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Best phone-email-client for Exchange users?

Best phone-email-client for Exchange users?

Old Jan 6, 11, 3:50 pm
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Originally Posted by new2japan View Post
You went through all of that and didn't get a Blackberry because.....?????

Perhaps you can go into the food forum and note how you've gone to McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, etc, and have never had a really great meal or dining experience.

Blackberry exists to be what you're asking. Why you've wasted so much money on other things is beyond me.
Well, first off, I haven't wasted any money -- trying all of those devices has cost me about $30 in hard dollars, and a few hours each of experimenting. In each case, I ordered/purchased the devices, evaluated whether they met my needs, and returned them according to the T&Cs, paying for my data and voice usage while testing. In every case I would have kept the device if it had met my needs.

I haven't gotten a new BlackBerry because I'm seeking a phone that has a broader third-party application base -- if all I wanted was BlackBerry email, I have that already. As I alluded earlier, I think RIM will be struggling in the marketplace over the next couple of years; I'd rather not make the economic commitment to a platform I think is waning.

(Also, the necessary integration between RIM and the carrier for email to work correctly has been a material annoyance to me when dealing with international carriers; I'm just tired of hassling with RIM doing things their own way.)

I'm sure you meant your fast food comment as a throwaway, but it's fairly apropos. When I go to Carl's Jr. or Wendy's, my expectations are met; when I got to Twist or Addison or French Laundry, my expectations are met.

I don't think the expectation difference between Android and BlackBerry email clients should be compared to the expectation difference between McDonalds and Fleur De Lys -- IMO, nearly all or all of the features I mentioned are McDonalds functionality. (If I were writing from an enterprise administration point of view, I'd agree with you in an instant -- that is RIM's massive competitive advantage. However, basic client functionality is... basic. It's honestly surprising to me that Google has missed the boat on having the same basic features present in their Exchange integration that are in their Gmail integration, and I think it's evidence that these are validly considered "basic" that the hardware manufacturers (HTC and Moto, at least) roll their own replacements that do support these features.)

Originally Posted by DisneyDude View Post
Lairdb, T-Mo does not work at my house either (at least not inside) but the WiFi calling works fantastic, as good as or better than the ATT microcell that we use for my wife and daughter's iPhones. The big advantage of WiFi calling is using it abroad (Tokyo) and being able to call home without incurring roaming charges. (can't do that with the microcell) I rented a local MiFi box (needed it for work) and was able to use my phone while traveling round the city. Did not need to rent a Japanese phone for the week.
Thanks -- I did think about that, and it might be I should have thought about it a bit more, but the prospect of a dead zone for a mile around my house (despite T-Mobile's laughable coverage maps) was off-putting.
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Old Jan 6, 11, 5:34 pm
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Originally Posted by noam View Post
Just in case you do end up looking at the iPhone, here is how it measures up:

YES - Receive push email
YES - Extra credit: Receive push email in designated subfolders
YES - Move messages among folders (and the actions sync both ways)
YES - Sync calendar, with support for busy/tentative/free
YES - Sync contacts
UNSURE - including sub-folders
YES - Sync or query the GAL
YES - Search client-side email
YES - Extra credit: Search server-side email (connectivity permitting.)
YES - Accept/reject/tentative meeting requests from email app
YES - Create a meeting request (Extra credit: see availability)
YES - Configure multiple accounts with full functionality
YES - View a unified Inbox
YES - Share contacts with phone's native apps
I'm very interested in this as well. But, there are two things I'm wondering:

1) Does the iPhone also handle tasks?
2) Does the iPhone also properly update meetings? Say I schedule a meeting, and I have a room or time change. Will the room or time change be pushed out correctly?
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Old Jan 7, 11, 6:37 am
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Originally Posted by speechguy3 View Post
I'm very interested in this as well. But, there are two things I'm wondering:

1) Does the iPhone also handle tasks?
No. There is no native tasks app on the iPhone. There are 3rd party apps in the App store, but AFAIK there is not one that that provides full sync with Exchange (and works consistently).
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