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TravelEarth Jan 25, 11 6:10 pm

Creating new iPhone app/Website re: HOTELS
Iím a web/mobile developer who travels frequently for mostly pleasure (rarely business). As Iíve become more seasoned in travel & moved up in tax brackets I realize I am becoming more picky with how I travel. Iím ok with how I book my flights, i.e. kayak and choose my seats, i.e. seatguru, choose my restaurants, yelp/opentable/food spotting, but Iím more and more dissatisfied with my hotel experiences. For example, I recently booked a winter get away at The Ritz Carlton/Lake Tahoe and just assumed with a hotel of this magnitude I shouldnít have to worry about certain things. I was wrong. This is becoming more and more the trend with me it seems.

So I guess my question is, ďis anyone else out there experiencing a serious pain point with regards to hotels (online or in physical hotel) that you would like to see fixed?Ē In other words, what are your pain points if anything? I just want to know before I start building a mobile app/website if Iím just too much of a diva or if others are experiencing a need as well?

QueenOfCoach Jan 25, 11 6:43 pm

OK, I've got one.

I have a heck of a time finding "junior suites" suitable for three adults on hotel websites. Even in hotels that have such facilities, I really have to dig to find them.

My husband and I like to travel with a single male friend. Years ago, we would book two rooms and try to get connecting rooms. Some years back, we ended up in a "junior suite" and really liked it.

The typical junior suite has a king or queen bed in one area, then a pull-out sofa bed in a semi-separate sitting room. That suits our needs just great. We pay a bit more for one room, but not for two separate rooms.

I would really like a fast and easy way to identify hotels with junior suite type rooms, suitable for three adults.

We like junior suites so much that even when my husband and I travel without our friend, we still seek them out. It's nice to have a semi-separated area if one wants to read and the other wants to sleep.

TravelEarth Jan 25, 11 7:00 pm

Thanks for the speedy reply. This is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for. True, insightful, hotel travel annoyances.

thanks again.

obscure2k Jan 25, 11 7:36 pm

Please continue to follow this thread in the Travel Technology Forum.
TravelBuzz Moderator

Ancien Maestro Jan 25, 11 8:03 pm

Room categories are not the same even in hotels within the same chain. I would like to see an app that categorizes by square feet and view, as well as package, instead of name.. at least build an app that can reorganize to such a list.

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