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Explain Cloudflare's "" app, please. Is it helpful? Harmful?

Explain Cloudflare's "" app, please. Is it helpful? Harmful?

Old Nov 10, 19, 4:56 pm
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Explain Cloudflare's "" app, please. Is it helpful? Harmful?

The webpage for the app really isn't terribly informative
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Old Nov 10, 19, 7:19 pm
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After looking at their website, and looking at app store reviews, it would appear to be some sort of VPN that does some sort of dynamic rerouting to speed up your connection...but I'm not sure how much of the service is part of the basic app and how much is covered under a monthly fee (WARP or WARP+).

Some people are reporting incompatibilities with apps like Spotify, Youtube and Netflix, and one person believes it's what's behind his CarPlay issues. Also, I don't know what OS you're using but I'm seeing some reviews saying that it's not playing nicely with iOS 13.

If you're looking for a free VPN it might be worth checking out the basic package, but YMMV.
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Old Nov 11, 19, 8:25 am
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Originally Posted by cblaisd View Post
The webpage for the app really isn't terribly informative
Maybe this will help

The biggest difference is that VPNs hide your own location and origin IP, the Cloudflare doesn't (nor does it claim to) but it does encrypt your traffic, and it's free. I haven't seen any evidence they do anything hinky like log collection, packet sniffing, recording where you go, etc. But it's somewhere inbetween an actual VPN and no VPN.

Personally I use VyprVPN from GoldenFrog, but mostly that's because my company pays for it and I don't have to.
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Old Nov 13, 19, 11:33 am
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Any increase in speed wasn’t obvious to me and I’ve had occasional connectivity issues with on my iOS devices. I have a premium Dashlane account and use their VPN tool when I’m on public WiFi. Seems to work fine. You can pick your country if that matters.
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Old Nov 17, 19, 4:45 pm
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I’ve used their DNS for a few years now, and use the app on some devices. I also use various VPN for both domestic and international use.

While it is doing some routing for optimization, and doing SOME masking - certainly from your ISP, this is a domestic company and subject to subpoena and court orders. It is not a VPN for hiding your tricks, masking your location or totally preventing eaves dropping.

the new WARP is probably better than putting in a full blown VPN for coffee shop/airport hotspots, but again not to the extent of protection a VPN would offer.
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Old Nov 18, 19, 5:12 pm
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All that blocks are your DNS queries. Domain Name Service (DNS) is the phone book of the internet. When you type in FlyerTalk - The world's most popular frequent flyer community - FlyerTalk is a living, growing community where frequent travelers around the world come to exchange knowledge and experiences about everything miles and points related., your computer needs to know the Internet Protocol (IP) address where the FlyerTalk.com server lives. So, it asks the DNS server if it's heard of FlyerTalk.com and where to find it. The DNS server will respond with, and your computer then 'dials' to reach FlyerTalk.

As to the utility of hiding this information... well... if you use as DNS, your internet provider no longer has a record of which 'phonebook' entries you're looking up. BUT, they can still see which IPs/servers you are connecting to.

Some 3rd-party DNS services provide malware/spyware/ad blocking. Some promise fast performance, etc. At our office we run OpenDNS as primary, our local ISP's as secondary, all running through PFBlocker to provide additional ad blocking & filtering. At home I'm running OpenDNS as primary, Cloudflare as secondary, running through a PiHole to sort-of function like PFBlocker. I also use my PiHole to VPN back home when on the road.
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Old Nov 22, 19, 7:14 am
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Has anyone had experience with Blockada? The Devs seem responsive to concerns in reviews.It does seem to work. I do have to turn it off to update a phone OS.
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