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jfe Apr 27, 10 10:30 am

[Consolidated] VPN Provider Recommendations
I am going to have to start traveling to Saltillo quite often, and I tried to watch Netflix yesterday, and DENIED, can't do it internationally, and I cannot watch Hulu either

And the choices for local tv are horrid.

What are good personal VPNs out there?

I looked at a few, and most of then are about $9/month

And since I am "frugal" are there any good cheaper alternatives :o


Jaimito Cartero Apr 27, 10 10:33 am

I've been using the free hotspot shield the last couple of weeks. Seems to work fairly well.

Works for Netflix, CBS, but Hulu has been blocked using this service.

sbm12 Apr 27, 10 10:38 am

gfunkdave Apr 27, 10 1:57 pm

SSH tunnels are free and easy to set up if your router/home device supports the.

TravelerMSY Apr 27, 10 2:48 pm

DDWRT will do a dial-in VPN. This is open-source software for many models of Linksys routers. You will be limited by your available bandwidth at home, especially the upload speed.

The paid VPN solutions usually have symmetrical up/down so it's not an issue.

Big_Dutch Apr 28, 10 2:20 am

if you have a computer at home that is always on, you could setup as a proxy host for you when you travel. There are many free software solutions to do this.

aspex Apr 29, 10 10:35 pm

Don't forget slingbox if you have a DVR back home. I've watched from around the world back to my DVR in Illinois even from China from behind the Great Firewall (though this was back in 2008).

jfe Apr 30, 10 5:47 pm

I ended up using

For $40 a year I was able to use Netflix :)^^

markqvist Dec 12, 10 4:34 am

Hi there :)
I've just launched a VPN service geared towards NetFlix streaming and the like. It will be a pay service eventually, but for now it's in beta and free to use, so if you want to help out with testing it (which basically just means, sign up and stream away! I need to test the system under load :p) you get a free personal VPN account! Yay! The site is here:


javabytes Dec 13, 10 8:22 pm

StrongVPN has been great for me. Lots of locations to choose from. Yearly special packages run $55 (~$4.50/month)

wpj Dec 13, 10 9:32 pm

I use VyprVPN

mamontan Dec 14, 10 8:52 am

Give StrongVPN a try -- fast, reliable and good customer service. I use it to connect to the UK and to connect to the US when overseas. Their special packages are a good value.

hmmike Jan 11, 11 1:42 pm

Free VPN available
If you PM me, I will send information on how to set up access to my free VPN service,

The service works using OpenVPN, which is the most secure VPN technology available.

I email you certificates and you install a small application on your computer.

The service works all over the world to unblock filtered internet connections.

We have a fast server in Ohio, plenty of bandwidth.

This is a "beta-test" service, so this is why we offer free access.

PM or check the site for more information.

tkflyer Jan 12, 11 1:37 pm

Not used NetFlix but if you are accessing via browser then could use a simple proxy server. FireFox has a neat plugin called FoxyProxy.

tugokc Jan 19, 11 5:49 am

Originally Posted by jfe (Post 13875463)
I ended up using

For $40 a year I was able to use Netflix :)^^

Did some research, and the home net speed is not adequate so I went with Witopia. Its easy to use and so far have put it on two Win 7, Ipad, and a Touch in the past 24 hours. Got the top of the line product for about $40 with this coupon, lasting till 1-31.

Will find out next week how it does in MAD and FCO

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