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Hoyaheel Sep 14, 19 9:16 am

Seeking waterproof (ish) bag/pouch with zipper
For ~20 years, I've had this vinyl (? not sure what the black base is) zipper bag from Samsonite. It's not truly waterproof but I use it to contain liquids in my checked suitcase when needed. On my last trip, alas, bug repellant leaked and melted the vinyl. So I'm seeking a new bag. I have some roll-top style dry bags I could use in a pinch, but I love the zipper on this and the way it's easy to see what's inside. Has anyone seen anything similar that's not too expensive? [I know I can also use larger size ziplocs, but this was nicely heavy duty - 20 yrs service - so if I can find something similar, that would be my preference]

Size - it's 12"X 9.5" X 2.5" and the zipper looks to go 2/3 of the way around top and sides. Thanks for any leads!

freecia Sep 14, 19 6:20 pm

In the buy it for many years price range:
I've got my eye on the Nite Ize Runoff for 3-1-1 size and they also make a toiletry bag which is more dopp shaped The runoff zippers are airtight

Mammut makes a welded seam waterproof zipper pouch as does Exped in a few more sizes Overview | Exped International

Baggallini has a set of three clear pouches and the largest might be suitable?

I don't have many recommendations within the lower price range. Most clear pouches seem to be oriented towards 311 quart capacity... I've seen a fewer larger ones meant for gift with purchase of cosmetics or VS. This is a bit shorter

Hoyaheel Sep 15, 19 7:54 am

@freecia - I was hoping you might have ideas! That Mammut case looks like it might be perfect. And the amazon option for cheap might be worth a try too. Thank you.

billycwhatup Sep 15, 19 6:38 pm

I use them for sweaty gym clothes when I travel and it works well.

ijkh Sep 15, 19 9:46 pm


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