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jason8612 Mar 29, 17 10:05 am

Best dual sim phone?
I currently have a Sony Z5, had the oneplus 2 and the Sony Z3 before. I'm looking to upgrade my phone in the next month or 2 to a new dual SIM phone. It seems though that there are some good ones out but nothing that is excellent. One thing I love about the Sony is that it is waterproof while others are not even water resistant. One minus of the Sony is that the 2nd sim is only GSM which means it won't work in countries that shut off their GSM service like Australia.

So far it seems the following are some options

OnePlus 3T
Quadcore Snapdragon 821
128GB space
16MP camera
3400mah battery

Huawei Mate 9 Pro
Octacore Kirin 960
128GB space
20MP/12MP dual camera
4000mah battery

ASUS ZenFone 3 Deluxe
64GB space
Snapdragon 820
23MP camera
3000mah battery

Mi Note 2
128GB storage
Quadcore Snapdragon 821
22.56MP camera

The P10 Plus seems to be coming out soon but I don't see any difference.
6GB RAM and 128GB space
Octacore Kirin 960 CPU
3750 mah battery

Any other smartphone I'm missing? Does anyone use any of the above and can recommend them?

murtaza12 Mar 29, 17 11:35 am

Never used a Huawei so can't say anything about them. I do however find their phones quite good looking and their UI, is a bit... different. Apparently the cameras are really good.

Mi Note 2, only ever used one Xiaomi phone and that was the... don't even remember what it was called. Anyway, a few of my friends have Xiaomi phones, and are very happy with the fact that they're so cheap and are also so good. Battery life is also a huge plus point for these phones.

I had a OnePlus 3 for a while, and it was great. Fantastic performance, one of the quickest fingerprint scanners ever, and the Dual SIM feature itself just works, there's nothing confusing about setting it up or anything, it just works as it should.
The light custom skin from OnePlus makes the UI very quick and snappy. I found it to be a great phone, so this would be my pick from the ones you've listed.

As for the ASUS, I've got nothing.

Coolers Mar 29, 17 1:06 pm

I'm thrilled with the OP3 I've been using since June. I would normally be looking for a replacement device about now but the thought hasn't yet crossed my mind. Great hardware, excellent price. Works great out of the box. I never used the OP2 but I've heard it was a piece of crap, so don't base your experience on that. OP3 is a fantastic device like the OPO was when it was released.

I have no doubt the P10 Plus is a superior device with a price to match. AFAIK it is water-resistant and can support a microSD in lieu of the 2nd sim. This would probably be my choice if cost wasn't an issue.

I'm a big fan of Xiaomi in general. Similar value-wise as the OP3 but it does require a lot more tinkering. The only devices I've never installed custom ROMs on are my Nexus and OnePlus phones.

Being able to use Xposed is a dealbreaker for me. If you use it, it's not yet available for Android 7.0 and would rule out many of the newer phones that ship with Nougat, like the P10.

lwildernorva Mar 29, 17 1:14 pm

I've just recently started using a Moto G4 Plus which replaced a Zenfone 2. Both are dual SIMs. I loved the Zenfone--until about 14 months after I purchased the phone when it developed screen issues. I found through a Google search that this had become a real issue with the Zenfone 2--apparently with a phone with that many features at a low-range price point, something had to be cheaply made, and it apparently was the video board.

I've just used the Moto G4 recently in dual SIM mode with an Irish Vodafone SIM. No extensive experience yet--several phone calls made from the US to Ireland--but no problems to report yet either.

jason8612 Mar 29, 17 2:47 pm

Thanks all for the comments. It doesn't seem to really narrow down the list :D

I had the OP2 and I did enjoy it. The thing I disliked about it was my fingerprint scanner stopped working (I'm guessing from moisture). It was repaired under warranty but took about a month.

The P10 Plus looks quite nice and if it is water-resistant that might be my first choice.

I did used to use Xposed, but given the bugs in custom ROMs, issues loading them, etc, I really just prefer a rooted stock ROM and a phone with a naturally great battery life. The OP2 had a decent battery life and I was running xposed + greenify on it but it didn't make that big of a difference.

island82 Mar 29, 17 4:18 pm

Currently using ZTE Axon 7 mini, for the price point ($199), it does the job.

Coolers Mar 29, 17 9:32 pm

Originally Posted by jason8612 (Post 28103574)
I really just prefer a rooted stock ROM and a phone with a naturally great battery life.

If this is important to you, I'd go with the OP3/OP3T. Stock is as close to vanilla Android as you can get. To me, it's along the lines of what a Nexus phone has been (but no longer is with the Pixel) - clean, affordable, and powerful.

I find myself losing the patience to continually tinker with flashing new ROMs/modems. I'll happily give up EMUI, water resistance and a superior camera for ease of use and money in my pocket.

cblaisd Mar 29, 17 9:40 pm

I know that the market is a rapidly moving target, but if you do a thread title search in this forum for "Dual sim" there are a couple of dozen threads, a few them fairly recent. Might get a few ideas that way -- or maybe not :)

Aus_Mal Mar 29, 17 9:50 pm

I'm a fan of the OnePlus 3T. Nice vanilla (or close to vanilla) Android rom, fast updating of software, decent hardware and price.

It has some limitations - the camera software isn't always great for example, but overall I really think it's a great phone.

docbert Mar 29, 17 10:58 pm

One thing to keep in mind is that some of these phones only support 2G on the 'second' SIM. (Which one is the second SIM can move between the two SIM slots, but only one can do 3G/4G at a time)

This is definitely true of the ZenFone 3 ( and I'm fairly sure it's true on the Mi Note 2 (it definitely is on my Mi Redmi 3 Pro)

The Huawei Mate 9 Pro appears to support 3G on the second SIM, but not 4G. The same appears to be true of the OnePlus 3T.

Enthilza Mar 30, 17 12:36 am

Why not go with a Samsung S7 (or S7 Edge)?

Great camera, regular Android updates, decent UI... I believe the new S8 will also be dual sim.

potjernik Mar 30, 17 1:28 am

I have Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Duos. Spectacular phone.Dual function works perfectly, you can send SMS and receive calls on both numbers at the same time. And you do not need to move physically cards between slots to make them 1st or 2nd SIM, you just select it in the menu.

Silver Fox Mar 30, 17 2:32 am

I am currently deliberating over this: Lenovo Moto G5

I have tried the cheap Chinese dual SIMs and am sticking with the brands now and reconciling that I will have to pay a premium.

Dubai Stu Mar 30, 17 5:56 am

I have the ZTE Axon 7 (regular). It is dual SIM with HSPA on SIM 2. Many of the phones only have 2g on SIM 2. It has a nice selection of LTE bands, a pretty good camera (not as good as my iPhone's), regular OS upgrades, and a middle range price. It also has US CDMA bands but I haven't figured out how to access them with any of my current SIMs. CDMA is still pretty much locked down. I'm hoping that someone figures out how to get the phone working with ProjectFi (beyond accessing TMobile).

Aus_Mal Mar 30, 17 4:46 pm

... never mind.

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