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flightslim2010 Feb 9, 11 11:32 pm

Valentine Gift Idea For my hubby?
I'm not sure it is appropriate section. I just wanna ask for your advice here;
My husband is a is travel geek, but has everything he wants, too! He usually buys his Christmas or B-day present online, and then will hand me the delivery box to wrap and say it's "from" me. Makes it easy, I guess, but for once I'd like to surprise him. . . So I just wanna buy practical stuff say something related travel for him as this V-day gift. Is this camera the way to go? Any other good idea?

iansr Feb 9, 11 11:42 pm

I would suggest an olympus stylus tough if you were looking for a point and shoot camera.

srirams Feb 9, 11 11:50 pm

Maybe a pair of high quality in-ear headphones? Really nice for travel as it can cut down the noise around you.

frankmu Feb 10, 11 1:11 am

If he's a Star Wars geek, a tauntaun sleeping bag. Might be handy for irrops. Seriously, Thinkgeek has some cool ideas, I hope you will be inspired.

Tummy Feb 10, 11 6:20 am

I don't think most men would like purple cameras.

UALOneKPlus Feb 11, 11 3:39 am

No Pentax. Get Canon if possible. Or Sony.

flightslim2010 Feb 11, 11 4:00 am

Originally Posted by Tummy (Post 15837771)
I don't think most men would like purple cameras.

so what would they like?

Takire Feb 11, 11 7:43 am

I'm pretty sure a Canon G12 would ignite his senses.

mikel51 Feb 11, 11 8:58 am

I recommend the panasonic travel zooms if you want a compact, quality, high zooming camera. They just announced some new models to be released in march, the DMC-TZ10/DMC-TZ8. I just took the previous model, TZ6 on a trip and was wowed by picture quality and zoom range compared to my older Sony compact.

losta Feb 11, 11 9:12 am

I recommend a Canon S95 for a great small travel camera. It is such a hit it was totally sold out all over the country after X-Mas and has just become available again the past few weeks.

frankmu Feb 11, 11 11:29 am

if he does a lot of indoor shots and candids, you might want to go with camera that does low light, like the Coolpix 300

rearview Feb 11, 11 2:04 pm

If he doesn't already have them, noise canceling headphones?

aslanlab Feb 11, 11 4:34 pm

I wouldn't care what kind of camera my wife bought me, if it came prefilled with some classy yet romantic pictures.

Ancien Maestro Feb 12, 11 3:12 pm

Purple is out.. Most men have one thing on their minds though at Valentines. ;)

flightslim2010 Feb 13, 11 12:06 am

Originally Posted by Ancien Maestro (Post 15852220)
Purple is out.. Most men have one thing on their minds though at Valentines. ;)

So what's the thing u refered to??:confused:

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