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OccasionalFlyerPerson Nov 22, 19 5:23 am

Additional bag that packs up really small
I sometimes travel with one bag, but have a bag within my main bag which I can eject, fill with stuff, and check if I need to. Currently I'm using a very standard cheap soft backpack for that.

Is there something that packs up really small, but which could be checked. I.e. closes securely enough and won't easily break and scatter stuff? But, ideally it would fold up and fit in a pocket. Does such a bag exist?

antichef Nov 22, 19 6:11 am

I had just this question recently and had a recommendation for this from a respected FTer (C-W-S):


OccasionalFlyerPerson Nov 22, 19 7:26 am

Thanks. The Skypack is the kind of thing I'm looking for. I did click on the brand's name to see if they had anything even smaller. That foldable bag holds more than my main luggage. I found the following linked to from the above on Amazon:


I would think that even the 25L would be fine for my purposes, but I would prefer a brand I'd been recommended than a random unknown brand.

@antichef Is there a link to your thread on the topic?

ordx Nov 22, 19 8:31 am

Many brands offer something like this. Just search for "packable duffel". Two well-regarded options are the Tote-a-Ton from Samsung and the Eddie Bauer Stowaway. The latter can often be found for 50% off.

eBags also has a bunch more options at different sizes and price points:

antichef Nov 22, 19 9:51 am

... and he recommended it more recently too. Can't recall the thread, but I ordered one after reading it.

Edited to add:

Obviously well used and recommended!!

OccasionalFlyerPerson Nov 22, 19 10:32 am

Thanks antichef

I found this as well: My main 'one bag' bag is an Osprey and it seems good quality. The Osprey Ultralight is said to 'fit in a pocket' when folded up according to reviews. I've also found it for a good price at Evans Cycles, 5 minutes away from where I work. Some reviews said that the Osprey looked a bit weak, but had proved to be strong. I wasn't intending to put valuables and smashables in it.

I am going to look into all the bags mentioned in this thread, and read reviews for each.

GUWonder Nov 22, 19 2:03 pm

I use large (fully) collapsible duffels. [High Sierra has some like this, and they can be pretty cheap at times.] I can stuff them into a slim backpack, and when I open the duffel, it's big enough to hold as much as my largest check-in suitcases that meet the standard baggage allowance sizes.

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