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Best Droid currently available (Verizon)

Best Droid currently available (Verizon)

Old Dec 14, 10, 8:03 pm
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Best Droid currently available (Verizon)

I'm looking at the
Droid Pro (keyboard)
Droid X
Droid Incredible
Droid 2 Global
Droid R2D2

I currently have a blackberry tour, and I do like the idea of the keyboard right in the front, but the only touch screen I've used is the Storm so obviously, that was a disappointment. Is there an obvious choice or are they all pretty much the same?
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Old Dec 14, 10, 10:28 pm
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Droid X and R2D2 are the same hardware except for the design flourishes and I think extra star wars wallpaper. Depends if you want a keyboard or not and if the size of the X bothers you.
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Old Dec 15, 10, 12:00 am
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I love my Droid X. I don't miss the physical key board, and the large screen is incredible.
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Old Dec 15, 10, 10:26 am
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Ditto on the Droid X, just got it and love it!!
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Old Dec 15, 10, 11:32 am
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It really depends on what you're looking for.

Personally, have heard a lot of good things about Droid X and the Incredible.

My VZW contract expired last week, I'm waiting until 1 or 2Q 2011 to see what's going to be out there. Personally, I expect Apple to make an announcement the last week of January.

I know Apple doesn't produce Droids, my logic is that HTC and/or Motorola will want to make some noise around that time as well.
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Old Dec 15, 10, 11:49 am
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The Droid X is huge... nowhere near pocketable. The Droid Incredible is the borderline of what I would consider pocketable. The Droid 2/Global/R2D2 is also too thick to rest comfortably in a pocked.

I would narrow it to the Incredible and Droid Pro and let the physical keyboard be the deciding factor.
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Old Dec 15, 10, 1:35 pm
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I have the Droid 2

I have the Droid 2 (global) since I thouhgt I would use the keyboard. But since I put the protective case on using the top row of keys is not that easy. I find more and more that I am not using the keyboard. I am trying it without the protective skin and think I will use the keyboard more.
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Old Dec 15, 10, 4:40 pm
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Just want to be sure you understand that "Droid" is simply a Verizon-licensed brand covering a range of devices from different manufacturers, running different versions of the Android operating system; they're not a unified product line the way Blackberry is. It's a bit like asking "which Webster's Dictionary is the best: the Encarta Webster's Dictionary, the Random House Webster's American Sign Language Dictionary, or the Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary"?

So, are you interested in these particular devices, or are you looking for smartphones in general, or are you looking for smartphones that work with Verizon Wireless?

For what it's worth, I am quite happy with my Samsung Fascinate, a Galaxy S variant which is frequently compared against the Droid X, Droid Incredible, and Droid 2, but is not itself part of the Droid series. It doesn't have a keyboard, but the Sprint variant (the Epic 4G) has a well-reviewed one.
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Old Dec 15, 10, 7:20 pm
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Just found this article.

Dell is offering a limited-time promotion on the Motorola DROID X that will net customers a $25 Dell gift card. Through Dellís online mobility shop, the Motorola DROID X is currently available for free with a two-year Verizon Wireless agreement. Dell is also waiving Verizonís activation fee, shipping the handset for free via FedEx and offering customers one $25 Dell gift card per order. If thereís a sweeter deal out there for Motorolaís supersized DROID smartphone, we havenít found it. Dell is also still offering the same deal on the HTC DROID Incredible.
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Old Dec 15, 10, 11:49 pm
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Having been a Verizon Blackberry 8830 Global Edition for years I've also started considering the Android, specifically the DROID 2 Global (Motorola). I happened to be the area of an ATT store yesterday and browsed all the devices (except Windows based devices) and am starting to consider something besides my Blackberry.

I think what's happened with my potential drift away from Blackberry is the apps I have on the iPad (16gb/wifi). I have these fantastic apps on the iPad but nothing even close on the Blackberry.

I still demand a physical keyboard for my cellphone but I am shockingly considering something other then a Blackberry.

I've been out of [email protected] with my current phone for months and months.

Current plan: 900 minutes/unlimited data/tethered 5gb $15.00/250 (?) text, Global plan.
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Old Dec 17, 10, 5:57 pm
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I do like my X as well. Some issues though. Camera can be a bit difficult sometimes. Copy and past sucks, compared to my BB I used to use. Browsing is pretty quick.
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