainman - FT member since 2009. Booking: $200 first passenger, $100 each additional passenger; change fees vary, consultant services for $ as well
  • Zero Hassle Rewards - $100 per person. Discounts for domestic and one-way
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Old Jul 25, 11, 6:16 pm
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Award booking services - a list and some reviews

I tried about 5-6 different search combinations before I posted this and couldn't come up with any threads more recent than 2005-2007.

Is there a service that I can hire to make award bookings for me? I am a frequent reader of TPGs blog and would have hired him to keep income coming into a product that I use regularly but his blog states that he is no longer taking new award booking clients.

I am probably wasting my time posting this but please do reply that it is something I can do myself for free. I work 60-70 hours a week and have neither the time nor the patience to search the various airlines websites that I have mileage balances with hoping to find some combinations of days that would work. For me, it is money well spent to hire someone to do that for me.

Thanks for all the forthcoming suggestions.
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A google search revealed this:

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go to www.viewfromthewing.com. Gary Leff is a well known and very savvy blogger who is possibly the best known of the award bookers. Full info on his site.

I believe he charges $250 for two tickets and doesn't charge if he can't deliver. He's a good guy and you would do well to contact him.
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Originally Posted by mikensf74 View Post
Job postings! But maybe some posters in that thread would take the contract work.
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Actually, TPG has posted on his site that he is still doing award bookings for Premium members, at quoted from his blog:

"Price: Generally $125 per person. Due to capacity I am not taking new award booking requests for new clients at this time. I will still book awards for new and existing Premium and VIP program members."

Per his site, for Premium membership, you get:
- Daily email of posts, ad-free, generally before they post to everyone else
- Email blasts of breaking deals, like mistake fares and limited time offers (these emails will be rare, but when they are sent, they will be valuable)
- Choose either 1) Award booking benefit: 2 award tickets at 50% off ($50 per ticket fee instead of $100+) or 2) 30 minute phone consultation and evaluation of your current points and miles strategy
Annual fee of $125

Good luck!
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You have a PM with my experiences.
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Lot of folks

Gary, view from the wing
Lucky, one mile at a time
Brian, thepointsguy
Not sure exactly whom but folks at upgrd.com
many more.....

Rates are almost more or less the same for everyone.
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Ben also know as Lucky9876coins has been a contributor here and has a blog at http://boardingarea.com/blogs/onemileatatime also has a service to find award seating.

"Having trouble using your miles for that dream trip? Consider using my award travel booking service, Points Pros. You can find more details, including what we do, how to contact us, our pricing, testimonials, and more, at PointsPros.com."

Never used it myself, but I've read Lucky for years and the man is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He also serves on the board here at flyertalk.
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I realize I may be a bit late for the OP here, but for future reference - I too run an award-booking service. You can check it out here, or in my signature

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Award booking services - a list and some reviews

I have done plenty of award bookings- but at times its quicker to pay for the help as Im on travel etc. Or the multiple friends & family "bugging" me for help.

I would like to divert them to competent and reasonably priced consultants.

Could you please post links to relevant services here, and possibly add your experiences. Feel free to add basic pricing etc.

I will update this post with all links provided.

The search function revealed very scattered info over the years. This might become a master list.


Some of the veterans dont take new clients. Will add info posted on thread.

http://www.awardtravelconsulting.com/ My personal favourite based on requests to all services. YMMV.



http://pointspros.com/ (unable to take new clients at time of October 2012 update)

http://travelfreecoach.com/ (no e-mail adress on web site - only link for form)

http://premierawardbookings.com/ (no e-mail adress on web site - only link for form)

http://www.travelconcierge.com.au/ (no e-mail adress on web site - only link for form)


http://www.maximizingmiles.com/services/ (unable to take new clients at time of July 2012 update)


http://crankyconcierge.com/ (Word of warning: contrary to other services this require full pre payment)



http://upgrd.com/award/ (no e-mail adress on web site - only link for form)

www.awardplanners.com (very nice website!)

www.awardbookingservice.com (no e-mail adress on web site - only link for form)



http://awardassist.com/ (no e-mail adress on web site - only form)

www.awardmagic.com (no e-mail adress on web site - only form)

http://www.upgradeguru.com/ (contactdata under ToS!))


Out of service as of time of writing (OP date);
thepointsguy http://thepointsguy.com/about-me/ "If you are writing to ask about booking travel using points, I do not currently offer that service, but hope to add it again soon."

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Concur that a master list with reviews would be a great addition.
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gleffp - http://bookyouraward.com/

lucky9865 - http://boardingarea.com/blogs/onemil...ed-award-help/

thepointsguy did or does, couldn't find link on his blog - http://thepointsguy.com/about-me/
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Originally Posted by travelkid View Post
I have done plenty of award bookings- but at times its quicker to pay for the help as Im on travel etc. Or the multiple friends & family "bugging" me for help.

I would like to divert them to competent and reasonably priced consultants.
You really think your friends & family will pay for this service when they know that you will help them if they bug you enough?
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Originally Posted by philemer View Post
You really think your friends & family will pay for this service when they know that you will help them if they bug you enough?
What is even more interesting is instead of helping "friends & family" he will rather have them pay. (wow)

And I don't see the point of paying someone for that.
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