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Who here Travels with both a Laptop and a Tablet ?

Who here Travels with both a Laptop and a Tablet ?

Old Dec 24, 15, 7:57 pm
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Who here Travels with both a Laptop and a Tablet ?

I always travel with my laptop. I also have an iphone with many apps on it

I do have an ipad too which i don't use as much

I am undecided as to whether i need to bring my ipad with me as well. I'm thinking it might be useful to store all my electronic documents like hotel check in info etc and i can easily show people than on my phone

Does anyone here travel with both a laptop and a tablet ? and what do you use each for specifically ?

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Old Dec 24, 15, 8:11 pm
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I travel with an iPad, a laptop, and a smart phone always. The phone is where I do my text messaging, and use apps that require showing reservations, tickets, etc. You can even use your smart phone as a ticket for MLB sporting events these days. (And I imagine NBA, NHL, NFL, etc). You can have all your apps for hotels and flights as well.

I use the laptop for mostly my school work (working towards my masters degree in less than 18 months now!) I always carry a mouse pad and a wireless mouse also, I HATE touchpad mouses on laptops.

I use the iPad mainly for things like - Facetime and Facebook Video Messaging and watching movies on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime. The iPad is great for watching movies, mine has a case that has a kickstand sort of thing, so I set it on the end table which I move to about my stomach level on the bed next to me, and it works great. When I'm working at the fire station I do the same thing, and use my headphones so as to not disturb other guys already asleep.

I don't go anywhere without all three pretty much.
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Old Dec 24, 15, 8:24 pm
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No. I just use a small 14" laptop and call it a day.
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Old Dec 24, 15, 9:06 pm
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I travel with a tablet only. But my definition of a tablet is a little more fluid these days. For instance my 'tablet' is a Dell Venue 11 7140 with 8GB of RAM, 512GB M2.SATA, Intel Core M 5Y71, 10.8" 1080p screen, WIFI 802.11 AC, BT 4.0, USB 3.0, HDMI, Windows 10 Enterprise and a removable keyboard. Oh, and >12 hours battery life. It's all I need and plenty fast enough (comparable to my older Dell 6230 3rd gen Core i5) and is small enough to use in Y without invading my seatmates space. Oh, I do travel with my Kindle paperwhite, which really is the best thing since sliced bread.

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Old Dec 24, 15, 9:22 pm
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I did (referencing the original question) but since the iPhone 6 Plus came out (I know have the 6s Plus), I no longer do. My 13" MacBook Pro and iPhone more than suffice. And my nephew was happy to have a new iPad.
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Old Dec 25, 15, 2:50 am
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This trip two MacBook Air, 1 IPad Air, iPhone 6, blackberry q10
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Old Dec 25, 15, 4:38 am
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iPhone 6s for photos when i'm too lazy to get camera,
iPad mini for reading,
Macbook Pro for work
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Old Dec 25, 15, 10:22 am
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Surface Pro 4 for reading
Surface Pro 4 for watching moves and entertainment
Surface Pro 4 for work
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Old Dec 25, 15, 10:43 am
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Not sure the Surface Pro runs an OS that I'd want to use.
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Old Dec 25, 15, 10:49 am
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Laptop, ipad and iphone for me.
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Old Dec 25, 15, 10:58 am
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It depends. If I'm traveling and doing some semi serious photography, I carry my Macbook Air to download the pictures. And I take my iPad and iPhone. The iPad is use on the plane for videos, games, etc and at destination(s) for FB, and web stuff. If I'm not taking my good camera, then I don't take my laptop.
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Old Dec 25, 15, 11:39 am
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Dell 14" laptop, iPad Air2, iPhone 6. I should have a SurfacePro 4 waiting when I get back to work, but I'm not sure that will change anything.
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Old Dec 25, 15, 1:22 pm
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11" Macbook Air
7" Huawei Android Tablet
And until a couple of months ago, a Sony Xperia with a slide-out keyboard as a phone. That has now died and I'm using the husband's old iPhone 5.

I tend to take all three.
The Macbook is a working machine for me. Sure, I have games on there, but it's also got my specialty work software. And for the camera (Canon 1100D) photos!
The tablet is my game time.
The phone is for everything else.

I am not happy with this arrangement. I don't like the photo quality of the iPhone or the Huawei tablet, so the camera is a must. But I don't work well with the photos on the tablet, so I need the Macbook. And I don't want to get lost in my games and goof off about working, so the tablet keeps that part of things separate.
The phone? Well, calls and texts, bank app, whatever digital ticketing I can do...

I guess my biggest frustration right now is all the power cords. Not so much the equipment, but the cords.
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Old Dec 25, 15, 1:31 pm
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Dell Laptop for work.
iPad Mini for tv/movies.
iPhone for pics.
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Old Dec 25, 15, 1:56 pm
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Sony Viao laptop on W10, uploads & downloads and file management, etc. While in transit, Nexus 7 tablet and Nexus 5 for calls & as camera, with mini-keyboard (compatible also with Mrs' iPad Mini) to do light email, MP* playback and a Chromecast stick (Edimax nano router) - of course, an external USB battery pack & a fast/hi-amp micro/USB charger while hanging out near the boarding gate or in the lounges. iPhone 5s as backup (Nexus 5 using nano-Sim w. adapter on T-Mo USA) with integrated powerbank.

Happy holidays & safe travel to all.
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