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RoninTech Jan 8, 11 3:18 pm

Recommended Windows Open Source/Free Software for our laptops
Just thought I'd post a list of the open source/free stuff I always install on any windows laptop I get involved with.

Notepad++ : Great notepad replacement that does so much more
MPC-HC : Great media player. On friends/relatives PC's I install VLC as it's simpler and almost as good.
7-Zip : Handle all your archiving needs.
OpenOffice : Fantastic office suite especially considering this is free.
Chrome : Very speedy browser. I was a FF diehard until Chrome's extensions caught up (....... etc.).
Irfanview - Amazing graphics viewer/tweaker. Tough to beat this one and all it's features. Been around forever.
Evernote : Very powerful digital notebook. Searchable and can sync across all your machines including smartphones so you always have access to your important info. I got sick of flipping through paper log books looking for something I wrote down months/years ago.
Microsoft Security Essentials: Don't bother with semi-free, expiring stuff when there's a very good anti virus prog from the folks who know the OS better than anyone.
Sumatra PDF : Tiny footprint PDF viewer. Works great on less powerful machines.
Dropbox - Synchronize files across multiple devices.
Skype : Talk to others via the 'net. In use all over the world. Can talk to real phones from any device running Skype for cheap.

Geek stuff:

Putty : Lets you connect to other devices via SSH, telnet, serial etc. Great for networked geeks. Check out PuttyCyg as well.
TeraTerm : When you need to automate/script access to other devices via SSH, telnet, serial etc.
AutoIt : Automate pretty much anything in windows.
KDiff3 : My favourite diff/merge tool.
cygwin : Do Linux command line stuff in Windows.
Bulk Rename Utility : Very powerful utility for your toolbox.
Regex Coach : When your having a hard time getting that super complex regex to work use this to play with/debug it.
WinSCP : Transfer files via FTP, SSH etc. FileZilla is another decent one.
HydraIRC : My current IRC client. mIRC is better but nags you. Any better ones out there?
Checksum : Make sure the file you d/l really is what you think it is by verifying its checksum signature.

Honourable Mentions:

XBMC : Possibly the best open source software out there. If you know what an HTPC is, you need to check this out. Great for organizing and viewing your media (movies, TV, music).
Calibre : Organize your e-book collection.
MP3Tag : Fix/tidy up the tags in your MP3 collection.

Got any other open source or free gems for Windows laptop users to share?

Upstate Jan 8, 11 5:39 pm

I always just start out with the lifehacker pack. It has a lot of the same stuff.

cordelli Jan 9, 11 9:55 pm

FileZilla FTP software

Windows Live Mesh for file sync and remote access

Excalibar RPN calculator

CC cleaner registry cleaner

Non-NonRev Jan 10, 11 2:48 am

Originally Posted by cordelli (Post 15622314)
CC cleaner registry cleaner

I notice that CC Cleaner now contains a disk wipe function.

MAN Pax Jan 10, 11 5:29 am

I have all of those on the first list, except the PDF viewer, and they work just fine on the notebook.

The only one I would skip is Evernote, as the sync overhead is too great for me as I file most of my life in there: everything comes into the house in paper, is scanned in my scansnap into evernote, then shredded. I don't want people finding my notebook and getting a copy of my life. I stick to the web access for the notebook and keep a local database on my PC.

I must now install CC Cleaner, as I'd missed that.

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