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In-flight WiFi uptake still pretty paltry

In-flight WiFi uptake still pretty paltry

Old Oct 3, 11, 9:11 am
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In-flight WiFi uptake still pretty paltry

Yes, the take rate has increased from 4% to 7% in the past year. That's great news year over year. But it is still a pretty low number IMO. Even more interesting to me is that the folks who generated the report suggest that, at 7% uptake, in-flight internet service is somehow a competitive requirement rather than just a nice feature.

So ignoring the fact that most flights in the USA still do not offer the service it is apparently a requirement.

More on this report here and here.
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Old Oct 3, 11, 10:13 am
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Three things I still much prefer doing in an airplane than surfing the web...

* Reading a book
* Reading a magazine
* Sleeping

I guess the first two can be done off-line with your device of choice. The third one doesn't require any equipment and still is much more enjoyable.
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Old Oct 8, 11, 2:31 pm
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Sleeping on planes

I almost always sleep on flights. The only time that I want to be awake (when the plane is in the air) is when 'free' food or beverage is being served/offered.
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Old Oct 8, 11, 2:44 pm
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Prop planes are the best for sleep. I sleep so well on a saab!
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Old Oct 9, 11, 4:46 am
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I'd like to see a break down of the data between short flights and longer length flights. Are pax more willing to buy access for a flight of four hours or more compared to flights of two or less hours?
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Old Oct 9, 11, 10:18 am
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Environmental barriers

Although most of my flights are between 1 and 4 hours, I see ergonomics and spatial arrangement as the biggest barrier.

I would love to get some work done on the plane, but there isn't enough room for me to type and be comfortable.

In addition, I don't really like the person next to me reading everything I write. It is human nature to be curious when we are bored....I have fallen victim to this practice as well.

Battery life in laptops is there, the portability of products is there, I really think it is a people issue. I have found myself wanting to do more in first class (more room, more privacy). I suppose it really won't catch on until we get the next generation of aircraft that have the technology to offer it off the assembly line.
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Old Oct 10, 11, 1:25 pm
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It will be nice if they can figure out how to do it on TATL/TPAC flights. I am sure people will pay for the service. But I have to say vpn connection is iffy at best. It drops way too often when I use it on VX flight a few months ago.
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Old Oct 10, 11, 3:30 pm
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In-flight WiFi can easily help me to pass the time on flights, but the cost ($16-20 total on connecting flights) is simply more than I'm willing to pay.

I already carry with me a magazine, a tablet with unwatched TV shows, and a few DVDs, so the incremental value of WiFi is not worth it when I can view entertainment that I've already paid for.

I'd probably be willing to drop $2 to be able to check & respond to email for an hour or so, but AFAIK no in-flight WiFi provider offers such an option.
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Old Oct 10, 11, 7:57 pm
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Originally Posted by mikew99 View Post
I'd probably be willing to drop $2 to be able to check & respond to email for an hour or so, but AFAIK no in-flight WiFi provider offers such an option.
Sure, a lot of folks probably feel that way. I think the problem is that if you offered the $2 option you'd probably have so many takers the system would grind to a halt.

IMHO, there is going to be a very fine balance between price and demand. To high, not enough takers. Too low, too many takers and poor user experience for all.

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Old Oct 11, 11, 7:20 am
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Most inflight wifi providers offer a monthly plan for about 30$ a month, I think if that was about 20$ there more be more overall adoption among more frequent flyers.

(also, on a tangent here but why wouldn't we make a flyertalk users pool of inflight wifi codes to swap?)
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Old Oct 13, 11, 10:36 pm
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I've used it a few times on WN and VX cross country flights. I'll pay the $5 for a 4-5 hr flight but not for a 1 hr flight. The other issue is that the connection just isn't stable enough. I lose connection to the wifi, the internet connection is slow, and the flight staff has no idea how to troubleshoot anything.

That said, it's nice to be able to text via Google Voice and take care of things when I know I'll be awake (e.g. Morning flights to the east coast).
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