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suggest a pocket size 1080p low light camcorder?

I just started doing some research camcorders and was wondering if anyone can suggest the latest pocketsize camcorder (as in fits in your pant pocket) which records well in low light. Low light as in useful at night to make out faces in dark indoor rooms with candles or outdoor camping campfires. I am open to different mediums, hard drives, sdcards, and even mini-dv cams (i'm told the transfer rates are still some of the best using this old technology).

I realize i can do the same thing using a point and shoot camera such as a canon s95/s100 or nikon p300 with the f2.0 or less f-stops but i figure the camcorder records smoother and hopefully has a longer battery life and longer filming periods.

thanks in advance

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I don't have much to add, except that no matter how much or little you spend, a larger sensor will pretty much always pick up a better low-light image. You may be able to get a semi-usable image from the light of a campfire, but the video will be very noisy. Additionally, if the campfire is in view, the camera may have trouble figuring out if it should adjust the image so the fire looks good, or the faces. Usually it will pick the fire because it can't see/understand the faces.

In terms of pocket size, do you mean literally pocket? Would something like a Sony NEX camera with a short pancake lens qualify?
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The NEX is a good camera for low light shooting and I did consider it for shooting however right now i'm looking for a good camcorder that can fit in my pocket rather than a camera simply because the camcorders seem to be built for video. I did weigh in the NEX but the thing is not good for impromptu shooting nor is it good to fit in the pocket. I'd also be scared to even try to squeeze that thing in my pant pocket.

thanks for your input and suggestion though.
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Nokia N808?

Here's something else to think about - the Nokia N808 Pureview...


Low light samples
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wow.. nokia 808 pureview is definitely a good contender.
at the end of the day.. its going to be hard to swallow the 650 USD for a phone camera.

still looking for a small pocketsized camcorder with low light.
My own search has led me to the JVC Everio GZ series so far.
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