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ddschur Feb 11, 11 8:35 am

Cellphone dilemma...what to do?
I am on the Verizon Network and received my iPhone which leaves me with an LG VX1000 voyager phone with nothing to do.

I am curious about unlocking it to use with a European SIM card when we travel to Europe but it being CDMA based, I am not sure that it would work in Europe...any thoughts?

Any other suggestions on how I could use the's still in very nice condition.

Thanks to anyone who responds!

sonofzeus Feb 11, 11 8:51 am

Ebay will give you 30USD for it.

gfunkdave Feb 11, 11 9:48 am

It won't work in Europe unless it's one of Verizon's "world phones".

Best Buy will recycle any electronics for free.

boberonicus Feb 11, 11 10:33 am

You could donate your phone to a local organization that helps victims of domestic violence. Cell phones without a service plan can be used to dial 911.

mkt Feb 11, 11 11:32 am

Sell it, give it away, or recycle it as an alarm clock.

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