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How to prompt landing page when using public wifi

How to prompt landing page when using public wifi

Old Mar 4, 17, 7:51 am
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How to prompt landing page when using public wifi

She likes to shop alone so I will retreat to a gate or area with wifi and do some work on the laptop. Sometimes wifi access requires acceptance of terms on the landing page. I ran into a situation where the landing page did not automatically appear in the web browser (tried FireFox / IE). Also tried the LAN IP gateway address

What can be done to explicitly prompt the landing page?
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Old Mar 4, 17, 9:16 am
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Unfortunately, I think the best answer that can be given is, "It varies."

At one of my clients, I had issues with getting the login screen. I knew the gateway was, so I entered that, and I was able to login.

At another client site, I tried the same thing, and it led to nowhere. I sometimes had to disconnect/reconnect to the network upwards of 20 times before I could connect. Very aggravating.

My only recommendation is to clear cache and cookies.
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Old Mar 4, 17, 10:19 am
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I usually exit the browser then turn wi-fi off and back on. When I select the SSID it almost always launches a browser at the prompt page.
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Old Mar 4, 17, 10:44 am
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This is a great question - I'm amazed how frequently my wife and I are sitting next to each other with our MacBooks, and we each have different experiences getting connected.

One thing I often try to prompt it to come back up is going to a website I've never been before. I think querying a new DNS record often sets off the login screen, or at least redirects you to a similar website. I had custom DNS servers specified at one point, and that caused me problems on public Wifi.

I wish there was a browser plug-in or app or something that would tickle the gateway into displaying the screen.
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Old Mar 4, 17, 12:17 pm
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I used to have problem with that but the last few years I don't remember ever having problem getting to the landing page. If it does not auto pop up after connecting, i just open up a webpage and try to go to google.com and the landing page will pop up.

But then I have switched from iPhone to Android in the last 4 years so maybe having difficulty getting to the landing page is an iPhone problem haha.
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Old Mar 4, 17, 2:11 pm
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Disable any manual DNS settings.
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Old Mar 4, 17, 2:12 pm
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The steps you tried were smart. When the steps others suggested don't work, I've found that rebooting often does the trick.

This is a consistent problem with no absolute solution. There's a mix of platforms, (iOS, Windows, etc.) with different versions, each client uses their own browser, all of these trying to access a page produced by one of many portal manufacturers, and each style of portal may use a different mechanisms to capture traffic. That's why there's no "one size fits all" solution.

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Old Mar 4, 17, 3:09 pm
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Visit http://clients1.google.com/generate_204 this works well enough for Android and so it would for you as well. Bookmark it, even.
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Old Mar 5, 17, 4:03 pm
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For most systems, you need to go to a non-SSL/https site to get it to trigger.

The problem is, even if you go to a non-SSL address, sometimes your browser will automatically use the SSL version (Google for HSTS if you want to know why it does this - but in short it's a good thing!)

So you need to go to a site that isn't https, and doesn't use HSTS to force it. Google won't work, as they use HSTS. The site chx1975 mentioned will work, although you don't need the generate_204 bit - just clients1.google.com is fine (this is the site that Android itself uses to detect captive portals, and to trigger the login page for you).

Personally, I use rr.com, or occasionally tt.com or qq.com. One of those three is English, one is German, and the other is Chinese. But I don't really care - they are just real simple to type, and always work. http://go.microsoft.com will also work - that's the site Windows 10 uses for the same purpose as clients1.google.com.
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Old Mar 5, 17, 4:30 pm
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@docbert: That's good stuff, thanks! Want more useful tricks
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Old Mar 6, 17, 6:22 am
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I've had good luck just closing all my current browser windows that may have been left open. If there is only one window for the approval to appear in, that's where is shows up.
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Old Mar 6, 17, 8:24 am
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As mentioned, you have to go to a site that doesn't use https at all. I usually use cnn.com.
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Old Mar 7, 17, 9:20 am
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Originally Posted by gfunkdave View Post
As mentioned, you have to go to a site that doesn't use https at all. I usually use cnn.com.
Me too. Works well.

Also: There are still some "wide open" wifi sites out there, that just connect you. Concourse wifi at DIA is one example. No landing page, just off to the web.
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Old Mar 9, 17, 1:44 pm
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The one that works for me is either to you use my personal domain or look at the one that Apple uses (http://captive.apple.com/hotspot-detect.html). That usually clicks in the hotspot to serve up the login/landing page.
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Old Mar 12, 17, 12:06 pm
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I try a URL which I think will require DNS... some website of days gone by like excite.com usually works. Or foobar.com
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