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2stepsahead Jan 19, 11 6:40 am

best in flight ipad case to watch movies ?
what iPad case is working for you in flight to watch a movie ?

wiredboy10003 Jan 19, 11 11:28 am

I use the Apple case and am very happy with it.

adambadam Jan 19, 11 11:39 am

I use the Apple case too and while I am usually happy with it I find that if you want to watch a movie where the screen is more upright I can usually get the case to balance though I know there are other cases out there that have an upright feature built in, kind of like how the Apple case has the low tilt level. If someone has a good case recommendation that has both tilt levels I might jump ship.

cgrooms Jan 19, 11 11:39 am

I use the Apple case as well. TPA to BKK and back, worked great. I like it because it is lightweight and small. Important to me. Lots of nice ones out there. Good luck.

FXWizard Jan 19, 11 1:41 pm

Brenthaven's 5-in-1 iPad case can be used as a stand, and it also comes with a strap which allows you to hang it from the seat in front of you (though this may not be practical in all situations).

UKCatsHoopsFan Jan 24, 11 11:44 am

I use the Apple case, but then I use the Belkin iPad Flip Stand that I bought at the Apple store. It about the size of a smart phone with rubber footing that you can put the iPad in either vertical or horizontal. Its a great solution to make the iPad more upright for viewing and stable. IIRC, it was $29.

gldwebs Jan 25, 11 11:43 am

I went with the ZaggMate w/keyboard. It allows me to put the ipad in any orientation, use the ipad without any case (less weight) or work with the bluetooth keyboard. I know you "shouldnt" use a BT keyboard on a plane (and I dont), but no one would notice.

On a side note, I used this combination at a hotel in Saigon and 2 Japanese businessmen came over drooling at what they thought was my new laptop. When I showed them it was actually an ipad with a case they were more than impressed.

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