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12 hours on an A380, lousy IFE - laptop or iPad?

12 hours on an A380, lousy IFE - laptop or iPad?

Old Mar 4, 15, 5:38 am
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12 hours on an A380, lousy IFE - laptop or iPad?

Per title – I need a ‘survival aid’ to endure an almost 12 hour flight LHR to HKG, have checked the High life guide as to what’s on next month and there’s literally nothing that interests me. Similar situation happened last September on a LHR to LAX flight and it was the most uncomfortable 10/11 hours of my life. Although that experience was in Economy so I’m assuming Club World will be somewhat better in terms of selection. So this time I’ve decided to come armed – the question is what do I take?

Up to now my weapon of choice has always been my iPod Classic (128GB) but I need some visual candy. The thought did occur to me that I could just load my movies onto the iPod – the capacity is certainly there although watching movies on a 2 inch screen has about as much appeal as a nosebleed.

The first option is I bring my workhorse Sony Vaio laptop, which I brought new years ago for stupid money, which is already loaded with enough iTunes movies and TV shows to last me well into next year! Second option is to buy an iPad – has to be an iPad due to all my movie content being iTunes, and yes I am aware there is a way of converting these to “standard video” that plays on Android tablets but this is a messy road I’d rather not go down.

The most ideal solution (i.e. to take everything) is to just bring the Vaio, due to it being bulletproof and would negate me buying any other gadgets. Not so concerned about it being damaged (it has survived some nasty falls that have killed other laptops) however I am slightly paranoid about it being stolen, and considering I don’t have anything on it backed up would be a devastating loss. Plus it’s a big beast of a thing – 15.5” screen which isn’t exactly inconspicuous, and has a fair weight to it, which if I am being honest is only really an issue at the baggage search areas, i.e. having to drag out this beasty from my already full backpack and re-pack it afterwards. I’m flying Club World so space on board shouldn’t be an issue (I hope!).

The iPad would be nice to have but if I am being honest I would only really use it when flying, so could be a potential waste of money, as I only plan on travelling for leisure so say 5 or 6 trips per year. I do like the light weight aspect of these things though and they do look fun to use. Although due to the fact I have a lot of movies (somewhere in the region of 10 to 20) it would have to be a higher capacity model (probably 128GB), which obviously puts the cost up (and potential value to thieves) considerably. I suppose a big plus here would be I don’t have to carry around a lot of cables, unlike with a laptop.

Sorry for the long-winded post but I would just like to get an idea of what you guys would do in such a situation. So what say you?


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Buy a used 128 GB iPad. It won't be as nice as the Air, but if you only need it while flying, you will save big time. Personally, I would choose the iPad 3, which is the first model with a retina display.
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In no particular order: eat (visualizing the plate and presentations), drink (then look for elephants), sleep (dream in technicolor), read books (with drawings or photos in them) and magazines.

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I have great experiences with the new 128GB Ambien
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Buy a Kindle and feed your mind.
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I vote for the iPad. The earlier suggestion about buying a used one is good, if you really think you won't use it much. However, most people I know who have them find they use them much more frequently than expected. The web browsing experience also beats using a phone, and it's much more comfortable sitting on the couch with one than a laptop. If the backlit display doesn't bother you, you can read books on it, too.

It's definitely easier dealing with it at airport security than a laptop. I have run into some airports (LHR, actually) that insist you remove your iPad from your bag, but it's still less clunky and much easier to repack.

If you live near an Apple Store or other shop that lets you play with the display models, I recommend doing that before buying one.
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I also vote iPad.

As far as form factor, you could also look at the iPad Mini vs. the full-size iPad. You'll have to try them to see which you prefer, but many prefer the smaller form factor for portability and weight, while others appreciate the real estate with the full-size. Both are available with 128GB, but the mini costs a little bit less, of course.

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Originally Posted by rmac86 View Post
...I’m flying Club World so space on board shouldn’t be an issue (I hope!).
Better to research this aspect in the BAEC forum, but there is not much personal storage space provided in Club World. Primarily, you have a drawer which is near your feet. (It extends beneath the adjacent seat.) I do not know the dimensions, and it may vary a bit, but it is big enough to comfortably hold a clipboard storage case that I use when travelling, 13.5" x 9.5". There are at least a couple inches extra space on both dimensions.
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get a 128GB iPad, and load something like Azul, Ace Player or VLC - I prefer these as you can import files and play most formats. Not needing to sync with iTunes makes it much easier to load videos on (I use iFunbox on my Mac and PC, or you can use iTunes and the file sharing part for the app).
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If this is your only planned application, I think I'd spend less on something like a 7" or 8" Android tablet and Micro SD card. If you absolutely have to go iPad, I'd say either iPad 3 or iPad Mini will be your most cost effective route, but the lack of expandable storage means you'll need to pay a major premium for a higher-capacity model.
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You don't really need 128 GB.

If you don't load anything else except movies for those flights, you should be able to get 20-30 hours of video content on it within 64 GB and maybe 32 GB if you don't load any other media like photos or any kind of audio, don't install a lot of additional apps.

One thing to consider is 4G access. Get an iPad made in the last two years and it will support LTE bands in most of the world. So once overseas, it's an option for fast mobile data and if you have other devices, you can tether them to the iPad.

May also look into some mounting options. My iPad mini can work on tray tables but I saw someone use something like a gorllapod to wrap the legs around the seat back.
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I own a 64GB iPad - which is pretty much only for movies. I can put enough of them for at least 3 5-hour flights on it, and the battery will typically last for two of those (recharge in lounge or, if I'm lucky, on board).
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Old Mar 5, 15, 4:04 am
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A laptop is cumbersome if you don't need it for anything else... a tablet is the way to go, especially when flying economy. Whatever tablet you favor, get one with a decent screen and battery life and the rest is insignificant.
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I have gotten a refurbished ipad and ipad mini 64gb with LTE from Apple. both work great and i saved money. The large ipad is about to go back to Amazon because I just dont use it much anymore. The mini is my mifi when in the us and my backup data when international. Heading to Korea Japan and Africa with only one bag and the mini will be my everything due to weight restrictions. And I like Android better....
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Old Mar 5, 15, 8:17 am
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Get an iPad or Android tablet - then add a wireless drive like this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...ZQW4BOELMARYBP

It'll add 500GB for just $99, plus you can then share that with others. Upsides are easier loading of content (loading your own content onto an iPad can be a pain), and of course way more storage space. Add a $20 Anker battery pack, and you'll be good to go for the entire flight.
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