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One Baggers - what are you carrying?

One Baggers - what are you carrying?

Old Oct 18, 19, 1:01 pm
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One Baggers - what are you carrying?

Curious to see what's out there in the FlyerTalk world that we might be unaware of. To be a true one-bagger, you can only carry one piece of luggage/bag with you; carrying a backpack and a roller-case does not count as one bagging.

I'm currently using a Tortuga Setout Divide backpack. Has a Minaal 2.0, then switched to the Tortuga. Tried an Arcteryx Nomin, but went back to the Tortuga Setout Divide again. Which is what I'm using today for weekday work trips up to 4-5 days, the longer trips definitely push the bag (and me) to the limit.

Anyone have something really cool they want to share with the crowd?
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Old Oct 18, 19, 7:58 pm
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I'm trying out Tom Bihn Synik 22 as an alternative to my Tom Bihn Synapse (original, now 19). The look doesn't bother me and I like the organization.

The Aer XPac Travel Pack is interesting https://www.aersf.com/travel-pack-2-xpac-black and more urban wear aesthetic. They also have a Travel Pack 2 Small for petite people. Some onebaggers like the Cotopaxi Allpa.

I often can't use the one-bagger label since I carry a purse + backpack at a minimum so I can put my phone & ID away without having to swing a backpack about in a crowded space. Plus I sometimes bring a packable daypack and foldable grocery tote which makes me a bag nester. I guess I ascribe more to the Ultralight backpacking by weight philosophy than onebag by count, though I like leaving at least one hand free and items must be able to "fast stow" on a plane.

My packing constraints and bag options are influenced by weight as much as it is by volume. That removes many 25L + non-wheeled onebag options which weigh more than 3.5 lbs. If I'm going to 3.5 lbs, I'll figure I might as well add a lb and go for a two wheeled bag like Osprey Ozone or Eagle Creek Load Warrior to keep the weight off my back and feet. I use a Tom Bihn Aeronaut 30 with frame sheet when I really need to pack that amount and don't want to bring a wheeled bag.
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Old Oct 19, 19, 6:36 am
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Originally Posted by freecia
.....I often can't use the one-bagger label since I carry a purse + backpack at a minimum so I can put my phone & ID away without having to swing a backpack about in a crowded space.....
Same here. My go to bag is Synapse 25 and a Pacsafe purse
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Old Oct 19, 19, 12:44 pm
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I carry a Red Oxx Air Boss that I fitted with two of their wide compression straps, with a Tom Bihn Absolute Strap. Also a Red Oxx Sunchaser with same strap for three day, leisure trips. BOTH... excellent with lifetime guarantees. Sold my Tom Bihn Tristar, nice bag but the Air Boss I prefer.
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Old Oct 21, 19, 12:21 pm
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I have done quite a few trips one-bagging with an eBags Motherlode Convertible. For personal travel, it works great. My problem for work is that I have a heavy work laptop and a full size CPAP. While it would work, the whole load was too heavy and would put me off balance. Yes, I know I'm allowed to carry the CPAP as additional allowance, but I do prefer to pack compactly.

I now prefer to use my work backpack in conjunction with a Red Oxx Extra Small Aviator hanging in front of me with a shoulder strap.

The back pack is an Eagle Creek TSA-friendly design that I can take into the remote office. While you can take the eBags into an office, it is just so big that it feels a little awkward, especially on the travel day when it's full of everything.

The XS Aviator bag is just the right size for the CPAP travel case to fit into one half. In the other half, I put a 15-inch Eagle Creek folder with most of my clothing.

If it's a short trip, all my clothing and toiletries can fit into the Aviator with the CPAP. If it's a longer trip, I will put some of the clothing (underwear, socks) into a packing cube in the backpack. I can fine-tune the balance between the two bags by shifting toiletries or other supplies.

The XS Aviator can be considered the Personal Item (per United) in this case. They both still fit in the overhead the same footprint as a standard carry-on when there is room. If the cabin space is tight, either bag can fit under the seat.

While I'm not a strict one-bagger, I try to stay true to the philosophy.
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Old Oct 22, 19, 1:34 am
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Not a true one-bagger due to being on-call 24/7 and carrying two laptops (and more) for my office, and sometimes getting sent to far-away places mid trip. Sometimes I get sent to 3rd world countries with frequent extended power outages <cough>California<cough> and questionable water supplies, so I carry enough supplies to keep me self-sufficient for at least 7 days.

Ignoring the work stuff, I use a Costco 2-wheeled carry-on has been my travel companion since 2008 when I became a Costco member. I can get away with it for a week if need be. Rolling clothing + packing cubes have made a world of difference. Nothing fancy on the packing cubes, just a few I've picked up from Amazon over the years.
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Old Oct 22, 19, 11:01 pm
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Tons of threads on this already. Tried the AirBoss - hated it. Had a Lat56 RedEye - loved it. Have a Gate8 trifold - not fond of it.

Overall, got old, and went back to twobagging - a trolley and a laptop bag
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Old Oct 25, 19, 3:26 pm
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i'm a chronic onebagger that switches bags all the time: looking for the Goldilocks "just right" bag but still haven't found it yet.

Patagonia MLC - wanted to like, found that it had no foam or stiff fabric to give it form, therefore it just smushes down and stuff shifts around inside. Very uncomfortable because of this and the minimal straps/zero support.

So I got an Osprey Porter 46. At first thought the "wings" were dorky, but came to appreciate the form it gave the bag, making packing and leaving it half-packed to access things in hotel easy. Great bag in a lot of ways, but the extraneous padding for the laptop bugged me. I don't travel with a laptop often, so I always felt like that was wasted space and weight. The suspension isn't as good as my Osprey Ozone 46, which I like, superlight, but it's a half-zip opener, and that's no bueno. A clamshell or book type opener is best for access to stuff without having to unload everything at every stop. I want detachable hip belts too, not just able to stuff it away. Again, extra wadded up stuff I don't use, I should be able to take off completely.

I recently grabbed a Thule Landmark 70. OMG, loved the support and the straps and the hip belt. Felt like what my long back never got from short bags. But... too floppy and not enough compartments/organization. I have come to not like too much org, tons of little slots and pockets look cool, but often you wind up just tossing in a Dopp kit or phone and junk when going through TSA, etc. I like a few secure pockets for cables and valuables, but not a ton of them.

On the total minimalist side, the Arc'teryx Covert series is nice - one big stiffened box with minimal straps, a pocket or two. I had an Arc' Khard 45, liked it, but like the Covert, it's a little TOO minimal.

I still use my old Arc' Blade 21 before they went all metro looking, that's an amazing little bag. All my friends that work(ed) at Arc'teryx still run that same old bag, and that's a clue that a high point was reached.

The Peak Design Travel Backpack is looking pretty optimal, but wish it had load lifters on the straps, less puff to the padding and straps, as well as a zip-out laptop pad.

I just discovered the new REI Signal 40, and it's (other than complete lack of a hip belt) checking a bunch of my boxes. Wish it was a a few liters bigger with a laundry/shoe pocket, but other than that, has a nice mix of compact and just-enough-space / open but just-enough-organization. I'll probably do a review on it eventually.

This upcoming bag looked like a good value for a lot of the features one might want in a medium sized onebag. Sort of like an Aer at a better price.

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Old Oct 25, 19, 7:43 pm
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I have a Kipling Sherpa (roughly 15" x 11" x 8") that seems to be just the right size and right amount of organization but as I'm getting older, I'm starting to find that it gets too heavy to carry for long distances once I put my laptop and electronics in it. Ideally it would also have padded backpack straps so I tend to default to a Ellington Juno convertible tote-pack which is a tiny bit smaller. Anything larger than these bags, I go Eagle Creek convertible Adventure Weekender or an IT wheeled carry-on with a lightweight purse or slim brief-tote just to redistribute the weight and have somewhere I can quickly and securely put my phone and wallet. The purse and brief-tote can still be stashed in my larger bag if needed.

I'm currently looking at the Tom Bihn Western Flyer as a compromise between my smaller bags and my larger bags but haven't pulled the trigger yet. The sweet spot seems to be in the 20-30L capacity range for me depending on the season and the type of trip I am taking. I suppose, if I jettisoned my mini travel tea kettle, teas and chocolates, I would be able to decrease the weight of my bag by at least 1 lb or more.

In the back of my closet are Patagonia MLC, LeSportsac Pullman, A.Saks 21" expandable carry-on and an original Eagle Creek Switchback convertible wheeled-backpack.

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Old Oct 26, 19, 4:49 am
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@tcl Have you seen the Patagonia Black Hole MLC Mini? It is also 26L, about the same weight as Western Flyer, and large main compartment https://www.patagonia.com/product/bl...ers/49265.html
The main compartment reminds me of an earlier generation Timbuk2 Jet Pack.
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Old Oct 27, 19, 10:25 pm
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I switch bags all the time based on what type and length of travel. My go to bag is a RedOxx Skytrain. Usually if I need to carry more Ill use a RedOxx Mini Boss or a Tom Bihn Synapse 25 in addition to Sky Train.

Recently I did 8 days in Europe for business using the Skytrain for all clothing/toiletries. For office stuff a TravelOn satchel carrying a 12 MacBook, pens, notebook, cables, external battery and chargers
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Old Oct 28, 19, 5:19 am
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Currently I'm using the 2019 Osprey Nebula Link , It have the exact space and Organization I need for 5-7 Days Trips , I've Looked at the new Tom-Bihn synik 30 it looks very nice , but the price is too high , i'm waiting for a deal
There are so many new Bags in the 30-40L Capacity but the prices are just Ridicules high , it looks like a very hyped Market right now.
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Old Oct 28, 19, 12:57 pm
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Originally Posted by G.S
I've Looked at the new Tom-Bihn synik 30 it looks very nice , but the price is too high , i'm waiting for a deal
There are so many new Bags in the 30-40L Capacity but the prices are just Ridicules high , it looks like a very hyped Market right now.
Tom Bihn doesn't put things on sale. They do occasionally do a member forum surprise gift or review units. You may find Synik on eBay with patience and persistence but it is a very new item. I've seen other premium onebags on eBay, too. I can't speak for all of them but many do offer premium build and materials for the premium price tag. My Synapse 19 is still in great shape and I think I have a 2nd generation model before they had a 25, plus I tend to over stuff it. Avoiding zipper blowout or a backpack strap stitching coming loose on my main bag is nice peace of mind.

There is a good market for the high end bags and there's also knock offs for some of them. eBags Weekender Convertible still quite solid but not an urban wear aesthetic. Cabin Zero also has some good lightweight bang-for-buck if something less structured will suffice.
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Old Nov 3, 19, 1:11 pm
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I use the REI Trail 40, which despite its name works really well for traveling. In fact, I just returned from a three-week trip to Spain where I stayed in in at least 9 different cities, so I did a lot of schlepping about on planes, trains, and buses. The pack performed just great. (I should also admit that I carry a packable daypack with me, so perhaps I'm not a 'true' one-bagger.)

The pack is a panel loader that's comfortable for me to carry for long periods of time. It has a decent amount of space and some nice side pockets, but it isn't as over-designed as some packs I've seen. One thing the pack doesn't do is maximize the amount of usable space based on airline carry-on specs compared to bags like the Patagonia MLC or the Tortuga Outbreaker. However, personally, I prefer a sleeker design which I think is more comfortable to carry for long distances. It also allows me to use the bag for hiking or short backpacking trips, which I wouldn't want to do with a boxier design.

Edit: I just noticed that the pack is on sale for 50% off on the REI website. Less than $60 for this pack is a really good deal, considering how expensive some of the competition is.

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Old Nov 3, 19, 4:00 pm
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Originally Posted by ordx
(I should also admit that I carry a packable daypack with me, so perhaps I'm not a 'true' one-bagger.)

***As long as the extra bag packs IN the Onebag, I think we're still according to Onebagging Hoyle here.

I carry a folded up Arc'teryx Index 15 tucked inside the straps compartment of my Osprey pack. https://arcteryx.com/us/en/shop/index-15-backpack
Still only one bag when I get on the plane, but at hotel, I dump the larger bag, pull out the "day bag" for around town use. That way I'm not emptying everything out of my big bag to just haul some shopping, camera, jacket around with me. I did a week in Hong Kong with that setup, came in really handy.

Eddie Bauer has a superlite packable backpack that's quite good for this purpose, fo' cheap.https://www.eddiebauer.com/p/8230016...ize=ONE%20SIZE
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